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Oct 8 - Gaza Psy Op a Pretext to Start WW3?

October 8, 2023

The globalists need a world war to cover up their COVID-19 genocide and to prevent Trump from winning in 2024.

"The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by "agentur" of the "Illuminati" between the political  Zionists and the leaders of the Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other."

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by Henry Makow PhD

The claim that the attack was a surprise is the biggest tell that this war was contrived by Israel. Indeed Netanyahu called it a "Pearl Harbor moment" referring to another false flag used to justify the US entry into World War Two. Is this war designed to touch off WW3? 

Veterans of Israeli intelligence say there is no way this attack was a surprise.    The Israelis have informers in Gaza. They monitor it electronically. They must have known this was coming and decided to sacrifice hundreds of Israelis for political ends. They did the same thing in 1973. 

It's a cliche that politicians start wars to effect change. Netanyahu needed a war to unite a nation badly divided by his judicial reforms. The WEF/Rothschilds/Communists need a war to evade responsibility for the creeping COVID-19 genocide and to stop Trump in 2024. They also need a distraction from the fact that the banking system is bankrupt and broken, and the Ukraine war has been a debacle.

The worst-case scenario is that Israelis will overreact and arouse the anger of the Muslim world who would then intervene, and fulfill Albert Pike's prophecy.


We should distinguish between the policies of the right-wing Israeli government and the beliefs of individual Israelis who have no more control over their government than we do. 

We have been fed a daily diet of Israeli abuse of the Palestinians - settlers burning olive orchards, snipers shooting children. 
 An Israeli mob just overran the Al Aqsa mosque. 

I think most Israelis would adopt a two-state solution given the chance. 

Israelis are being victimized again by their own government. Jews had to be tricked into invading Palestine by the Zionists who sponsored anti-Semitism and Hitler.  

 Jews never needed a "Jewish homeland." Antisemitism was caused by Organized Jewry.   The people of the West needed national homelands that were/are being destroyed by Masonic Jewish globalism. 

The best course would be for Israel to exercise restraint and compromise to save the hostages and avert a wider war.


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First Comment from Edward Menez

It is another "Pearl Harbor" as Jonathan Conricus, a former international spokesman for the Israeli Defense Forces said.  The same phrase the Project For A New American Century used before the 9/11 attacks--that America needed "a new Pearl Harbor".  It seems the phrase "Pearl Harbor" has now become synonymous in elite-speak with "false flag".

To me this is such obvious BS that it is maddening.  We're supposed to believe Israel had no clue about the attacks?!  Now Israel will obliterate Palestine and take over in the next few weeks.  This is the beginning of their long-planned-for "Greater Israel" that will encompass all of Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan, and parts of Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia.

I have no words for what a "Gulf of Tonkin" fake this was--how anyone can not see through this ridiculous theatre is beyond me.

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Comments for "Oct 8 - Gaza Psy Op a Pretext to Start WW3? "

FW said (October 9, 2023):

I find it hard to believe that this conflict in Israel could be started to prevent Trump from running in 2024.

Indeed, I firmly believe that Trump ticks all the boxes to become a perfect antichrist:

he is a Zionist crypto-Jew, knows the plans for the future 3rd Temple of Solomon, is a very dear friend of Netanyahu, implemented the Abraham Accords between Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Israel, strongly supported the injections with the Warp Speed, would like to abolish the American constitution, has his son-in-law who is a follower of the criminal sect Chabad-Lubavitch, has always had links with the underworld defended by his mentor Roy Cohn, was a close friend of Jeffrey Epstein etc..

Trump is of course an Illuminati who does not hesitate to make the compass and square gesture with his fingers every time he is photographed, just like Macron and others elsewhere.

I also vaguely remember a painting that I believe is located at the Rockefeller Foundation where we see a young man with orange-blond hair like Trump located in a tall glass box, suggesting that this young man will be called to play an important role in the future.

My interpretation of this painting is perhaps far-fetched and don't blame me if you find it ridiculous.

Harry M said (October 8, 2023):

Hamas is a mossad front and this is well known and is being used in the false flag attack to give Israel the excuse to destroy Palestine, but it is amazing how many people do not believe this.

Mike P said (October 8, 2023):

It is very difficult to believe that Israel could suddenly be swarmed like this without any awareness at all. Convenient, especially given the status of the Ukraine theatrical production with the US and Western nations depleted of weapons and ammo.

Looks like a set-up for the last world war taking shape. Ezekiel 38 style.

All the pieces and players are in a position to begin the show according to their prepared scripts. The ending is known before it begins.

The chaos before order on all fronts to usher in the prepared solution. Nothing happens that isn't planned.

Sad. They have a timetable. God does too.

K said (October 8, 2023):

I've just looked at the latest piece on your website about the Gaza Psy Op.

I agree with everything you say apart from this " Netanyahu needed a war to unite a nation badly divided by his judicial reforms. The WEF/Rothschilds/Communists need a war to evade responsibility for the creeping COVID-19 genocide and to stop Trump in 2024. They also need a distraction from the fact that the banking system is bankrupt and broken, and the Ukraine war has been a debacle."

Trump was always meant to come back as president to launch the War against Brics. Here ia an article from the daily mail.

He backs Israel and he always has. The powers that be will bring him back. This is what all this nonsense with him being put on trial in America is all about. To create a division in the country, because the people of America are fed up with Biden and his policies. Just google what's going on now. The web is awash with "Dollars that helped fund Hamas had come from Biden"

The covid card isn't going to work again so they need to start this WWIII for 2025. After the presidential election on November 4th, Trump will be back and this will be all timed perfectly. Remember the strikes against Siria??? Trump is owned and always has been. Look at Trump's father. This alone tells you where he stands and where he was always heading, just like the rest of the usual suspects, Gates, Musk etc, etc. Trump will have the population's backing and he will lead them into WWIII as planned.

The banking stage is already being set up after the destruction of Europe and the United States. Look at all the Brics countries implementing digital ID systems and biometrics. We don't see any other countries setting this up apart from them.

M said (October 8, 2023):

Did you see the footage of the buildings coming down in Gaza, right into their own footprints? Where have we seen that before? We know that the leaders of the Palestinian and Gaza authority factions are in cahoots with Israel; they probably wired those buildings for demolition just as the Twin Towers in NYC were wired. Now the Palestinians are like fish in a barrel. And we, the US of A, are seeing all of our tax dollars now directed to flow to Israel and to the Ukraine, to build the new Israel 2.0 in the Ukraine,,, Oy vey, indeed. We are indeed tax slaves on the reservation.....

Tony B said (October 8, 2023):

Agree that this "Hamas surprise" is as fake as it gets but why would the Israelis be against Trump returning as president? When he had the ability to do it he gave away all that was left of this country of value to Israel. All that he could give. Why would Rothschild Inc. not want him back in? Hell, they own every high-ranking U.S. politician anyway, what difference would it make to them who are in the offices?



The Communist Biden admin better expresses the globalist zeitgeist.


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