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San Francisco APEC Conference Was an Illuminati Occult Ritual

November 15, 2023

San Francisco during Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit


"What is their goal? "They" believe our world is organized like a pyramid (see below) 
and they are the highest level. They also believe in ritual sacrifice; to absolve their sins 
they commit more sin. They are destroying the layer below them,
 offering these people up as a ritual offering. "

Originally posted at Decode the World 

By CK 

San Francisco is where many important decisions for the world are approved. Your future is decided in San Francisco. Decisions are nearly always made in advance, but they are publicly approved as part of a Masonic/Satanic ritual to involve the public, increasing the power of their arrangements. 

When you consent, you are giving them your power and helping make their plans concrete. Nob Hill is important, it is the "epicenter" of power in San Francisco, with the important groups needed to make decisions of this level; the Masons, the Episcopal Church, the Pacific Union club (powerful business interests) and a famous hotel (The Fairmont). Important decisions have been made in San Francisco that changed world history, including the formation of the UN, dropping a-bombs and other key events.

The name of the group that created this modernist art installation in Grace Cathedral is appropriately named "Illuminate", which doesn't leave a lot to the imagination.

Nob Hill map (1).png
Nob Hill Geomancy and History Geomancy is the art of placing or arranging buildings or other sites auspiciously. Nob Hill is commanding point that looks down on Chinatown, the main business district and Fisherman's Wharf. On the top of this hill are: ● Masonic Temple - the largest Temple in the city ● Fairmont Hotel - one of the finest hotels in the city ● Pacific Union Club - exclusive club ● Grace Cathedral - Episcopal Church with labyrinths and celestial alignment features To review a bit of history that has taken place in San Francisco and atop Nob Hill since WWII:

● The United Nations was created in San Francisco in 1945. Many attendees stayed at the Fairmont Hotel on Nob Hill and the charter was ratified in the San Francisco Opera House. ● The decision to drop two atomic bombs on Japan was made at a Bohemian Club gathering in a cabin at their retreat north of San Francisco. President Truman (a Mason) followed these orders.

Awareness of Bohemian Grove has entered popular culture via memes. ● After the fall of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, held a conference at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco with top politicians to decide how the end of the "Cold War" and Globalism would be handled. ● After the election of President Trump in 2016, his opponents (Democratic party) met monthly in San Francisco to plot strategy.

The Poop is Gone!

Before and after. San Francisco cleaned up in a hurry to prepare for the bosses' visit. That didn't take long. For years, the San Francisco open air drug market was tolerated, while the homeless used the streets and doorways as their toilets. Tax payers, property owners and residents were told it was an intractable problem. I'd say it's not intractable since they just got this cleaned up in a week. No tents on the streets, pavement freshly power- washed and a new coat of paint on crosswalks and buildings -- it's a Potemkin Village.

SF before and after APEC.png
And a whole lot of crowd control barricade fencing, which looks similar to that used in Washington, DC. This is not only around security zones, but also some of the business district streets. "They" must really fear you and it is plainly visible exactly who your local officials actually work for. Where did the homeless go? What wasn't mentioned is what happened to the estimated 20,000 to 40,000 homeless people. We know they didn't go to any hotels -- are these homeless dead? We might know more next week, if any of the missing homeless can be tracked down. Some people say they were dropped off in other parts of town. We'll see. We do know there is a lot of space available at FEMA camps...and as we know, homeless people are the easiest to "disappear". This is how people are treated in China, where 400m people "disappeared". Everything is already decided

The decisions have already been made and the arrangements finalized. What is their goal? "They" believe our world is organized like a pyramid and they are the highest level. They also believe in ritual sacrifice; to absolve their sins they commit more sin. They are destroying the layer below them, offering these people up as a ritual offering. It's literally a Holocaust, which means "burnt offering". This is the model they have used for millenia and you find it everywhere in the world, hidden inside religions, political organizations, and secret societies. The secrecy is protected with a blood oath. Tell about it and you die. The mafia call this Omerta.

pyramid of destruction.png
The pyramid takes on a new meaning when you see how they intend to use ritual offerings and destruction to save themselves.

The ritual offering is that each level destroys the level below it. Each level believes it is the highest level, but there are more levels above them (that they can't see because they are limited by their own level and can only see their level and lower). Each level selfishly believes they can save themselves by destroying the levels below them. This explains everything they are doing. They use rituals and notify people what they are doing because they think this absolves them of their bad deeds. If you accept their things, it's not their fault - (they believe) it's on you.

 Of course this scheme will never work because the entire cosmos is being destroyed and nothing will remain. The only way out is to find a way to the new cosmos. In my understanding, not everything can make it through, because the new cosmos has a higher standard. It's characteristic is Truth, Compassion and Tolerance and if you choose Truth, Compassion and Tolerance and can tell the difference between good and evil, you can make it through to the future. Everything that remains here will be dissolved.

Related--Chairman Xi Coming To San Fransisco To Wine And Dine With Elon Musk, Other Oligarchs

"A CEO summit on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting will coincide with the most challenging trade climate in a generation. Washington is trying to prevent China from acquiring high-end computer chips and has imposed curbs on US investment there. Beijing has responded by jump-starting its own chip efforts and exhorting citizens to buy locally-made phones and other products. From tech to logistics, oil and gas to finance, companies are struggling to maintain access to Chinese consumers even as they try to navigate a growing list of regulations, tariffs and export controls.

Some of the biggest names in American business are scheduled to attend the summit, among them Citigroup's Jane Fraser, Exxon's Darren Woods, Microsoft's Satya Nadella and Tesla Inc. and SpaceX's Elon Musk. A number of executives have been invited to dine with Xi, according to people familiar with the plans, a chance for them to air their concerns and ambitions in a less formal setting.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for " San Francisco APEC Conference Was an Illuminati Occult Ritual "

Doug P said (November 16, 2023):

It could very well be that people involved in this movement are severe narcissists who think money and power will be the best way for them to deal with their psychological problems. If you can't make friends and get along with people, maybe you have to buy them. Lots of people buy friends and live to impress people. Only BAD JUDGMENT can lead someone to join a society with an open-ended contract signed on pain of death. Cults seek out people like this.

No surprise the controlling area is San Francisco.

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