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Nov 10 - Hamas Attack Was Staged by Israel

November 10, 2023

(US photographers knew about the attack but the IDF didn't?)

Hamas Attack Was Staged to Justify Palestinian genocide and world war

Israeli soldiers killed most of the Jewish settlers

A new report about the images that came out of the Oct. 7 terror attack by Hamas on innocent Israeli civilians is raising questions about the actions of photographers apparently employed by AP, CNN, Reuters and the New York Times.

The charge is that the photographers were "EMBEDDED" with the Hamas terrorists.

They "accompanied the terrorist group into Israel. They knew the attack was coming and participated in it."

Report: 7 October testimonies strike major blow to Israeli narrative

According to Tuval Escapa, the security coordinator at Kibbutz Be'eri who set up a hotline between residents and the army. Israeli commanders made "difficult decisions" including "shelling houses on their occupants in order to eliminate the terrorists along with the hostages

"Bodies of Israelis discovered below the rubble of a home destroyed by a powerful explosive blast are said to have been caused by tank shells. Israeli security forces also opened fire on fleeing Israelis whom they mistook for Hamas gunmen.

Critics now speculate that some of the Israeli government's most horrific photos of charred corpses and "bodies burned beyond recognition" may actually depict Israeli-inflicted casualties. One suspicious image showed a dumpster full of burned bodies, which some suggest may have been dead Hamas fighters disposed of in this manner. Israeli officials have been using the images of charred bodies to garner international sympathy but, as the report indicates, it is more likely that the horrific images are of Hamas fighters.

The testimonies together indicate that, in the heat of battle, Israeli troops likely resorted to firing indiscriminately into civilian areas and homes, resulting in an untold number of preventable Israeli deaths."

Helicopter Footage Sparks Debate Over Israeli Friendly Fire Incidents

While it's documented that Hamas massacred the majority of the more than 1,400 Israelis who died in the attack, the implication is that Israeli forces tasked with repelling the Hamas assault may have contributed to the death toll, after IDF pilots firing from gunships had trouble distinguishing who was Hamas and who were civilians.

Israel's military released drone footage showing hundreds of scorched and damaged cars moved from the Nova music festival

Yesterday Israeli military released drone footage showing hundreds of scorched and damaged cars moved from the Nova music festival... enjoying their handiwork? 

 Leaked Footage from Israeli Airforce Shows IDF Apache Helicopter Firing on its OWN Citizens at Supernova Music Festival on October 7

"The pilots realized that there was tremendous difficulty in distinguishing within the occupied outposts and settlements who was a terrorist and who was a soldier or civilian."
[...] "The rate of fire against the thousands of terrorists was tremendous at first, and only at a certain point did the pilots begin to slow down the attacks and carefully select the targets." (Middle East Eye citing Israeli media)

More footage of IOF helicopters firing on unidentified cars:
"The Apache pilots testify that they fired a huge amount of munitions, emptied the 'belly of the helicopter' in minutes, flew to re-arm and returned to the air, again and again. But it didn't help and they understand it," Mako reported.

The Apache helicopters appear to have focused on vehicles streaming back into Gaza from the Nova electronic music festival and nearby kibbutzes, attacked cars with apparent knowledge that Israeli captives could be inside.They also fired on unarmed people exiting cars or walking on foot through the fields on the periphery of Gaza.
One Apache pilot reflected on the tortuous dilemma of whether to shoot at people and cars returning to Gaza. He knew that many of those vehicles may have contained Israeli captives. But he chose to open fire anyway.

"I choose targets like that," the pilot reflected, "where I tell myself that the chance that I am shooting here on hostages as well is low."

(IDF did this)

However, he admitted that his judgment "was not 100%."
In 4 hours, 300 cars were targeted.
The damage done to these bodies could not have been done by Resistance Factions weapons. The likelihood is that IOF tanks or Apache helicopters would have generated such incineration.


Bibi's Psychiatrist Commits Suicide Leaves Notes About Bibi - 11/6 - Qs re this - revealing if true. But seemingly psyop.


Survivor Jeanette Archer Speaks Out About Satanic Ritual Abuse of Children [VIDEO]

Reader--"I remember watching this a couple of years ago but it's a good reminder of what we're really up against."


Makow--In Gaza, Zionists are breathing new life into antisemitism which is their bread and butter. The Third World War, like the Second will be about Satanic Jewish power and influence. It will be between their proxies (US,UK) and their "enemies" who are also Freemasons. 

It will clear the way for Agenda 2030, the Masonic Jew World Order.  Instead of taking sides, we need to halt this suicidal feedback loop.  While resisting, we must resist the temptation to hate. 

Can we love people who have been deceived into destroying us? 


"We liberal Jews are shocked by the world's antisemitism -- but won't succumb to fear"

Jews don't get it and don't care to, any more than a cobra cares to understand the mouse he devours

The Cabalist Jewish agenda

If you don't want to be a penniless slave you're an antisemite!

WEF by 2030 You'll own nothing And you'll be happy


Matthew North ~ Joe Rogan Exposed: CIA Elon Musk, MAPS, Esalen Inst., Alex Jones, I.D.Web June 20 2019

Nov. 9, 2023. This is the video that got 23 year old Matthew North killed. He was found in his car some months after posting this video with a bullet hole through his temple. His brother said that there was a suicide note, but no one is going to accept that Matthew committed suicide. The quality and thoroughness of his research - and superb video narrations - is far, far above what an ordinary mortal, regardless of age, usually produces on the internet. Had he lived, he would have become one of the most feted journalist/investigators of all time.  Mind you, he was only 23 years old. What a phenomenal man. May God Bless his soul for all eternity for his great accomplishments in research and reporting.

Canada's Rebel News is Zionist trojan horse. Canada cannot have a nationalist voice unless it first pays homage to Israel


New anti-WEF think-tank appears to be an earnest attempt to resist the globalist status quo writes Rebekah Barnett

Reader-"Last week I found this quote below from David Icke.

"Jordan Peterson's ARC is blatant Pied Piper controlled opposition full of fake 'alternatives', investment bankers, globalists and elitists, and
funded by the owners of fake 'alternative' GB News.  Hijackers of the REAL alternative media now on public display."


"We own the Science and the World should know it": UN & WEF admit they CENSOR Search Results & pay Big Tech & Influencers to shape Public Opinion on Climate Change & COVID etc...


Poll: 24 Percent of Americans Believe They Know Someone Who Was Killed by COVID Vaccine

42 percent of Americans say they would join a major class-action lawsuit in opposition to a pharmaceutical company over the side effects of vaccines.


Massive Christian revival in Satanist Nicaragua


Pro-Palestinian demonstrators block access to Dartmouth NS business

HUNDREDS of secret reports show how DHSgov, CISAgov, The GEC (StateDept), Stanford and others worked together to censor AMERICANS before the 2020 election

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Nov 10 - Hamas Attack Was Staged by Israel"

Connie said (November 10, 2023):

So glad you mentioned the bullshit Rebel News is getting on with. I unsubscribed from them because I was so disappointed with their 100% biased coverage of the latest Middle East massacres.

I am also so surprised by the 100% bias that MANY alternative news sites have expressed over the latest false flag massacre. This mindless, childish, self serving obsession with the concept of goodies and baddies makes me want to puke. Sites I've read for years have jumped on the bandwagon picking a "side".

Disgusting after all these years that even so-called truthers are brainwashed toadies foaming at the mouth over the Jews or the Muslims.

From my perspective this whole murderous fiasco is ALL about as usual maiming and killing innocent people irregardless of who they are. For me Rebel News has lost the plot and exposed themselves as just another form of MSM. I find the "religions" of both the Jews and Muslims same shit different pile.

Both contain the concept of goyim and infidels. I do not and will never believe that God in heaven wants grown men to wear ringlets and bang their heads on a wall and I do not believe that God in heaven wants women to cover their head and sweat in a black robe. Pure bullshit.

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