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November 10, 2023

Mark Trozzi--Corrupt Medical establishment Prosecutes Courageous Honest Doctor

Today is November 10th 2023, and I face the hardship of a CPSO hearing to decide their "punishment" for me in recognition of my three years dedicated mission work to research, inform and protect people against the covid-crimes-against-humanity including the misrepresented genetic experiments that have killed and maimed unprecedented numbers of innocent people around the world. You can witness the CPSO penalty hearing starting at 9 a.m. EST (Toronto). To get a link please sign up here:

Greater hardships than mine are faced by many victims of the injections. The injections have various harmful mechanisms, which include disruption of the immune systems. One consequence of this is the dramatic rise in new, unusual, and fast growing cancers, even in young people; as well as aggressive cancer recurrences for people in remission, and deterioration in patients who were stable before the injections.

Today's post includes a two minute alert from UK Oncology Professor Angus Dalgleish. He is observing recurrences and increased aggression of cancer in patients under his care following covid boosters.

Following Prof Dagleish's alert, we will dive into solutions. This includes important World Council For Health research updates from WCH Health Science Research Chair, Matthew Halma. Also nutritionist and psychoneuroimmunologist Frances Haven unpacks the new WCH guide titled "Cancer Detox and Immune Boosting Guide: A practical approach to home-based care for concerned families."

Please take advantage of this information for you and your family's health, and share it with others in need. There is a better way: big pharma is not selling it, and their accomplices are persecuting the experts bringing it to you; but we're still bringing it to you. 

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