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Oct 3 - Court Decision Made Jordan Peterson Cry

October 3, 2023

(Your clinical psychologist in tears)

Ontario court rules against Jordan Peterson; upholds social media training order

This August 23 decision slipped under my radar. It forces Peterson to take Communist reeducation in order to keep his license. My only surprise is that he was surprised. ALL professional associations are controlled by the Rockefeller-Rothschilds. The justice system is run by Freemasons. It's true Peterson is a Zionist toady. Maybe that's why he was surprised. 

In any case, I applaud Peterson's reminder that we are made in God's image and his courageous common sense defense of gender.

Alex Jones

Emergency Tuesday Broadcast: Experts Warn Deep State Planning to CANCEL 2024 Presidential Election, Launch Full War with Russia


17-year-old collapses and dies


Note the Masonic hand-on-knuckle handshake

UK defense chief openly wants to send British troops to Ukraine

Grant Shapps sees an "opportunity" for London to "bring more things" to the country


Russia will hold its first nationwide drill simulating widespread nuclear strikes on the country, daily Magyar HĂ­rlap writes.

The one-day nuclear attack exercise is based on the assumption that NATO will launch a nuclear strike on Russia, destroying 70 percent of Russian housing and life-support facilities. In the scenario, martial law is imposed in the country and a full-scale mobilization is ordered.,housing%20and%20life%2Dsupport%20facilities.

This from 4chan /pol/
Conservative, Israeli-centred Jewry moving against the predominant USA faction? This is very clever, as RFK Jr has every good justification for running outside the rigged process in the Democratic party.
That's Rabbi Boteach's wife with RFK Jr. under the Schneerson portrait.

Does this compromise RFK Jr.

COVID Vaccines Damage ALL Hearts, Study Finds
Radiology Tests Detect Myocardial Damage in Covid-vaccinated persons


Dr. Mike Yeadon: What Their Endgame Is and How I Know Their Narrative Is False

 Dr. Mike Yeadon: This session was arranged some weeks ago by Brucha Weissberger in NY. I'm sharing again to suggest a section from 1h 26min to 2h (34min). This covers a couple of minutes in biotech then the fraudulent pandemic & the injections which are intentionally toxic, giving several specific examples of things you definitely wouldn't permit to be in your product, if you were honest.

It's too hard to watch an hour and a half but may be tolerable to view just 35min.

Brucha Weisberger - Opening remarks
16:00 - Funeral Director John O'Looney - As the COVID vaccines claim ever more lives, have we learned anything?
1:18:55 - Dr. Mike Yeadon - What their endgame is and how I know their narrative is false
2:45:30 - Sasha Latypova - Militarized Healthcare
3:54:00 - Dr. Meryl Nass - New RSV shots killed 12 babies in the trial - now CDC-approved for every newborn! PARENTS PLEASE SAY NO!

"Billionaires Try to Shrink World's Population": Secret Gathering Sponsored by Bill Gates, 2009 Meeting of "The Good Club"
Is Worldwide Depopulation Part of the Billionaire's "Great Reset"?

Tucker Carlson's Story About the Russian Revolution Is Terrifying - Are We Living in a Similar Time?
Recent developments suggest that "depopulation" is an integral part of the so-called COVID mandates including the lockdown policies and the mRNA "vaccine".

The 'useless eater' class has been around as long as the globalists

Corbett Report- You may think you know what transhumanist propaganda WEF minion Yuval Noah Harari is spreading, but if you haven't read his book you don't know the half of it! And so, in the increasingly illustrious tradition of previous editions of the "I Read" series, today on The Corbett Report podcast I present to you a summary and synopsis of Yuval Noah Harari's 2016 tome, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow. Strap in, folks. This one takes some weird twists and turns.

Naomi Wolf W describes the ostracism she faced for insisting on telling the truth about COVID

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Oct 3 - Court Decision Made Jordan Peterson Cry"

rt said (October 4, 2023):

" Corbett Report- You may think you know what transhumanist propaganda WEF minion Yuval Noah Harari is spreading, but if you haven't read his book you don't know the half of it!

"It is critical to understand that Harari's predictions for the course of humanity into the near future are about what the satanic globalist Illuminati jew-masters are going to do with their enslaved Western world Christianized sheeple herds ( aka useless eaters ) all of which are predominantly politicly retarded being as the vast majority of adults are political imbeciles who are in accord with New Testament "word of God" behavioral instructions for attaining salvation ( aka immortality ) on Judgement Day after being dead for three or more days.Christianity is not based on its civilized and humane values. It is based on the inordinate consumption of the most powerful feel-good spiritual dopes ( comprised of religious fantasies with no basis whatsoever in any godly empirical reality ) known to humanity. The Western world is now in the final phase of its implosion where the end of Western civilization will eventually vindicate the belief that a civilization of several billion Christianized humanoids cannot be permanently sustained on a perpetual consumption of a variety of powerful feel-good spiritual dopes that has no basis whatsoever in any godly empirical reality.

g said (October 3, 2023):

Jordan Peterson agreeing to take the "training" is complying with a deviate system. I'd bet the "training" is brainwashing that embraces all manner of perversion and injustice. It likely will take history and shred it into a demonization of many who had nothing to do with so many of the wrong-doings of times past, and will distort events and proceedings because they are today found "unacceptable." How will history teach us anything?!!

But am I asking too much of Jordan? Sure he wants to keep his job and other holdings. But are treasures to be stored up on earth? This is Jordan's epic moment. Let him record the "training."

But what will he do with it? Will he emerge as an expert on and a proponent of pronouns?!! Will he come out more touchy-feely? Or will he call on the ghost of Patrick Henry and, harming no one, live on his own terms? Time will tell. And who alive today is not being put to the test? It's what we've got. May courage prevail.

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