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Oct 26 - We are Gadarene Swine

October 26, 2023

(Humanity is satanically possessed)

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Humanity is impaled on the talons of two pincers of Cabalist Judaism: Zionism, and Communism, and is facing a brutal exorcism. The other Cabalist (Masonic) pincer, Islamism, is aligned with Communism, the reason Leftist leaders pretend to hate Israel. Satanism (Freemasonry) has subverted our governments, mass media, education, justice, and all of our social institutions. 

As in WW2, Freemasons control both sides of the current conflict. The coming world war is a trick to depopulate the world.  It's a charade to make people kill themselves for a "noble" cause. We've seen their handiwork with the COVID hoax, lockdowns, and "vaccines." They hate us. 

Mike Adams - I have a bombshell interview with Major Jeffrey Prather that reveals how the atrocities the world is now witnessing the Israel / Palestine conflict are deliberately engineered to provoke a regional Arab response that will thrust the USA into World War III.

Elon Musk Warns "We Are Sleepwalking Our Way Into World War Three"

"We need to stop doing that. It's unwise, and I think will lead to an immense risk to civilization."

 "I want to emphasize like that, there's a civilizational risk - there are tragedies on an individual level, tragedies on a community level, and then there's civilizational risk. We just need to make sure that we're not putting civilization itself at stake, which is World War Three."


Tucker Carlson: Looks Like We're Going to War with Iran. Are We Ready for This?

He said that if the US attacks Iran, we will wind up in a war with Russia. Once Russia enters the war, it will expand into something far more serious than a regional war. Turkey will also likely enter war if the US engages with Iran.

19,000 ATMs Have Shut Down Across US as the government prepares to Roll Out CBDC Digital Currency

Catherine Austin Fitts said that unless we have a sovereign state government protecting sovereign individuals who are free to transact, including transacting privately, without invasive technology, we will have no sovereignty. It will be replaced with central control by the bankers. She said that this technology, combined with other systems, will turn your home, your car and your community into a digital concentration camp. It will be the end of human freedom through the financial system.  

Dr. Vernon Coleman: How Ruthless Censorship Hid the COVID Genocide
The covid hoax was the biggest medical fraud of all time. Every doctor who injected anyone with the COVID-19 vaccine is a criminal who should be struck off the medical register and sent to prison.

(left, Liz Gunn)

NZ Politician Calls for Full-Blown Criminal Investigation into COVID Vaccine Deaths

"The government knew every side effect before one single jab was given in New Zealand."

The figures show that there are tens of thousands of deaths linked to the [COVID] jabs, and this is just one of the sites recording this type of information in New Zealand. On one day, 30 people were jabbed on the same day at the same location. All are now deceased, and their deaths are in close temporal time proximity to each other. New Zealand is a crime scene. Computers of anyone associated with this COVID response rollout in any capacity, mobile phones, communications, bank accounts, archives, and a whole host of other targeted information must be seized.

Rfk Jr. serves the people who murdered his father and uncle. But does he have a choice? 

RFK Jr. is the latest Zionist hod carrier

The US is an occupied country.


Beef Company CEO Stands Up To Big Pharma: "I'll Shut Down the Company Before We Ship a Single Bag With mRNA-Injected Meat"

Food Banks Canada report paints dire picture of Canada-wide affordability crisis

An important video clip by E M Jones [much more than Blinken being a liar -- we already knew that]:

RFK Jr. says he will commit 'federal dollars' to black reparations if elected president. His Presidential campaign is OVER!~

'Reparations are the extraction of money from people who were never slave owners, to be given to people who were never slaves,' GOP presidential candidate Larry Elder countered.


The religion of the Rothschilds is called Sabbatean Frankism (occult Satanism). Founded in 1666 by Sabbatai Zevi, their motto is "redemption through sin," meaning do the most evil sins imaginable including raping/killing kids. The Illuminati was founded 5/1/1776 by Amschel Rothschild and Jacob Frank

Scott Ritter - Bobby Kennedy is another Warmonger 


75% of Israelis want Netanyahu to Resign

Twitter suspends Iranian leader's account for this

Alex Newman - Why the Global Elite are Hungry for War to Escalate

State Elections: Nullifying Tyranny At The State Line

While the world focuses on presidential politics for obvious reasons, state and local elections could not be more important. Discover how YOU can save our nation through involvement in your state.

 But state governments' standing between citizens and federal lawlessness is not a new phenomenon

"The ongoing ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians by the Israelis." 
The video speaks of how the Israelis, under a land-for-peace agreement, are taking over Palestine and have been doing so for decades.  
Taking America down, one sport at a time

UFC Faces Boycott Calls After Announcing Bud Light Partnership
The UFC and Bud Light parent company Anheuser-Busch announced they came to a deal.


Fidelito's Ex-Wife Opts for a Heterosexual

Breitbart is an Israeli Intelligence Operation

Ben Shapiro is a Zionist shill. So is Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit)


Reader VM - Hamas is in league with Netanyahu. The US has a base in Qatar which funds Hama. 

Qatar Hamas government at the rate of 30 million dollars a month in salaries for families, fuel for electricity and for the salaries of the 55 members of the public sector, i.e. the Hamas staff who govern the strip

In June, when for some reason Qatar stopped payments (a form of pressure to induce "terrorists" to act?), Reuters wrote,
Hamas unable to pay salaries in Gaza after Qatari aid delay, officials say | Reuters

The pay crisis has sparked an unusual amount of criticism on social media in Gaza, including from some Hamas employees. A drop in tax revenue and an increase in spending have made the situation even more difficult.

The US military base leaves the leaders of Hamas with whom it shares the emirate and who it could easily kill undisturbed, and has never raised a complaint about the fact that the emir finances the "terrorist" organization

What does it take to understand that Hamas is "their" tool and is part of the comedy? The attack with motorized hang gliders is comedy, the massacres whose bodies they didn't show us are comedy, and the release of Israeli hostages two by two is comedy, to fill the news with them instead of the million and a half people whom Zion has destroyed the house and whose genocide he is completing.

Among other things, these hostages taken by "Hamas and those killed" are a group of political opponents of Netanyahu and his extremist government, those who had been continuously demonstrating against him for months, and secular socialists who were trying to help the population of Gaza. Make one more effort, and continue to put two and two together... do you want to see that Hamas has also done this "service" for Bibi's government?
. . .
Reader-  "The W.H.O. is reportedly now in clandestine negotiations with ALL the world's governments to change International Health Regulations.
They are seeking power over the existing health sovereignty of 194 countries to be funneled into their own hands.
Translation; Individuals will no longer be responsible for their own health. We will be forced to take whatever shot they prescribe 'for the good of humanity'.
Since health matters can be traced back to every aspect of human life they will have power over practically everything. Essentially, they will become a One World Government or, if you will, the instrument of a huge political reset.
Here's a link explaining this danger from Dr. John Campbell titled "WHO pandemic treaty danger". 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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