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Nov 21 - Chemtrails Turn the Atmosphere into Toxic Sludge?

November 21, 2023


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Most of Dr. William Deagle's grim predictions did not come true but some are disturbingly familiar.

Dr. William Deagle: Chemtrails contain mycobacteria, viruses, Pseudomonas bacteria and human plasma

Swallowing the Camel (2006)

"National health care will be a nightmare," because it will be an "electronic choker chain on doctors." If they don't do what the "Nazi Dr. Mengele controllers" tell them to do, their licenses will be yanked. Doctors will be forced to implant microchips into their patients and administer "psychotronic vaccines that will rewire your brain," vaccines that will "insert DNA to alter your genetics," vaccines that will "brain-tenderize" you so thoughts can be implanted directly into your brain with ELF waves and control your very physiology using scalar technology, and vaccines that cause cancer. All these things have already been developed. "Just like the big pharma drugs...that are slowly killing our elderly population and turning them into demented fools."


Watch: Dutch Populist Leader Thierry Baudet Hospitalised by Glass Bottle Attack Just Days Before Elections


Lawlessness in France is off the charts as the government continues to bury its head in the sand on immigration, says Marine Le Pen
Former French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen warned that crime from inner-city suburbs was spreading to the French countryside and only radical change could stem the flow of lawlessness across the country

Pavel Prigozhin taking over Wagner Group from late father


Girl Scouts of America Now Tells Girls White People are Evil Oppressors


In other news..

Tickets for evening sessions at the Leningrad Zoo are now half the price of day tickets
The discount cannot be combined with other promotions.




Peterson and Netanyahu in Masonic clutch

(left, Milei doing the Merkel-Trump hand-sign. The WEF controls left and right.)

PJW- The new Argentine President hates everything we do and says it loudly


Gideon Levy: The Zionist Tango: Step Left, Step Right

  Mar 3, 2018--Speaking on the eve of the AIPAC summit in Washington DC, Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy says that across the mainstream Israeli political spectrum, there is no challenge to the occupation of Palestinian land

Former Troops Punished over Biden's Vaccine Mandate Sue for Billions in Lost Wages

Canada Now Euthanizes an Average 36 Citizens Every Day


SCOTUS Turns Down Chauvin Appeal With No Comment; Justices Possibly Feared Riots for Doing the Right Thing

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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