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Nov 13 - Netanyahu's Son is a Draft Dodger

November 13, 2023

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Israel's First Son, Yair Netanyahu, 32, is sitting out his father's war in Miami.

What does this say about this war? 

Failure to enlist

"Yair Netanyahu's absence during Israel's war has drawn significant attention, especially considering the mobilization of hundreds of thousands of reservists and the national crisis unfolding. The British publications, Daily Mail and The Times have featured interviews with IDF soldiers who have volunteered for the reserves, expressing their disappointment in his failure to enlist during this critical time."

Thanks to David Martin for the following: Palestinian genocide is working

More Palestinians killed in past 34 days than in past 22 years

"But if you rely on our news media, this wholesale slaughter from the air of captive civilians, almost all of them refugees from land they once owned in other places in Palestine, it's just a war between Israel and Hamas.  And the "conservative" press like Fox News, the New York Post, and talk radio are the worst of it.  At least the victimologists in academia, at least the indoctrinated students, are showing some intellectual consistency in denouncing the slaughter, but that has just given the mainstream press, led by the "conservatives," an excuse to make it all into a left vs. right issue.
"The United States, the European Union, NATO and the G7 have all refused to call for a ceasefire to the slaughter. They have instead urged "humanitarian pauses", which the Israeli regime of Benjamin Netanyahu has lately conceded - no doubt under pressure from Western leaders fearing a revolt among their populations. But such pathetically paltry "pauses" only layer insult upon injury.

The whole world, including Russia and China and the vast majority of the United Nations, is demanding an immediate end to the mass murder of innocent people. Not meaningless "pauses" for rearming and further cycles of killing. There is a renewed, strenuous call across the globe for historic justice for the Palestinian people who have endured decades of vile occupation and aggression from the Zionist regime enabled by Western governments.

Israelis whose father isn't Bibi, died for nothing

Sabbatean Cannon fodder

"Commanders, soldiers, police officers: The names of the heroes who died defending Israel 

"Following Hamas's criminal invasion of southern Israel, brave men and women have stepped up to defend their homeland, with scores sacrificing their lives in the process; these are their names

The Israeli Oppression of Palestine: A Crash Course History


Relentless bombing, urban combat, countless deaths: Live Updates on Israel-Hamas war

13 November 2023

Some 3,117 students enrolled in Gaza schools have been killed by Israeli strikes since October 7, according to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics. It added that 130 teachers and school administrators have also been killed, while 45 schools have been destroyed by the air strikes.

All schools in the enclave have been closed since the latest escalation of violence began over a month ago, leaving more than 600,000 students unable to study.

EXPOSED: Klaus Schwab & WEF's Secret Blueprint to Control Every Aspect of Your Life

The many ways in which the WEF is plotting to control society's future are bone-chilling. Key items on the agenda include the globalist takeover of not just finance, but also energy, food, health, personal information, and technology.

Controligarchs pulls back the curtain and comprehensively reveals the dystopian systems and tactics that the WEF is ratcheting up, including: implementing central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and digital IDs; instituting "climate lockdowns" and rolling blackouts; banning gas vehicles and stoves and throttling thermostats; developing lab-grown meats, patented seeds, and insect-based proteins; expanding mandatory medical technologies; pushing artificial intelligence (AI) and transhumanism.

31% of women who were exposed to COVID-19 products prior to pregnancy experienced a miscarriage according to VAERS domestic data
This is 15% above the upper limit background rate as per the CDC's v-safe calculations
ZOG Media beats the war drum


Mark Trozzi--Ontario Doctor Who Rejected Covid Mandates Is Found Guilty of Spreading "Misinformation," Raising Free Speech Concerns
Censured for online appearances criticizing mandates.

 Archbishop Vigano: Bergoglio's removal of Bishop Strickland is a cowardly form of authoritarianism
To remain silent and endure this umpteenth violation of the most basic principles of justice and truth is to make oneself complicit with a subverter.

Makow- In the upcoming world war, the nations of the West don't need defending. They have already been conquered. The purpose of the war is depopulation and imposing a tyrannical WEF system incl. CBDC's etc.

Lebanon is an economic basket case. Bankers stole depositer's money. Carpet bombing by Israel would be too much to bare.

Israel has threatened to turn Beirut into Gaza if Hezbollah attacks

Caitlyn Johnstone - 10 HUGE Gaza Lies Israel Wants You To Believe w/ Due Dissidence

1. Israel did not know about attack 2. Israel didn't inflict most of the Jewish injuries etc.


Gonzalo Lira- American YouTuber doing hard time in Ukraine for telling the truth

Ask Anthony Blinken to free GL. This would be a huge PR victory.


Ritter - Israelis killed Hamas' Jewish hostages on Kibbutz

Scott Ritter seems to think the result of this genocide will be a Palestinian state


ILAN PAPPE : This is an incremental GENOCIDE.

Israeli Historian, Ilan Pappe talks about Gaza, the repression in the West Bank and Israel itself, the fact that Netanyahu is safe as long as the war continues, the role of "progressive genociders", how long will it take for Western states to stop the genocide and much more.

Popular pressure is not enough.


Makow- My beef with Col MaGregor is that he acts like all the players are independent. He never mentions freemasonry. Surely that is relevant if the leaders on both sides are Freemasons?


US credit unworthiness is causing interest rates to spike


Xi credited with San Francisco cleanup
A visit by the Chinese leader has spurred the Democrat-controlled city to deal with endemic homelessness in some areas


Wesley Everest- It's obvious the Palestinian cause was always lost. Street demonstrations don't change a thing. That's all orchestrated showboat. World opinion is to let them die. Some outrage, but the killing continues, and no one is going to stop them. The Jewish Egyptian president, the House of Saud, and the crazy, self-flagellating Masonic Brotherhood Shi'ites don't see, hear or do a thing on their behalf. The Federal Reserve creates all the money the Israeli war machine needs times 100. Our southern border goes unprotected. An invasion is in progress with little defense of the Nation. Treason is everywhere.

Republicans Thwart Rep. Massie's Bid to Block 'Kill Switches' in Cars that Goes into Effect in 2026
Makow--Antisemitism is a distraction from the real issue: the authoritarian satanic agenda of the Rothschild central banking cartel. 

Opposition to the Rothschilds's WEF agenda is legitimate and necessary. The "antisemitism" canard is a ploy to undermine it. The Jewish rank-and-file is irrelevant.

You could get rid of all the Jews and it wouldn't make much difference as long as the Rothschilds own your national credit card, and Freemasons and other Gentiles also do their bidding, as we saw during the COVID hoax. Everyone is controlled by money and Freemasonry.

Dutch Reader- "For me the stench is overwhelming. But previous false flags could be proven to be false. This one backed by the compilation i am not allowed to watch, but am now harassed by that i if i deny it happened like that i am a Holocaust denier. Which in the Netherlands i against the law and sentenced to jail time.

Jacques Attali predicts Ukraine war will lead to WW III. They failed miserably is that why the Israel event had to be created. Prophecies meming a 99 % world population reduction." 

Are you ready to meet G-d? | What really happened on Oct. 7? And what is G-od's message to us??? - YouTube

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Nov 13 - Netanyahu's Son is a Draft Dodger"

Imran said (November 14, 2023):

That IsraelPalestian link refuses to mention that Hamas keeps their people from moving to safety and there is even footage purpoting to show dead Palestinians who they shot on the street. They give these monsters a complete pass. Not on the link below, but other info:

This lewrockwell site claims that the West wants "pauses" and not a ceasefire, yet Macron came on the BBC and said that the scheme was for the pauses to end up into a ceasefire eventually. This echoes the top globalist puppet on the planet, the UN head, calls for a ceasefire. The globalist policy has been made. The globalists can always pressure Egypt to open up the Siani, but they want Palestinians to die so their media can show the deaths so that the ceasefire calls will increase and save Hamas when it is implemented. Why do you think there have been no UN resolutions also on Hezbollah illegally firing rockets on Israel? Yemen terrorists? It's to pressure Israel into accept a ceasefire.

The ploys are so obvious once the facts are added up.

Al Thompson said (November 13, 2023):

Smart young man. Why should he die or get injured in old men’s wars? Should he join the IDF and become a murderer? I did everything I could to stay out of the draft during the Vietnam war. Why should he fight for a bunch of commies?

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