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Oct 27 - Feckless Goyim Enlist for Third Masonic World War

October 27, 2023

This cartoon is being shadowbanned. I found it on Yandex.

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US bombs Syria in an effort to provoke Iran into World War III

"Things are escalating much faster than we anticipated. The U.S. has just bombed multiple targets in Syria, clearly in an effort to provoke Iran into a missile response." -Mike Adams

Douglas Macgregor- Get sober! - We Are On the Brink of Total War: The Time To Act Is Now

MacGregor outlines frightening scenarios that could easily lead to a world war. Says Western leaders seem ignorant of the danger, pour oil on fire rather than put it out. This is the analysis of a man who apparently has never heard of Freemasonry, Klaws Swab, the WEF, or Agenda 2030. 
Nevertheless, he is far more eloquent and intelligent than any US politician. His "Our Country, Our Choice" organization represents the views of most rational Americans.

Nico X comment on This is the Commie Russia (good) & USA/NATO (bad) simulated dialectic.

"Obviously, the Jews are planning an expansion of this war. They're slowly putting the pieces in place for a US/UK/Israel match-up vs. Russia/Iran/China. Of course it's all staged & rigged, since both 'sides' are covertly governed by the same clique of Semitic oligarchs/rabbis/bankers. Millions of white dum-dums though, will be asked/forced to sacrifice themselves again for Jewish geopolitical/religious objectives & Whiteocide. Now you know.

Charade. Commie Jews support Iran. Zionist Jews support Israel.

Report: Rockefeller Brothers Fund has provided over $3.4M to Hamas and other alleged terror groups since 2018

The Communist wing of the Illuminati supports Hamas and Hates Isreal

"The BBC is ROTTEN to the Core & The Police Are NOT On Our Side" - Peter Whittle
Pastor Chuck Baldwin - "Erasing Palestine"

"The world is watching the genocide of an entire people right before its very eyes, and the sound of global indifference is deafening. If any other nation in the world was carrying out this deliberate carnage of innocents, global outrage would be off the Richter Scale. But the evil perpetrators of this willful human tragedy do not reside in Berlin; they reside in Tel Aviv, and the world--especially the Western World, meaning especially the United States--is utterly apathetic to the plight of these suffering, dying people, most of whom are innocent women, children and the elderly."

Reader--"The fact that Israel is so obviously behind the October 7th attack, (ISRAEL IS HAMAS, ISIS IS HAMAS) forcing a spectacle, sacrificing their own in order to justify wiping out what little remains of Palestine and of Palestinian peoples including millions of Christians and children, is clearly demonic.   Isaiah 5: 20 woe to those who call evil good. We are all Palestinians.  Since childhood, God led me to understand this! 
"I pray Christians speak the love of God's creation to all humanity- in the name of Jesus ask God to reveal the truth.   Do not judge.  Pray."   

 A writer who said 'Jews' can stay but 'Zionist ideology' can't, is no longer with CTV

"Yara Jamal, listed on CTV website as a writer and production assistant, was also at a Pro-Palestine rally in Halifax Sunday and quoted saying there is no room for a "Zionist" state."
Shooters hear voices inside their head

Reminder  - They Are ALL in It Together: Putin Approved Russia's New Climate Doctrine

The key long-term goal of the Russian Federation's climate policy is to achieve carbon neutrality no later than 2060

Latest from Jim Stone

Stone- "Israel never got attacked by Palestine. This is all a setup to set the precedent for the building of the temple satan will rule from and they have to make it happen. They just got tired of waiting, Al Aqusa has to go. Everyone says "the dome of the rock" has to go but "the dome of the rock" is nothing, the real spot the temple will be is a large and very boring-looking mosque (totally unremarkable other than that it is large) called Al Aqusa that is within a stone's throw of the dome. Chances are the dome will still be there when the temple is built, catching the unaware off guard, expecting the temple satan will rule from to still be built."

Los Angeles County Drag Queen Storytime Canceled After Protesters Show Up

Commenter- "Wow, finally families with the guts to show up and protect their children from perverts and deviants." 

Craig Murray--Fighting the British Police State - Somebody Has To

No wonder Japan has a demographic problem 

"The winner takes it all": Japan's controversial sole custody system.

Around 90% of women are the sole custodians after divorce and most men are non-custodians. Around 70% of parents and children in Japan do not have visitation after divorce. Of the approximately 30% who do have visitation, the most frequent type of visitation is day visits of a few hours once a month.

A new study shows that 50 percent of all young men who got "vaccinated" for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) and developed myocarditis as a result now have a permanently damaged heart.

An Israeli View

Amir Tsarfati: The Real War Has Not Yet Begun

The U.S. has asked Israel to hold off on the ground attack. They are still in the process of preparing their military so that it is fully primed and protected for the next phase of the war. 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Oct 27 - Feckless Goyim Enlist for Third Masonic World War"

rt said (October 28, 2023):

The below-quoted excerpt from the article ___

Oct 27 - Feckless Goyim Enlist for Third Masonic World War

" Around 90% of women are the sole custodians after divorce and most men are non-custodians. Around 70% of parents and children in Japan do not have visitation after divorce. Of the approximately 30% who do have visitation, the most frequent type of visitation is day visits of a few hours once a month."

This grotesque distortion of parental rights, of divorcees, to child custody appears to be a worldwide issue . The origin of this egregious issue can be historically traced back to what is perhaps the most pernicious viral satanic meme intended to dissolve families and eventually collapse civilization. Specifically, this wicked
satanic/ILLuminati meme falsely asserts that ___

" Women make babies ";

which has no basis whatsoever
in any godly empirical reality.

To be perfectly clear,

[ Women are not goddesses and DO NOT MAKE babies ].

Women carry babies to term and that is all.

This judeo-masonic ILLuminati satanic inversion of reality [ women make babies ] has subconsciously
made women into gods and men into goddesses -- if even that .

The satanic Illuminati realized a thousand years ago that Christianized Western World people were easily duped and manipulated into thinking one thing and then believing the opposite since Christianity has very little or no use for critical analysis which is a vital necessity for a progressive civilization. In other words, even though it was the Western World tradition of philosophical analysis that was indispensable for discovering that

DNA makes babies from start to finish -- not women,

it was the West that first jumped onto the satanic Illuminati bandwagon that perniciously asserted

" Women make babies ";

so that now women are being satanicly inverted into being gods as the world watches the gradual collapse of Western civilization due to grotesque satanic inversions of reality ( such as converting women into gods and men into goddesses ).

AL said (October 27, 2023):

A charismatic psychopath like Trump is necessary to galvanize the goys to commit suicide against the Chinese, Russians, and Iranians. Goys can't know that the orange man is bought and paid for by the synagogue of satan and is a 100 % traitor against his own people. Trump's loyalty lay with the yahoodis of the Iranian gov't above the American people. How many millions of people did Trump help waste and maim with "Operation Warp Speed", yet the cattle still worship him and follow the Judas goat into the slaughter house?

General Soleimani was about to overthrow the crypto-Jew fake Muslim Freemasons that run the Iranian gov't after they massacred 1500 protestors in the streets. Trump murdered the General as a favor to his fellow Jews in Iran. Trumptards like Rosanne Barr worship Trump no matter how many times he proves himself to be a traitor (murdering for Israel with drones to "warp speed death" vaccines). Most Americans are idolatrous hero worshiping morons.

The hypocrite crypto-jew actors shed crocodile tears for the lionized General they wanted dead; What did they do after the hero was murdered by the cowardly virgin rapist Chabad member cuck for Israel turd Trump? What they always do, is NOTHING!

The Shiite religion was not founded by the prophet Mohammad but by the Jewish Satanist, Abdullah Ibn Sabbah around the 7th century.
Another scumbag Jew named Hassan Ibn Sabbah created the Assassin(Hashish stoners) sect of Islam around the 11th century.

AL (2) said (October 27, 2023):

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is just one of many Jewish actors in Iran pretending to hate Israel. Khomaini wasn't even Persian. (Half Indian / half British Jew.)

The Yahoodi synagogue of satan actors running the Iranian government run their mouths with anti-Israeli and anti-USA rhetoric, meanwhile doing everything in their power to assist Israel and the USA. The Yahoodi Iranian gov't assisted with the US invasion of Iraq,

Iranian Jew Saeed (Zakah1) reveals how the Iranian gov't is a front for Israel. Saeed's family is connected to the Iranian gov't.

There was a campagne in IRAN (ARYAN a.k.a. ALAN) to remove their Ethnic White Iranians. Can't get stupid whites to hate and fight Iran if they figure out Iran is where CAUC-ASIANS come from:

LT said (October 27, 2023):

I find it as obvious as it can be that the Illuminati controls the world stage and the example about the article concerning the Rockefellers funding Hamas. Illuminati Rockefellers funding Hamas and Illuminati Rothschilds owning Israel. And to think that most people think they are going to vote their way out of the NWO. Go figure!

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