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Oct 28 - Israel Could be Destroyed

October 28, 2023

(Sept 2012 - He is just one year off)

Makow- I believe in the two-state solution but I fear that Israel is, in the words of banker Louis Marshall in 1914,  "but an incident of a far-reaching plan. It is merely a convenient peg on which to hang a powerful weapon." 
This weapon is a third world war that will wipe out billions and clear the field for a dystopian tyranny.

Hitler flattered the German people into thinking they were the "Master Race." The same fate may await the "Chosen People" and their backers.

The moral arithmetic does not look good.  Israel's eradication of Palestinians gives its enemies permission to genocide them. The West's support of this genocide gives its opponents a similar permission. Israel's threats to destroy Lebanon and Iran add more weight.  Israel and the West have endorsed collective punishment that could be used against them.

There is little doubt that Israel will use nuclear weapons if it feels its existence is at stake. Moreover, the Illuminati need a diversion from the emerging COVID-19 hoax/"vaccine" scandal. 

Here Douglas MacGregor lays out the scenario leading to WW3. He says Hezbollah has a huge army and thousands of missiles aimed at Israel's heart. He says neighboring Arab states and Turkey could gang up on Israel. Russia would be forced to enter the war if Iran were attacked. 

"In 24 hours EVERYTHING changes for the U.S., Iran is Ready" - Douglas Macgregor's Last WARNING

Col. Macgregor to Tucker: Biden admin is driving the US into an 'Armageddon' war in Middle East
'It's going to be very difficult for Russia and Turkey not to also come into this fight against us because they will not tolerate the sort of collective punishment that Israel plans for Gaza,' the retired colonel said.

VIDEO: Netanyahu Invokes Biblical Prophecy As Israel Launches Invasion Of Gaza

Bill Cooper - Israel was created to bring about the fulfillment of prophecy and Armaggedon


Putin Warns Gaza War Could Spread Beyond Middle East

The aim, he said, is to "launch a real wave of chaos & mutual hatred not only in the Middle East but also far beyond its borders.

Putin denounced Hamas' Oct.7 attack on southern Israeli communities as terrorism but also decried Israel's bombing campaign which has left much of Gaza in ruins, as Reuters reports: He made it clear though that he thought Israel was wrong to keep bombing Gaza in retaliation for the slaughter and hostage-taking of Israeli citizens by Hamas.

"It is also clear to us that innocent people should not be held responsible for crimes committed by others," said Putin.

"The fight against terrorism cannot be conducted according to the notorious principle of collective responsibility when old people, women, children, entire families and hundreds of thousands of people are left without shelter, food, water, electricity and medical care," Putin continued.


In the Jewish War on Whites ( Or J-WOW) and Palestinians, the Jewish Supremacist Zio-Glob Regards White Patriots and Palestinian Nationalists as the Biggest Threats to Their Hegemony

An interesting fact: Two Peoples most repressed by Jewish Supremacist Globo-Homo Power are (1) White Patriots and (2) Palestinian Nationalists. Why? Jewish supremacism fears them most because:

(1) Jewish supremacism cannot sustain itself around the world without cucky-wuck White Submissivism. Jews don't have the numbers to rule the world. White numbers and talent must be in service of the Jewish Agenda. In order to make whites serve Jewish interests more than white interests, Jews must 'pathologize' the slightest hint of white identity and white interests as 'white supremacism', 'nazism', or 'far right'(even though genuinely far-right elements in Israel are rarely called such by the New York Times and the Jewish-run MSM).

World Wars Are Orchestrated

"You will be crushed. Great Britain is always victorious,"  the Abwehr told the Romanians. "Great Britain" of course is the Masonic Jewish central banking cartel.
 Ilan Pappe - The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine
 Scott Ritter Loves Jews and thinks Zionism is a Threat to Jews
 Security, Protection For Trudeau Highest In Canadian History
It cost more than $30 million annually in each of the last two fiscal years to protect Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family.

Brad Salzberg--"No political leader in the history of our country has carved up Canada into a collective of oppositional communities held together by nothing more than a common geographic location. At each other's throats is a reasonable description of contemporary society. Gay and transgender communities and bitter woke educators backing them brand heterosexual citizens as "homophobic" and "transphobic."

Is Elon Musk naive or pretending to be?

Globalism and satanism are the answer.


 Your Chuckle of the Day-

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger explained in an interview recently that Europe had made a serious mistake by creating within itself, through mass immigration, populations that reject all its norms, values, and a "constitutional basis". He deplored the fact that in 2023 in Berlin, almost 80 years after the Holocaust, people, with complete impunity, were shouting "Death to the Jews" in the streets.

 EV Sceptic Toyota Chairman Says People Are 'Finally' Waking Up to Reality of Electric Vehicles
The chairman of Toyota said that falling demand for electric vehicles is a sign people are waking up to the reality that EVs are overhyped and have drawbacks.

Israeli Poll Finds 49% Support Holding Off on Gaza Ground Offensive

Nearly half of all respondents believe Israeli should wait with its ground operation in Gaza, while just over a quarter believe the IDF should embark on the offensive immediately



Two Secret Israeli Bases In Eritrea Came Under Attack - Report

I don't care anymore. An American says he will not support a government "that hates him" in the coming war.


"This is Part 2 of an interview with Nathan Reynolds who escaped his Illuminati family in order to save his soul and his firstborn child. He has since dedicated his life to exposing the rulers of the darkness of this world. In this segment, Nathan explains J.A.S.O.N. groups, ritual abuse, and how he was groomed to be a child assassin.

Here's the link to Part One: Wickedness in the Highest Places

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Oct 28 - Israel Could be Destroyed"

IN said (October 29, 2023):

If one recollects years back, conspiracy theorist Barry Chamish predicted that Israel would be attacked in a massive assaualt from all around. He believed the state was meant to be destroyed. Remember that Youtube video that was posted up on here back in those days about him saying that Shimon Peres would go to Switzerland or somewhere else when someone asked him what would happen after Israel was destroyed?

I agree with Amir Tsarfati that Iran had planned to do something similar that Chamish predicted, but Hamas jumped the gun and attacked. The globalists would have presented this next year at that special UN once in a generation meeting next Summer. Israel (or only a few in the know) knew that this was the original plan and deployed north to counter Hezbollah. However, because of compartalization they did not know the time of this attack. World War 3 probably got averted by Hamas. One proof I offer is that Yemen fired rockets at Israel. Clearly there was a plot for them to that en masse sometime in the future by globalist controlled Iran. Not that Hamas are the good guys either. More like incompetent hired guns of Iran and the globalists that country serves.

Also everyone should note the top #1 globalist sockpuppet figurehead of the UN coming to Hamas' rescue with "humanitarian aid" (most of which will be stolen by Hamas so they can survive the Israeli assault). The globalists knew they will do that. The UN had a big hand in unjustly and illegally attacking Libya to remove Qaddafi. With those of short memory go back and see how quick that was to implment the agenda. Clearly the decision has been made to rescue Hamas. The top puppet figurehead in the world even says it is a good idea. One has to read between the lines. You guys really believe this man is a champion of mankind?

Doug P said (October 28, 2023):

I'm convinced that the Antichrist needs to destroy the armies of the world before CBDC's are in place. We have all been sufficiently demoralized such that anyone can be hired to enforce it, freemasons and Jews are no longer needed. All gnostics need to be destroyed because they form a cohesive group bound by blood oath - a significant threat to the NWO after CBDC's are in place.

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