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Nov 1 - IDF Stood Down to Let Hamas Massacre Proceed

November 1, 2023

Israeli UN ambassador pledges to wear Nazi-era yellow star until Security Council condemns Hamas

This gesture is oddly appropriate since Zionists are responsible for the Jewish holocaust. Satanist Jews routinely sacrifice their "lesser brethren" to advance their psychopathic agenda of Communist world government. They funded Hitler. They sacrificed goyim on 9-11 to justify Iraq/Afghanistan invasions. Now they are sacrificing Israeli Jews and gullible Americans who are only too happy to die for a lie. 

"Burnt Offering" - Satanic Jews (Zionists) Sacrifice Ordinary Jews in the Holocaust

Remember, the Satanists poisoned and locked you down during COVID. We are all their victims, Palestinians and Zionist dupes alike. 

Intelligence analysts Jeffrey Prather, Gen. Michael Flynn both agree: Israel STOOD DOWN to allow Hamas to unleash terror

"I confirmed right after it happened that Israel's so-called 'intelligence failure' could not be an intelligence failure," Prather told Adams 

"Anybody who knows Israel and the border - which American taxpayers paid for, by the way - there are triple, multiple redundant systems; it is highly fortified; it is highly censored; there are troops and drills every day. And what I said early on is that any intelligence professional who says that this is an intelligence failure by Israel is either lying or a fool - and I stand by that."

No reaction for six hours even though Israel forces were within earshot of the Hamas massacre

Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard: Helicopter Pilots Were Given Stand Down Order

Full interview and transcript

Ex IDF soldier says Oct 7 was an Inside Job

World War 3 Imminent: Opposition Both Inside the U.S. and Outside the U.S. Grows as Children Continue to be Massacred in Palestinian Genocide

The Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem is the 3rd holiest site for 2 billion Muslims. So, Hamas is not alone. Behind Hamas stands Iran and its proxies in the region: Hezbollah (around 40,000-50,000 fighters) , Syria, the Iraqi PMUS ( around 100-200,000 fighters) and Yemen. This is the Shia Axis of Resistance. And, it is a formidable force capable of hitting Israel with long distance rockets and missiles.


PJW- Israel has a secret plan to transfer Gaza's 2.2 million (before the genicide began) to Europe!!!

Leaked: Israeli plan to ethnically cleanse Gaza
The plan advocates the forced transfer of the population of the Gaza Strip to Sinai permanently, and calls for the international community to be leveraged to assist the move

The document, issued on 13 October, identifies a plan to transfer all residents of the Gaza Strip to North Sinai as the preferred option among three alternatives regarding the future of the Palestinians in Gaza at the end of the current war between Israel and the Hamas-led Palestinian resistance.

The document recommends that Israel evacuate the Gazan population to Sinai during the war, establish tent cities and new cities in northern Sinai to accommodate the deported population, and then create a closed security zone stretching several kilometers inside Egypt. The deported Palestinians would not be allowed to return to any areas near the Israeli border.


'AIPAC Always Gets Mad When I Put America First': Rep. Thomas Massie Boldly Stands Up To Israel Lobby


Bolivia cuts ties with Israel over 'crimes against humanity' in Gaza
Bolivia has alleged that the IDF has committed atrocities in targeting the Palestinians


(Jerusalem Palestine)

Israel omitted from online maps in China amid war on Hamas in Gaza
China is Iran's largest trading partner and remains a key ally for the country

NY Supreme Court rules employees who were fired for refusing COVID vaccines must be reinstated with back pay

Soviet technology transfer under FDR


Americans won't be Fighting for the US

Canadian Opposition leader Pierre Poilievre makes mincemeat of Woke Reporter

Parent shunned for complaining about porn in school library


Jesus, what happened to us?

Reader--"This song hits me in the Soul bro."

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Nov 1 - IDF Stood Down to Let Hamas Massacre Proceed "

Imran said (November 2, 2023):

Michael Flynn does not know what he is talking about that the border is imprenatrable. Here is why. IDF troops have orders not to shoot civilians if they are UNARMED. So these thugs along with Hamas broke into Israel and took out axes, knives, etc that they were hiding and carried out a massacre. Michael is behind the times.

As for Pollard, Barry Chamish, did say he was the shady sort "selling" American secrets to other nations other than Israel. Hence the fury of many of the top American elite with him to imprison him. However, IF Pollard is not acting as a disinfo agent then the helicopter pilot friend of his was a victim of a fog of war where Israeli top heads didnt know how to deploy their airforce. Many were thinking that Hezbollah was attacking soon.

Secondly, some Israeli top heads in command of Pollard's friend copter and others have to make a long choice if they want to give international press coverage to any Palestinian that gets killed. The top heads (those that do not know the plan to start WW3 or a powerful regional conflict) did not know even what was going on though the friend knew. Such things have happened before in Israel though to lesser extents. So it could be a communication error.

Flynn is redundant in his claims, Pollard might have small legitimacy, but not as many are portraying it. And let's not forget that Barry Chamish portrays him as a weasel. I do think the actual plan to start a strong regional conflict which would have led to WW3 was going to happen this Fall sometime when Iran's proxies where gonna HIT TOGETHER, but Hamas attacked too soon. This would have coincided with the important meeting next Summer at the UN. Are the globalists trying to modify the plan? Conspiracists are letting hate and anti-semitism get the better off them and letting it cloud their judgement.

rh said (November 1, 2023):

Perhaps the Freemason’s Pyramid capstone is missing because the proper leadership is still forming; to be put into place to rule over the Pyramid.

It appears to me, we all fall under a form of colonialism, from top to bottom. It is a slave-based system. It may be more honest, but physically brutal on the bottom. The higher levels live in self-deception at the top. There is, nor can there be, peace for anyone as each of us serve ourselves, hoping to rise to a new level. There is an order in all of this, albeit cruel.

The teachings of Christ offer an alternative to this kind of thinking and yet in 2,000+ years, we find ourselves mixing the masonry mud that glues it together more tightly. Those at the bottom are unaware how we lock our own chains, daily. We have to eat!

The bottom believes they are poor because of limited resources. The mantra of limited resources is told to us from birth. Yet, someone/something owns everything. Its just not You!

Modern technology spoils the game for these creatures. The communication system is too immediate and their “made for TV news” falls short after, say, the 10th false event. Travel allows one to see the disparities in wealth. The answer is to limit access to technology and travel. Debt and taxes are two useful tools in the control shed, but war is always an alternative when all else fails.

This appears to be our lot. It doesn’t take 400 years of colonial rule to improve the lives of the natives. That’s a cover story. Its was never meant to improve anything. Just sustain the pyramid.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at