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Nov 16 - The Long Frogmarch to Cabalist Tyranny

November 16, 2023


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This cartoon describes the political headlock we are in. See the Demonrats (blue) as Communists.
The Rinos (red) are Zionists.  The coming world war is between these faux Jewish entities.
The West is Zionist. The East (Palestine, Hamas, Iran, Turkey, Russia and China) are Communist. 
But they are Freemasons and wear both hats whenever Jewish interests are concerned.

The Jewish Plot to Destroy Christian Civilization

Trump & the Masonic Jewish (Right-Left) Tag Team

Zionist Trump threw 2020 election to Communist Biden
AOC is a Commie but must toe the Zionist line in a time of crisis

AOC Slams AIPAC Over Plan to Spend $100M to Unseat The Only Critics of Israel in Congress

"Criticism of the Israeli gov is virtually nonexistent in US politics, but apparently that's not enough," Ocasio-Cortez said Wednesday on X. "Gotta spend *$100 million* to unseat the few who believe in Palestinian human rights & a ceasefire that most Americans already support. The acceptable level of dissent is 0."

Commie Jew-Soros-Backed Pro-Palestine Group Halts Traffic On San Fran Bay Bridge


Musk seems to straddle the two camps

Elon Musk is accused of promoting anti-Semitism after agreeing with a post that claimed Jewish people have been 'pushing hatred against whites'
If the US were a democracy, this would be an issue

Palestine-Israel war: US public support for Israel's war on Gaza reaches new low, polling shows
Only 31 percent of respondents support US sending weapons to Israel, according to Reuters/Ipsos poll

The State Dept has always been Commie so it takes a 'principled stand' against Israeli genocide 

Scoop: Internal State Dept. memo blasts Biden, U.S. policy on Israel-Hamas war

An internal State Department dissent memo accuses President Biden of "spreading misinformation" on the Israel-Hamas war and alleges that Israel is committing "war crimes" in Gaza, according to a copy of the memo obtained by Axios.

Why it matters: The scathing five-page memo -- organized by a junior diplomat who has suggested on social media that Biden's support of Israel has made him "complicit in genocide" in Gaza -- offers a rare look at the raw divisions within the Biden administration over the Israel-Hamas war.

The memo -- signed by 100 State Department and USAID employees -- urges senior U.S. officials to reassess their policy toward Israel and demand a ceasefire in Gaza, where more than 11,000 Palestinians have been killed in the war, according to Gaza's Hamas-controlled health ministry.

Commie Jews vs Zionist Jews   Left vs Right

"Grotesque Campus Antisemitism is Fuelled by Woke Takeover of Higher Education. Combating it is not just a moral imperative."

(Desperation sets in)

Woke is a Commie Jewish ploy to undermine society but it  is backfiring on Jews

 In the weeks since, student groups on U.S. campuses have celebrated the atrocity -- both in public statements and boisterous campus rallies. A statement endorsed by more than 30 student groups at Harvard University professing to hold "the Israeli regime entirely responsible for all unfolding violence" is only the highest profile among many examples. Two weeks ago, 57 people -- many of them calling for Israel's destruction -- were arrested for trespassing at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
South Africa Takes Bold Steps - Lay complaint against Israel at ICC

Israel committing war crimes. Refers it to Intl Criminal court

Latest from Gaza

"The fact that the UN Security Council yesterday shamefully asked to declare only a single humanitarian pause [in Gaza] and was unable to support the wording of the UN General Assembly, which called for the introduction of a humanitarian truce as a step towards a ceasefire, says a lot. In the first place, it says a lot about the stance of the US and its allies" regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Lavrov said.
Gaza is a harbinger of our future
Newsom Trashed for Admitting San Francisco Was Cleaned Up for China Summit: 'Slap in the Face'

 Another critic wrote that very single problem in America's cities -- the crime, the drugs, the homelessness, could all be solved overnight but the radical left-wing leaders that run these places simply refuse to do it. A former CIA agent wrote, "When politicians are this smarmy about their failures, it means they have total control and fear nothing."

Ezra Pound: Poet and Reformer  by Michael Hoffman

A New History of the Life, Work, Persecution and Imprisonment of a maligned giant of literature and life-long campaigner for economic justice
Terror warlord Osama Bin Laden's 2002 'Letter to America' explaining why he murdered 2977 innocent people in 9/11 atrocity goes viral on TikTok 21 years later

The Daily Mail is an Intelligence agency propaganda outlet

Israeli banks blocking Russian assets - media
The measures have so far reportedly targeted securities linked with EU clearing house Euroclear

Alex Newman--Experts Speak: There is No "Climate Crisis"

Climate alarmism is built on fraud. Peer-reviewed papers are now melting the global warming narrative, and it is time for governments, scientists, and religious leaders to speak out.


Introduction:  1948 Survivors Narrate How Israel Stole Palestine
The Corona PSYOP: Hospitals FAKED Pandemic Deaths - Top Heath Official

A top government health official has admitted that hospitals were faking data for causes of death during the pandemic.

Massive gas reserves under Gaza

Amman Jordan- Massive demonstration in suport of Palestine


100 Vancouver police sent after protest demanding ceasefire surrounds Trudeau at restaurant

(Netanyahu visiting ISIS fighter in Israeli hospital)

ISIS releases sick video calling for attacks on Jewish people in US and Europe

In a video, the so-called Islamic State called for followers to put on suicide jackets and to attack Jewish people in Europe, the us, and to bomb Israeli embassies


Mark Trozzi--Good News From Romania

Canada may still be captured, but truth and liberty are gaining some ground on planet Earth

Though names and faces in Canada's governments and institutions are still suppressing science, violating human rights, muzzling and persecuting nurses, doctors and scientists , while promoting adulterated and contaminated dangerous genetic inspections, there are some bright spots in the world. Here is my short announcement about events I will be participating in with the Romanian government this weekend. You are warmly invited to join us for free on line.


The International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) issued on October 31, 2023 Fatwa urging Islamic world to intervene militarily to assist Hamas against Israel.

The Single Most Dangerous Thing To ALL Humanity-The Jewish Kingdom


Islah Abdur-Rahman was taken away by soldiers, and says his experience was an insight into what it's like to be silenced
 A British actor and presenter who was on a religious pilgrimage with his family in Mecca said he was detained by soldiers for wearing a Palestinian keffiyeh. 

Islah Abdur-Rahman decided to go on the Islamic pilgrimage in late October, and has raised concerns over the crackdown on any symbols or displays of solidarity for Palestine in Saudi Arabia.  "I was stopped by four soldiers for wearing a white keffiyeh around my head and a Palestinian coloured tasbih [rosary beads] around my wrist," he told Middle East Eye.

James says
I see you as a profoundly concerned person.
My question is:  Why do you loudly proclaim your jewishness?
Makow--"Since there are only a handful of publicly honest Jews out there, I feel I should set an example. I am an assimilated Jew. I put God (Truth) first. That is my religion. I put mankind second; my fellow Canadians third, and my fellow Jews fourth. Judaism is a satanic cult masquerading as a religion. Jews, and humanity in general, have been inducted into a satanic cult. We have all been hoodwinked."
 Intelligence agencies control scientific and medical publishing, notes Lee Merritt, MD - HopeGirl Blog

"After World War II, the intelligence services... or the [intelligence] service created with 
[National intelligence agency of Israel], 
CIA [U.S. Central Intelligence Agency] 
and MI6 [the foreign intelligence service of the United Kingdom], they own... 
[ they control ]
scientific and medical publishing." [They control the bullshit narrative.] Lee Merritt, MD tells Stew Peters on Nov 1, 2023.

mRNA Injury series - Appendicitis after Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine - Most common Serious Adverse Event and it's harming kids - What about Turbo Cancers of the Appendix? (They're happening)
Thousands of Appendicitis cases have been reported after COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines

Raytheon Whistleblower: U.S. Gov't Have Directed Energy Weapons Capable of Causing Mega-Earthquakes - The People's Voice


Encore: LBJ on Weather Control - YouTube



Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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