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Oct 2 - The West Circles the Toilet Drain

October 2, 2023

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Please forgive the repetition but mankind's fate under Satanist (Masonic) Jewish (UN, WEF) world government is to be a broken record playing for eternity to an empty universe.

Mike Adams - America's border war will devolve into guerilla warfare across the streets and towns of the USA

We have a huge broadcast for you today. Just some of the highlights:

- RFK Jr. to announce run as an Independent candidate, rejecting the corrupt DNC

- How RFK could either win the presidency himself or cause Trump to win a "special election" involving the states

- Germany's MP says medium-range cruise missiles should be handed over to Ukraine to strike targets deep within Russia

- Russia's Medvedev says this will make German factories legitimate targets for Russian missile strikes

- NY Gov. Hochul calls for limits on who is allowed to enter the USA -- apparently, the "sanctuary" status was just virtue signaling

- Dem. Congressman pulls fire alarm to try to delay House vote on US budget spending that denies money to Ukraine

- US govt. is 33 trillion in debt and Treasury rates are skyrocketing, meaning interest on the debt will explode

- Open border policies in the USA will escalate into kinetic warfare against America once the border is more secure


German mayor calls concerns over child safety 'unfounded' amid plans to accommodate 80 asylum seekers at a primary school
Mayor of Monheim am Rhein Daniel Zimmerman told parents outraged over the controversial move that the migrants "are people like you and me" and are not dangerous

In response to the protests of locals, the council cited economic factors as a primary reason for the move, insisting that the estimated €150,000 it would cost to convert the containers into housing was substantially lower than the cost of renting private accommodations, where around 80 percent of the migrants recently received by the municipality currently reside.

"We simply can't keep up with renting anymore," a city press spokesperson told parents at the meeting.

 Air Vax -- The Latest mRNA Delivered Into Lungs

Researchers say this "new method of delivery could 'radically change the way people are vaccinated,'" making it easier to vaccinate people in remote areas or those who are afraid of needles


The Democrats are complicit in the jailing and torture of an American journalist.

The last time we saw Gonzalo Lira

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has taken control of several American military bases in Panama and is orchestrating the invasion of migrants that are flooding the U.S. southern border.



Start at 45 secs

Front news film scoop - Kiev escorts reveal shocking message - Saw Zelensky blow a guy during orgy


Globalist control seeps down to the municipal level. Citizens say, no way!
The Human Smuggling Industry

"Over 90 percent of all migrants that reach the EU have used the facilitation services of a migrant smuggling network. These crime networks are taking mass profits from mass migration," he said.

Even the UN admits that 71% of migrations stem from trafficking operations.

Europol's European Migrant Smuggling Centre (EMSC) gathered information on 17,400 new migrant smugglers, in addition to the countless numbers already operating inside Europe. Gangs of smugglers offer "package deals" on Facebook that lure migrants into paying thousands of pounds to reach Europe.
California Senator Dianne Feinstein who Profited Off of War and Govt Contracts Has Died

According to Feinstein's latest financial disclosure in May, her net worth was $69.4 million. Her salary was $164K. Is it any wonder the US is becoming a failed state?


Slovakia May Stop Backing Ukraine War After Populist Election Win

Fico has also said the Ukraine war didn't start in 2022: "I say it loud and clear and will do so: The war in Ukraine didn't start yesterday or last year. It began in 2014, when the Ukrainian Nazis and fascists started to murder the Russian citizens in Donbas and Luhansk."

Reader- I care not what headlines come out about what's coming or going to happen...
But until the WORLD wakes up and does this - ( Save the Country, Shoot a politician...  Save the world shoot a Banker... ) your all fucked !!!!!

It's all just that simple !!!!!

And be prepared for a real December Surprise !!!!!"

 Brother Nathanael has been de-platformed:

We will have to use Web Archive from now on:*/*/

Newsom Fills Feinstein's Empty Senate Seat With Wealthy Black Lesbian From Maryland

BREAKING: Los Angeles School District rescinds COVID-19 vaccine mandate - over 1,000 employees who were wrongfully terminated now await justice


The Prime Minister of Canada is Justin Castro Trudeau, the bastard son of Communist dictator Fidel Castro. The Deputy Prime Minister is Chrystia Freeland, WEF board member and granddaughter of a high-ranking Nazi collaborator who normalized the mass genocide of Jews and praised Hitler

Trudeau Moves to Regulate Podcasts and to Analyze and Track Content and Subscribers


Reader- "Fetterman has been replaced by a double, I have seen videos of his double and he does not look like Fetterman and does not talk like Fetterman and he is not Fetterman, it is amazing that they can pull this off and no one says a thing.

"Starting this October, the department will be dispersing rabies vaccine packets from the air along Tennessee's borders with North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and Alabama."

 Reader- "I live on one of these borders and have for most of my 39 years. we've never had an outbreak of rabies. ever. i've never even known of anyone running into a rabid animal and have only heard of one single person (from a local news article) who died because he put his hand in a bucket with a rabid bat. I'm sure it can happen, but not to the extent that rabies vaccines should be air-dropped on me. wonder what else they've added to these mystery packages.

Reader-"Well, according to the pattern, once this product is released you should start hearing about and/or seeing rabies in your area.

Just curious, why were people who were worried about Trump being a Russian agent not worried about Biden being a Chinese agent?


 We have here everything resonating with our world of today. Debauchery, a deteriorating Imperium, a two-party system keeping the people calm, Khazarian relations etc. 
 Lahaina Homeowners Face Foreclosure (Law Across The Sea)
The American-British project of the new offensive of the AFU - the next stage of the plan to reduce the population of Ukraine

Top ten posts proving COVID is a hoax

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Oct 2 - The West Circles the Toilet Drain"

Jane said (October 2, 2023):

I just saw in your latest post about the rabies vaccines.

Well, by pure coincidence, I had just finished watching the film 'Rabid' from 1977 (I've attached the link). You may have already seen it but there are lots of nuggets dotted through it - especially at 59:53 for about 40 seconds. Then not too long after, a line of people were walking along with vaccine ID badges on - if they weren't wearing one, they were pulled out of the line!

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