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Clifford Shack - The Fed Killed JFK

November 2, 2023


JFK wasn't murdered just because he wanted to replace Federal Reserve Notes with Silver Certificates. 

JFK's mistress Mary Pinchot Mayer had been married to a CIA insider, Cord Mayer, who told her that the Central Bankers had ties to the Nazis before the war through the CIA. JFK had to go because "he knew too much, they couldn't control him."

"Both World Wars were planned and financed by the guys who make money out of thin air, you understand that the wars were not really good guys vs. bad guys. The wars were carefully planned to accomplish major objectives...".

Marina Oswald was widely quoted as saying "the Fed killed JFK." This has been scrubbed from the Internet, confirmation that it is true.

The Kennedys were fighting a dragon bigger than they ever could imagine. How big? Beyond the imagination of most. The following article is a good place to begin understanding the monster that rules us all from the shadows.

Here, Clifford Shack provides a glimpse into the network of Jewish banking families who control the world and are trying to dispossess and enslave us..

by Clifford Shack
(excerpt by

The owners of Chase Manhattan also owned, together with other banking families, the Federal Reserve Bank.

The bank was conceived and implemented by members of the Rockefeller and Warburg families. The Warburgs are tied to the Schiff family through marriage. The Schiff family of Frankfurt, Germany were neighbours of the Rothschilds. Both families lived and suffered for generations within Frankfurt's Jewish ghetto. Under those circumstances there is little doubt that both families are blood relations.

The Warburg's and the Rothschilds are also blood relatives. This is a secret relationship that was discovered by this author over the course of his forty year investigation into the JFK assassination.

The patriarch of the Rothschild and Warburg families was the leader of the Venetian Jewish community before and after the first Jewish ghetto was established in 1512. The patriarch was named Anselmo del Banco. His original name was Asher Meshullam Ha-Levi. Asher Meshullam was born in Padua, Italy. Asher Mushullam's father was named Salomancino, in Hebrew his name was Shlomo (Solomon).

If you look at the Rothschild family tree you will see some of the members of the Rothschilds bearing the name Anselm or Salomon. One member in particular was named Anselm Salomon, who, during his lifetime was the richest man in Europe. It is this man who may very well have been the mysterious paternal grandfather of Adolph Hitler but I am getting ahead of myself here.

Asher, in Hebrew, means happy. The brother of Paul Warburg was Felix Warburg. Felix means "Happy" in Latin. Jews pay homage to beloved deceased relatives by carrying on the names of those relatives.

I know there's a lot to digest here but bear with me. It will all tie in.

It is known that JFK wanted to get the claws of the Federal Reserve out of America. That certainly would be reason enough for leaders of the the Rockefeller, Schiff, Warburg and Rothschild families to orchestrate his assassination. (Research conducted by this author determined that Lincoln's assassination was initiated by Rothschild agent (and illegitimate offspring) August Belmont out of his New York office.

During the course of this writers forty year investigation, it turned out that getting rid of the Fed was just one of the main reasons the owners of the Fed wanted JFK (and RFK) dead. It gets more complicated.

JFK was learning too much about the dark deeds of the Rockefeller and Warburg/Rothschild robber-baron families.

I'm talking as dark as you can get. Let's turn our attention to the horrors of WW2, the bloodiest war in world history where upwards of 83 million people died. 3% of the world's population at that time.

Understand that JFK won the U.S. presidential election just 15 years after the end of World War 2. He participated in the War as did his friends and enemies. Many were in the OSS, the Organization of Strategic Services which was the United States Intelligence arm throughout the war. In the U.S., details of the military secrets of the war were privy to those within the inner circle of the head of the OSS- William "Wild Bill" Donovan. Donovan was a war hero of World War I and closely associated with the Rockefeller family. (In the early 1920s, Donovan was known to have had a discreet conversation with Adolph Hitler in a Munich beer hall.)

JFK's close friend was Ben Bradlee, editor of the Washington Post. Bradlee was OSS. Bradlee was close with James Angleton, also OSS. Angleton snuck Nazi War criminals out of Europe after the war (Some suspect Hitler was one of those snuck out). After the war, Angleton, whose Mexican mother happened to be Jewish, became the CIA counter-intelligence chief. Angleton was also in charge of the CIA's Israel desk.

The Director of the CIA was Allen Dulles, who was a spymaster of the OSS operating out of Berne, Switzerland. With a stroke of the pen, Dulles ended WW2 with Karl Wolff, his good friend and Nazi counterpart. One of Wolff's jobs was making sure that the cattle cars, loaded with Jews and political prisoners bound for the Nazi extermination camps ran smoothly and on schedule.

John J. McCloy was Assistant Secretary of War under the elderly Henry Stimson. During WW2, McCloy was the de facto head of the Defense department. It was McCloy who prevented the US Air Force from bombing the trail road tracks leading to the Auschwitz concentration camps. He falsely claimed that US planes were too far away from the camp to be diverted there. Shortly afterward his statement, U.S. bombers accidentally bombed the camp.

During the 1936 Berlin Olympics, McCloy watched events from Hitler's box. Like Donovan, he too was a lawyer for the Rockefeller family. In fact, during his youth, McCloy's mother was a haircutter for both the Rockefeller and Schiff and Warburg families in Maine during the summer months. He taught the five sons of John D. Rockefeller, Jr. how to sail.

After the war, McCloy was the High Commissioner of the American sector of Germany. He would install Konrad Adenauer as German chancellor. Adenauer was a relative of McCloy's wife. Before the war he visited Germany on numerous occasions on "business" for the Rockefellers. The official story is that he was investigating the tremendous explosion of Black Tom, a storage depot for wartime explosives headed to Europe during WW1.

The investigation put him in close touch with Nazi intelligence. According to this author, McCloy was using the Black Tom affair as a cover story for McCloy to establish and reenforce secret U.S. intelligence ties with the Nazis before the beginning of WW2. Heaven knows, the British had already established themselves with the Germans. British intelligence was much farther along than U.S. intelligence in those days.

Basically, JFK learned enough dirty secrets of the Banker's dirty World War with the Germans and the other "Axis" powers to make his re-election a threat to the real rulers of the U.S., the central bankers.

Cord Mayer, who told Mary that the Central Bankers had ties to the Nazis before the war through their international corporate lawyers like John J McCloy and William Donovan. The OSS (Office of Strategic Services) was the forerunner of the CIA which was established after WW2 by Allen Dulles.

How did JFK learn about the darkest secrets of the U.S. intelligence services? JFK was having a two year affair with a woman who had access to the skeletons in the closet. She gave JFK enough information that JFK planned to appoint his brother, Robert to the position of DCIA- Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. The Kennedys would have had the central bankers by the balls for decades to come.


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