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Nov 2 - Can World War be Averted?

November 2, 2023

(Demonstrators at a Congressional hearing) 

The Israel-Gaza conflict may morph into an extended war of attrition similar to Ukraine. 
Will Israel suffer the same fate as Ukraine? 

It all depends if the Sanhedrin (and Rothschilds) are marching to Albert Pike's tune. It all depends if they want a world war. World wars are always orchestrated by them. 

Iran is not sounding very belligerent.

Iran calls for oil and food embargo on Israel

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has argued that the measure would help stop "crimes in Gaza"


Vienna Jewish cemetery torched
Local law enforcement said the episode is being "intensively" investigated

The Jewish section of a major cemetery in the Austrian capital has been set ablaze and desecrated with swastikas, according to a religious leader in the city. The attack follows a surge in anti-Semitic incidents across Europe.
Is Deagel's 2025 Depopulation Nightmare Unfolding? A Startling Correlation with Shocking Quadruple Vaccinated Mortality Rates Certainly Suggests So...

In April 2021, the enigmatic intelligence firm quietly erased its staggering 2025 global depopulation forecast, a document forecasting a dramatic decline in populations of key countries...


In this groundbreaking episode, we go way beyond the what, and explore the who and WHY of the Plandemic and the entire vaccine industry,

Five Dutch Cyclists to Died or Suffered Serious Heart Problems this Year

Mark Groeneveld, 20, dropped out of a bicycle race in Hong Kong and subsequently collapsed and died; preliminary information indicates that he may have had a heart attack. Last month, Flemish cyclist Nathan Van Hooydonck, 27, has a cardiac arrest while driving.

Three children (ages 12, 13, 14) died in Spain from Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines (FG7898, FG9428) now their parents are suing the Spanish government and Ministers of Health. Parents must join forces!

Makis- The criminal complaints and lawsuits have begun.
It is crucial for parents of children killed by COVID-19 Vaccines to join forces, and support each other in battling large corrupt pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Moderna
and in holding Health Officials and politicians personally liable for the injuries and deaths they caused.
I believe in time we will discover that many politicians and Healthcare Leaders received bribes or some form of "compensation" to push toxic experimental COVID-19 vaccines they knew would injure or kill many of the recipients, including pregnant women and children.
The battle for justice is only beginning.


A major story about a pedophile ring has disappeared from the internet with no update on the case. Is this another case of elites protecting their own?


Lewiston, Maine Shooting Shows Signs of a False Flag Event

Card reportedly threatened to shoot up his military post but received only 2 weeks of psychiatric hospitalization prior to his release, which begs the question of why the treatment was so short. It is also curious that he began hearing voices in his head after using new hearing aids; his hearing loss and psychiatric problems should have qualified him for a discharge. The shooting event was reported by some media outlets days before it occurred.


Macgregor--"World War 3? Will the US fight the Muslim, Russia and China?"


Mark Trozzi MD---Everyone was lied to. Pfizer committed fraud. The genetic injections are even worse than we thought and must be stopped immediately.

Urgent message to doctors and nurses


Wrong think

PJW -London man arrested for dissing Palestinian Flags
 Now they're arresting Zionists?

  While Netanyahu proclaims a Biblical right to raze Gaza, The Cartel Babylon Banksters run the global perception deception from the City of London in the attempt to kick off WW3 and consolidate planetary control of humanity. 
Satanism=Communism=Destruction of all standards

Alex Newman - Oregon Students Don't Need Math or Reading to Graduate

Authorities in Oregon have made it official: Anyone can get a high-school diploma in the state's government schools without having to demonstrate any knowledge of reading, writing and math.


Reader-  Owen Benjamin furthering Jack Bernstein's efforts albeit w/a little humor:

  p.s.s. @the 43:00 mark of Owen's vid - mentions all the Israel/American dual-citizenry w/Fauci the token non-jew as the figurehead front
  Government's EV Push Designed to Destroy Personal Transportation

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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