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Nov 17 - Satanists Plot Our Annihilation

November 17, 2023

(From Stew Peter's Twitter - "It's happening.")

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More people understand that Organized Jewry's agenda is to destroy human life on planet earth. 

This viral short video by anti NWO activist Laura Aboli summarizes our predicament.  

"Aboli says the transhumanist goal is to get us to question the most fundamental distinction of human identity: our gender.

"Alexander Solzhenitsyn, points out that the end goal of all socialist ideologies, since the beginning of time, has been a chronic death wish. Death of culture. Death of meaning. Death of beauty. Death of the family. Death of the human existence. Although it employs different methods, modern technocracy is, like socialism, a collectivist movement that claims to be working for "the greater good" of society while actually working to destroy it. That's why abortion and the LGBTQ movement are the left's two biggest obsessions right now -- both lead to death of the human race.

Aboli recognizes this when she commented in the above linked video:

"If you don't know who you are. If you already identify as a hybrid between a man and a woman, you will easily be convinced to become a hybrid between human and a machine. Gender ideology is the 2 plus 2 equals 5 from George Orwell's 1984 dystopian novel. It's the final test, to see whether we will follow the most absurd party line towards our own extinction. But 2 plus 2 equals 4, and no mater how you choose to dress, call yourself, or change your physique, you will not change that. The sad reality, though, is that in the gaslighting process to get us closer to a post-human future, they have mentally and physically harmed an increasing number of children and young people. And it's only getting worse. This, must be stopped."

Transhumanism--"They need to defile us in order to fully control us"

'You Have Said The Actual Truth': Elon Musk Agrees Jews 'Pushing Hatred Against Whites'

Musk said it's right to say the anti-white attitude "does not extend to all Jewish communities, but it is also not just limited to ADL." "And, at the risk of being repetitive, I am deeply offended by ADL's messaging and any other groups who push de facto anti-white racism or anti-Asian racism or racism of any kind," Musk continued. "I'm sick of it. Stop now."

Tucker Carlson and Candace Owens Go Off On The Israel Lobby for Funding Anti-White Hate

Tucker Carlson slams Jewish Zionists for funding "White genocide" in America while complaining when it happens to them.

Comments--"Between this and Elon, a glimmer of hope. A crack in the wall. A public square without the eggshells. The naming of the unnamed.

----"BLM, woke activism, refugees... these problems have been afflicting Whites for long, but only once they turned against Israel that our Jewish overlords decided to care. Where where they when we were being attacked? Now they want us to be buddies and share the same struggle? No!

Radical Islam is part of the Communist side of the faux Masonic Jewish dialectic

US subsidizes radical Islam,Taliban

Biden Govt Gifts Another $10 BILLION... to Iran.

"The Biden government will allow the terrorist-supporting Iranian government to access at least $10 billion more from hitherto frozen funds held in Iraq. A new sanctions waiver would extend billions in relief to Iran, despite President Biden only having criticized the Iranian regime's funding of terrorist groups in the wake of Hamas' violent incursion into Israel last month. The waiver would also allow Iraq to transfer frozen electricity payments to Iranian-owned bank accounts in Oman and Europe."

Israeli Army Preys On Gaza's Premature Babies For Organs By Yoichi Shimatsu


Russ Winter-Warmongering Plutocrats Orchestrated America's Involvement in World War I

"The European war, which brought inconceivable suffering to so many millions of human beings, presented itself to Wall Street as a financial opportunity, infinitely beyond its wildest dreams of former days." -- National City Bank of New York (Citibank) President Frank Vanderlip (1864 - 1937), speaking to an audience of fellow bankers in Chicago on Dec.16, 1916

Netanyahu faces growing criticism at home and abroad over Gaza and the hostages
'The killing of so many civilians cannot be dismissed as collateral damage,' says UN human rights chief

The popularity of Israel's longest-serving leader also appears to be sinking at home, in part due to the Netanyahu government's failure to prevent the Oct. 7 attack, during which Hamas fighters and other militants killed 1,200 people and took around 240 hostages, according to Israeli authorities. 


Steven Ben-Nun interviewed by Mike Adams on Zionism, Palestine and Israel's escalation

Structural racism is so bad that whites are pretending to be racial minorities 

Canadian singer Buffy Saint-Marie has been accused of faking her Indigenous heritage in a bombshell feature by the CBC which claims she was born in Massachusetts to a white family and not, as she claimed, on an Indian reservation. 

Saint-Marie, 82, has been a folk music icon and Indigenous success story in Canada since she found fame in the 1970s. 

Raytheon Whistleblower: U.S. Gov't Have Directed Energy Weapons Capable of Causing Mega-Earthquakes - The People's Voice


Encore: LBJ on Weather Control - YouTube


"This needs to be shared with American Christian Zios"

Israeli says to American stopped by Israeli police: "The Godly thing to do is to kill you


They have been deliberately killing people with vaccines for decades

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Vaccine Hot Batches Is Nothing New -- Too Many People Dying in Close Proximity Would Raise the Alarm
This began in 1979 With Wyeth Pharma. Now owned by PFIZER

Montreal Jewish community in shock over synagogue firebombing, school shootings • FRANCE 24

Niece of Israeli PM Netanyahu Backs Ceasefire in Gaza, Says Military Solutions Will Not Bring Peace

Ruth Ben-Artzi, the niece of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, joins Democracy Now! to call for the Netanyahu government to focus efforts on releasing Israeli hostages and to stop the bombing. A professor of political science at Providence College, Ben-Artzi recently joined prominent Rhode Island rabbis, Jewish leaders and Israelis demanding a ceasefire in Gaza. "A ceasefire is really the only way that any solution can be achieved," says Ben-Artzi, who explains why military actions will never resolve this conflict and that "finding a political situation ... is really the only way that the roughly 7 million Jews and 7 million Palestinians who live between the river and the sea will ever be able to find peace."


Tattoos Always Open the Door of the Soul to the Devil by Rita A. Stewart

A few decades ago, a debate on the morality of tattoos would not have been necessary. Once prevalent only among rebellious, low-bred or mentally unstable individuals, they were generally viewed as a sign of moral degeneracy.

Satan is behind every tattoo, be it a rose or a dragon; left, DeeDee even tattooed her eyeballs, below, a simple PX still opens the door of the soul to the Devil

Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan and author of The Satanic Bible, called tattoos a "statement against Christianity" (1) and, as far back as 1990 claimed that Satanism is behind every tattoo - be it a rose or a dragon. (2) This alone provides ample reason to condemn tattoos as opposed to the sensus catolicus.


Karen Kingston: Nanotechnology injected into our bodies damages our brains, minds and spirits

Kingston says, "It is a very high risk to have these new biotechnology products that really enjoy going to the central nervous system," breaking through the blood-brain barrier that protects our neurons and their incredibly complex and vulnerable signalling system.

Pfizer's own internal report surveyed more than 1.5 million people injected with their genetic "vaccines" with an average of at least three adverse events. Their data showed that 700,000 patients - almost half of those injected - suffered related nervous system disorders and that this was the largest category of adverse events reported.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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