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Oct 6 - The Slow-Kill Vaccine

October 6, 2023

Oct.3, 2023 - Columbus, OH - 31-year-old Brian Baseler, OneAmerica Relationship Director died suddenly in his sleep. He had his COVID-19 Booster on Jan.30, 2022.

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Thanks to Dr. Makis we know many people are being injured or killed from the COVID "vaccine." Still, given the billions of vaccines injected,  the adverse reactions have not been as great as expected. 

When I asked readers to send personal accounts of adverse reactions they had or witnessed, I got none! 

This suggests that depopulation may be a secondary goal. Transhumanism and control must be the primary goal. 

Can anyone shed light on this issue? 

mRNA Injury Series - 2023 The SUMMER of Dying Suddenly SLEEPING (while fully COVID-19 mRNA Vaccinated) - are these deaths actually accelerating? - 50 summer cases of SADS deaths in Sleep

Alarming COVID Jab Contamination Shocks Scientists

In early April 2023, microbiologist Kevin McKernan found massive DNA contamination in Pfizer's and Moderna's bivalent COVID booster shots. The highest level of DNA contamination found was 30%, meaning nearly one-third of the content of the shot was plasmid DNA, the presence of which dramatically increases the likelihood of DNA integration and cancer. Mice injected with the COVID mRNA shot passed on their acquired immune traits to their offspring indicating that future generations may be affected. Pfizer's bivalent jab has also been found to contain simian virus 40 (SV40) promoter, an oncogenic piece of the virus' DNA known to drive very aggressive gene expression, making the risk of cancer even higher.

Latest DEATHVAX™ Uptake Poll
More Than Half of Americans Likely Won't Get New COVID-19 Shots

The criminally captured FDA and CDC have already endorsed these latest Modified mRNA poisons, and those subjecting themselves to the never-ending "emergency" injections will more than likely end up further driving cancer treatment expenditures higher with their DEATHVAX™-induced turbo cancers, and other adverse events.

But the poll is especially fascinating in reconfirming the nature of the Statist indoctrination effectiveness, or social engineering stratification, with the usual demographics far more susceptible to partaking in mass ritual bio-suicide
The head of the German populist AfD Party was hospitalized after reportedly being assaulted with an injection

Tino Chrupalla collapsed during a campaign event and was taken to the hospital after two men assaulted him and injected him with an unknown substance, according to media reports.

German journalist Boris Reitschuster, who talked to eyewitnesses and members of the AfD, reported that Chrupalla was assaulted by two men who wanted to take a photo with him. The men allegedly injected an unknown substance with a syringe into the politician's arm, which caused him to have an anaphylactic shock. Chrupalla was taken immediately taken to the hospital. 

Police temporarily arrested the two suspects and frisked them, but they were ultimately let go, eyewitnesses said. 

Brussels has 'legally raped' Poland and Hungary by forcing through asylum reforms, claims Hungary PM Orbán
Both Poland and Hungary's leaders have reiterated their staunch opposition to EU plans for the forced relocation of migrants ahead of showdown talks in Granada, Spain, on Friday
20 million dead, 2.2 billion adverse reactions?

Reader-"My guess regarding no adverse reactions is that the majority of people who read your site understand what's going on and are unvaxxed. "

Pastor Chuck Baldwin--More People Speaking Out Against The Covid Fraud; Kennedy Running As An Independent

Most people--at least in the United States--are NOT going to go down that prison-yellow brick road again.

Part 1: Israeli forces repeatedly and systematically shoot to kill Palestinian children in violation of international law

(CBC Maven, Catherine Tait)

Canadian state broadcaster's CEO claims nation's journalists facing more 'threats' on the job

The CBC has lost half its audience in the last ten years since becoming a propaganda arm of the liberal government. Less than 5% of Canadians tune in yet the fake news outlet gets $1.5 billion in taxpayer money.

The head of Canada's state-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) claimed its employees, in particular its journalists, face rising "threats" to do their job in a "safe" manner but could give no examples of any instances of actual threats made to any reporters.

According to CBC's CEO Catherine Tait, in her Annual Report sent to Parliament, her network workers "face rising threats to their safety both online and in the field."
Putin threatens the West with total nuclear destruction leaving 'no chance of survival in the event of a strike on Russia as he warns his 'Satan-2' and 'Flying Chernobyl' missiles are ready for use in ranting anti-US speech

Putin said that no one in the world in their right mind would use nuclear weapons against Russia

The Great Taking: Have the global elite devised an elaborate plan to take everything we own?

In June 2023, hedge fund manager David Rogers Webb published a book titled 'The Great Taking'. The book, one commentator said, describes a legal framework for the seizure of trillions of dollars of assets from public and private institutions and people. It includes primary sources and a reasonable narrative explaining how a powerful class can subvert society for its own ends.

Webb wrote that his book is about the taking of collateral - all of it.  In other words, we will own nothing.
The swoosh through the o's = 666

Klaws Swab- Own Nothing-Be Happy

Students Prevail After Powerful Walkout, School District Reverses Woke Bathroom Policy

War-Hungry Democrat Senators Vow To Shut Down US Gov. If We Don't Send Billions More To Ukraine

Mark Trozzi MD-

On Monday Oct 9 at 2 PM EST, Christof Plothe and I will moderate an urgent World Council For Health international experts hearing to evaluate and strategize regarding the discovery and confirmation of large quantities of undeclared, illegal, and dangerous plasmid DNA in Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 injections. Here are more details and background including my concise two-minute video which I hope you will share.


"Brussels is creating an Orwellian world in front of our eyes. They buy and supply weapons through the #EuropeanPeaceFacility. They want to control the media through the #MediaFreedomAct. We didn't fight the communists to end up in 1984!" wrote Orban.

1984 is what Communism is all about


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Comments for "Oct 6 - The Slow-Kill Vaccine "

Mike Stone said (October 6, 2023):

I don't recall seeing your request for readers to report adverse vax effects. I personally know at least five people who died from it, including a brother and a friend. I advised ALL of them not to take it.

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