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Brendon O'Connell- Iran is False Opposition

November 24, 2023

WEF Member, Iranian President [Hassan] Rouhani (2013-2021) "a Rothschild stooge. Bought and paid for."

"Iran has in its Constitution as a revolutionary Shia Islamic republic, that it's main aim is to spread the revolution. It's right there front and center. It has a giant pyramid as a parliament building and more Masonic symbolism per square foot than any other country in the region. More lodges than any country in the region but they are supposed to be the pinnacle of anti-Israel, anti-Zionist, anti-central banker resistance?"

from March 2018
by Brendon O'Connell

With regards this comment...below this article 

I carefully read O'Connell's contributions to your blog and I never come away remotely understanding what his basic point is. Is he saying that Iran is controlled opposition and that its opposition to Israel is phony?

If so, why does he in the next breath say that the Iranians are delusional and believe they can "take Jerusalem"? Ditto his line on Hezbollah: one minute they're controlled opposition, the next they're going to be mercilessly crushed by the superior firepower of Israel. Which is it?

He seems to contradict himself from paragraph to paragraph. As for "rockets raining down" on Israel, that was always just a Neocon Zionist spoof to justify the 2006 invasion of Lebanon and the carnage in Gaza a few years later. I can't take anyone seriously who gives it credence.

For someone who "carefully reads", she likes a straw man. I've said over and over in all my videos and comments it is the high levels of government doing this. Rouhani spent six years hanging with Jack Straw. You hang with Jack Straw you hang with Lord Levy and Lord Rothschild. Zarif the foreign minister, 20 years in the United States.

Armedinejad posed a real threat to Israel - he called for Muslim and Middle East unity. He saw the 88% of Syrian Sunni's were sick of Assad and his two brutal brothers and all we get from Rouhani Iran groupies is that Syria was a socialist paradise. Assad is hated by the majority of the country. 

But they fear Israeli Military Intelligence controlled ISIS more. ISIS could not have existed were it not for the Iranian controlled Shia Militias steamrolling across Iraq and Syria. Threatening Saudi's border and openly calling for an end to Saudi and Shia control of the holy sites - Saudi walks straight into the arms of Netanyahu and for the first time, an official peace deal is on the cards between Israel and the Gulf States. Thank you Iran and Rouhani and the billionaire generals of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard for that.

This is all top-level machinations. Everyone is controlled by the private western intelligence services who run the drugs and sell the weapons in the region. The average Hezbollah fighter is an illiterate street thug keen for a uniform and a weekly wage. Hezbollah is about as pious as the Catholic Church - up to its neck in the drug and weapons trade, as is Israel and ALL of them to be exact.


They are Rothschild private intelligence networks. They transcend nation-states. Human animals are controlled like a dog with food, security, and sex - money. It's child's play when you are a central banker.

Rouhani is a paid for Rothschild stooge. Bought and paid for. He and his top IRG commanders will be well rewarded with topped up Swiss bank accounts and a high tech militarized economy for giving Israel the excuse it needs to go all the way to the west bank of the Euphrates. 

Iran gets all the way to the east bank. Control of 'The Stans' - I was told this to my face by government analysts at The Persian Gulf Studies Center through the Rouhani crew "re-formist" lawyer they had handling me. The same Iranian, Atlanta Georgia, based lawyer (David T. Lashgari) who sent four people to pick me up at the airport who, when we got in the car, shoved a plastic cup full of 100 proof vodka in my hand and screamed, "No freedom!" That should have been the first clue.

When I was told of the plan about The Stan's I said, "Oh, sounds like a new Persian Empire?" And what was the lawyer's response? He never denied it was a Persian Empire 2.0, he gave me a new definition of what a Persian Empire was. He said, "Oh no! There was never a Persian Empire! It was just a group of tribes working together towards a common goal!" 

That's lawyer speak for, "Yes, it's a new Persian Empire taking in ancient Babylon but let's not call it a Persian Empire. Let's call it Arab Shia Militias freeing the Middle East from Israel and Jewish Power."


Iran has in its Constitution as a revolutionary Shia Islamic republic, that it's main aim is to spread the revolution. It's right there front and center. It has a giant pyramid as a parliament building and more Masonic symbolism per square foot than any other country in the region. More lodges than any country in the region but they are supposed to be the pinnacle of anti-Israel, anti-Zionist, anti-central banker resistance? 

(Parliament, Teheran) 

Let the detractors explain how Iran booms along till now? WHERE are the sanctions? They bit hard under Ahmadinejad. I've never seen more building cranes - everywhere. Luxury goods everywhere - ferrari's, Lamborghini's...Billions in trade goods POURING in over the Turkish border. I thought Iran and Turkey were practically at war? Helloooooooo...

What is the billions in oil and gas shipping out every week to Europe? Germany in particular. Where are The sanctions? I thought Iran was the mortal enemy of Israel? Israel OWNS Trump lock stock and Epstien barrels. 

But Iran continues to buy billions in Russian weapons. Threaten Israel's borders - and that's the key. This is PR. As I've said in my videos, Netanyahu's greatest friend is Hezbollah and his greatest enemy leftist Jews in America calling vigorously for an end to settlements and a viable peace process. 

This is why Iran under Rouhani is allowed to do what it does and the top levels are in on it. The saps and dupes lower down will take the pounding, but when Israel and it's proxy US forces under Trump are standing biblically on the west bank of the Euphrates, Iran's bustling 90 million population will be flooded with goodies to keep the kiddies distracted with a job and economic hope.

(Muslim Brotherhood=radical Islam=British MI-6)

Maybe like Saudi, Iran will get a Smart Gulag/City to pen up their restless population in and vaccinate them into childlessness. The openly stated wish to take Mecca and Al Quds (Jerusalem) is there for all to see and mouthed by the lower echelons. The same forces in Israel mouth they will openly expel ALL of Gaza and maybe absorb the West Bank and rebuild the third temple. It's stated openly, as they state their Shia expansionist dream in Iran. Maybe the armchair experts should go there or they can keep watching Russian Jew founded RT and Persian Jew run Press TV?

Iraq and 400,000 dead kids is what sanctions look like. Enough said. Israel deals quickly with all its enemies, except, Iran. 

The contradictions inherent in the Iran and Russia Groupie narrative you could fly a 911 plane through. But it's like telling ur best mate his beloved wife is screwing around. He does not want to have his necessary illusion shattered and he will have to find out in his own time. It will just cost the lives of how many people? How many has it already cost?

Putin and Trump are surrounded by %100 Israel first Zionist billionaire gangster drug and weapons dealing crooks working for the Rothschild private intelligence network. But don't tell the children. It might upset them and force them to grow up and take part in the political process and suffer outsider status. 

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First Comment by Tim Fitzpatrick 

The notion of Iran being a controlled-opposition state to Judeo-masonic hegemony is not a stretch when one considers the long-time Soviet and current Russian alliance with the Islamic Republic. The Soviet Union was the first not only to recognize the illegal state of Israel and its creation in 1948 but also Iran's Islamic republic in 1979. The Soviets have had a lasting alliance with almost all of the Islamic republics. The idea that Russia is the Arabs' lone friend against Judeo-American-NATO imperialism is, as O'Connell rightfully states, theatre. 

If Israel is brokering tons of deals with the Soviet BRICS alliance, what does that make Iran, who is also a strategic partner of BRICS? Controlled opposition suddenly seems more plausible, doesn't it? Here are just some of those ties. The Soviet answer to NATO is a treaty organization called CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization). Iran has been invited to join. Why? Might it have something to do with the fact that Iran's military uses Russian weapons or that Russia has helped Iran develop its nuclear program? 

Might it have something to do with Russia becoming a key trading partner with Iran? The infamous Jewish-Russian mob-run Gazprom has become more and more involved in developing Iran's oil and gas projects. Iran and Russia are also both involved in another NATO-like organization called SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization). This is a Sino-Soviet organization. What's more, Russia, Iran, and Qatar founded the Gas Exporting Countries Forum. In 2014, Russia and Iran signed an energy deal worth $20 billion.

Is that enough or are keyboard warriors going to sit back and continue to ridicule O'Connell over his increasingly accurate analysis of world politics? The narrative that Iran is a resistor of Judeo- masonic hegemony appears to have been cut from the same cloth as that of the Russia-is- resisting-the-NWO narrative. It's part of the same West-vs-East dialectic carefully sold to the masses by the Money Power. It's illusory. 

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Comments for "Brendon O'Connell- Iran is False Opposition "

Chris G said (March 21, 2018):

The Shia religion was created by a Jew, Abdullah Ibn Sabbah around the 7th century. The Shia religion is just as duplicitous as the Sabbatean-Frankists; Outwardly they pretend to serve The Most High but behind the scenes they serve their true god - Satan. The government of Iran is run by crypto-Jews. Everyone knows pro wrestling is fake so why can't most people get it through their thick skulls that politics is also fake?!

Iranian Jew and ex-Shia expose his Illuminati family:

JG said (March 21, 2018):

So it's all 'Strawberry Fields' where nothing is real.
Everyone is now either a Rothschild agent or false opposition.

I give Mr. O'Connell a C- for the creative writing in this essay and nothing more

Al Thompson said (March 20, 2018):

All of the world's governments are based on the principles of Satan. Accordingly, the main earthly power structure is Freemasonry and the various religions. These governments are working perfectly because they are supposed to evil. When anyone hears any politician or religious leader, you can tell that he is lying when he is moving his lips.

All of the talk and threats being thrown back and forth is the New World Order dog and pony show. Without knowing all of the facts, no one can properly ascertain any truth as to what is really happening.

Judaism is a Satanic religion. Islam is based on Judaism and so it is no surprise that they have many Masonic lodges in Arab countries. I look at Islam as Judaism for Arabs. The Christian religion is Judaism for the Gentiles or the "goyim." The whole religious apparatus, in my opinion, is nothing more than idolatry. It is clever but it is stupid, and you can't fix stupid.

George said (March 20, 2018):

IMHO Brendan O'Connell is a hasbara agent, Israeli disinformation. His basic message is that Israel is invincible, and has the whole world locked down, so resistance is futile.

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