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Oct 18 - Zionists are Barefaced Liars & Murderers

October 18, 2023

"Non-Jews are in a human form so that Jews would not be served by beasts. Non-Jew is an animal in human form to serve the Jew day and night."  (Midrasch Talpioth p225L)

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Zionist racism does not end with Palestinians. All non-Satanist Jews and Gentiles are "infidels" to be enslaved or exterminated. This is the logic behind migration, the COVID vaccines, Agenda 2030, and Ukraine. Zionists weaponized Jews by instigating the holocaust. Like the staged Gaza attack, it gave Zionist Jews a license to lie and kill. 

Almost as infuriating as bombing a hospital is blaming it on an "explosion" or errant Hamas missile. These people are congenital liars and gangsters. Antisemitism is a direct consequence of their agenda. The West is in a ZOG prison.

As usual, Israelis refuse to take responsibility for destroying a Gaza hospital

Mass Protests Erupt In Arab Capitals As IDF Blames Errant Islamic Jihad Rocket For Hospital Massacre

The international reaction has been swift, especially from regional heads of state, with Turkey's Erdogan and Jordan's King Abdullah being among the first to condemn the "war crime" and "massacre". Abdullah said no one can be "silent" about it.

Large evening protests have not only erupted in towns across the West Bank, especially in Ramallah, but in Arab capitals from Tunisia to Amman. There are fresh reports that Israel's embassy in Jordan is coming under attack. Large groups of demonstrators have also been seen headed toward the US Embassy in Beirut.
500 Dead
2011--Netanyahu in an unguarded moment is recorded saying "America can be easily moved."

Mike Adams-The Gaza open-air prison is a PILOT PROGRAM for globalist ENSLAVEMENT and EXTERMINATION of us all
The bombing of a civilian hospital in Gaza just killed 500+ Palestinian civilians, mostly children, setting off a wave of outrage and condemnations against Israel from across Middle Eastern nations.

Even the WHO and UN are now condemning Israel for its endless violence against Palestinian civilians, while China (yes, China) is supplying humanitarian aid that Israel refuses to provide under any circumstances.

In Iran, a historic black flag of war has been raised over a religious mosque, indicating total war against Israel and the West. Israel has managed to unite the entire Arab war against the West, and the escalation is reaching insane levels of intensity now.

US embassies are besieged by protesters in Lebanon and other countries, and US military bases in Turkey and elsewhere are expected to be under attack any hour.


Putin condemns US arrogance

This applies not only to President Biden but also to the U.S. political elites as a whole. You must learn to respect others, and then there will be no need to suppress anyone."

Slouching Towards the Final Solution by Pepe Escobar

To top it all up, there's the Pipelineistan angle - as in stealing Gaza gas.

At least 60% of the vast gas reserves discovered in 2000 along the Gaza-Israel coastline legally belong to Palestine.

A key consequence of the Final Solution applied to Gaza translates as sovereignty over the gas fields switched to Israel - in yet another massive trampling of international law.  

Reader---As Bjerknes has documented for 25 years, the Jewish FINAL SOLUTION is a very old Jewish plan to KILL US ALL.
They've been following that scripted plan (under the 100% false cover of fake "prophesy") to the letter for centuries. If not enough people around the globe wake up in a timely fashion, those Jews who are following their own plan to eradicate humanity will EXTERMINATE EVERYONE (while blaming it on the victims).
But, what happens if enough people do wake up in time? Those same Jews planning to genocide the world will try to set off their Sampson Option and take down humanity while blaming it on anyone but themselves, of course.
So, either way, we're yentzed.


The Disaster of Israeli Zionism: The Cryptocracy's Covert Stratagem for the Destruction of the Jewish People

From Tokyo to Dresden, from Beirut '82 to Gaza '09 and '14, those war crimes have been consigned to the lowest region of the Memory Hole. For the denizens of the United States of Amnesia, for whom recalling the identity of who's buried in Grant's Tomb is a tall order, mass murder committed by "The Allies," doesn't register. Arab terrorists -- now there's a meme they can wrap their heads around.

The title has been abbreviated as Torat Ha-Melekh. It was written by Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira in collaboration with Rabbi Yosef Elitzur. It explicitly claims that the life of a Jew is worth more than the life of a non-Jew, and permits the killing of innocent non-Jews, including children. One section of Torat Ha-Melekh teaches that it is permitted to kill non-Jewish infants on the enemy side during warfare "if there is a good chance they will grow up to be like their evil parents."


They're coming for your CHILDREN: California Governor Gavin Newsom signs "anti-parent" law

Children as young as 12 can now be relocated to government-funded "residential shelter services" in California for mental health treatment or counseling related to their gender identity without requiring parental consent or doctor notification.


Anonymous writer exposes MASS MURDER committed by Aussie gov't during COVID-19 pandemic

The Sept. 9 post by the writer under the pseudonym ExcessDeathsAU argued that Canberra's actions during the pandemic were tantamount to democide, the intentional killing of unarmed people. The author allegedly spent months researching the Australian government's actions during the height of the pandemic in the Land Down Under.


Paul Craig Roberts---Israel Orders Its Western Puppets to Ban Demonstrations for Palestine, and the Western Puppet Rulers Obey

"Palestinian NYC Doctor Fired After Posting a Disgusting Remark Celebrating Hamas Savages Slaughtering Innocent Israelis | The Gateway Pundit | by Cullen Linebarger

Reader- "We know the Hoft brothers are Zionist sympathizers (and thus controlled opposition), but still have put out some decent stories in the past, sometimes in association with Steve Bannon, another Zionist. But now their offerings look more and more like out-and-out Mossad-derived propaganda, really strident, "Netanyahu worthy", bent hasbara with decreasing pretense to impartiality or proportionality. The Hamas thing really caused them to show their true colors. And... thanks. Just keep it up. Please and thank you. You are still the best voice out there IMO. And today I feel we are winning. Cheers."


Pfizer quietly admitted late last Friday that the mRNA Covid vaccines do cause heart inflammations. Heart attacks can kill young people, Covid does not-- so why are schools still mandating this?

Don't blame Jews for Israel--Blame Christians!  (who haven't a clue about Jesus Gospel of Love)


Ex-Fox reporter Lara Logan exposes globalists' plan to flood the Western countries with immigrants

"But with grit and determination, you finally start to connect the dots! It's an incestuous club and we are their mind-controlled useful idiot slaves! And we will continue to be their slaves unless we wake up and unite! Unity is their biggest fear as we could stop this lunacy in an instant! But they're invested in keeping us divided and that's how they remain our controllers!

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Oct 18 - Zionists are Barefaced Liars & Murderers"

Kristine said (October 19, 2023):

„Judaism“ is satanic and so is „Zionism”, both are levers in the left-right paradigm of the Hegelian dialectic, conceived in the dark heart of satan himself.

It doesn´t take all that much delving to realize that all religion is serpent worship (Kaballah, the whore of Babylon). Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Catholicism and Islam are all expressions of Kaballah. Just read the Bible, parts of the Talmud and “the revelation of the hierarchy” by Blavatsky and you will discover the truth.

The appellations “jews”, “gentiles” or “goyim” cover up the true identities of the children of Satan (Esau) who still hate and God and His true chosen people (Jacob-Israel). The Great White Throne Judgement will finally reveal the truth. And it will not be much longer in coming.

Doug P said (October 18, 2023):

The Jewish people themselves will one day wake up to an absolute hell, at this point they will know they have won the war against the Gentiles. There is direct evidence of this. Israelis have the highest vaccination rates. If the Jewish people are God's chosen people, how can they be vaccinated? [Depends on what vaccine they got-Makow]

Judaism is communism. Communism is a system that can never work. Mathematically, a large complex system that actually works is not possible. The best examples of complex systems that we understand are the drones we see flying. These involve ten or so variables and specialized chips called flight computers. The behavior of these systems is simple - almost linear and functions involve simple continuous variables. A drone can fly at 23.78 km/hr if required, or turn at .074 rads/ second.

An economy is much more complex and involves many more variables, far beyond anything that can be solved with current understandings. An example of a small complex system that cannot be automated is the human body. An anesthesiologist has to be present during an operation, it's his job to maintain vitals within the parameters that keep a patient alive. It requires years of training and lots of hard math. A huge complex economy cannot be managed this way, too many variables, and they are discrete- you cannot get 2.753 potatoes, only two or three and this creates huge problems. What happens is supply line problems and agents operating them in an environment where authority and responsibility can never match because the system itself doesn't work. This creates unfairness, stress, frustration, and unhappiness for people who do the work. Many starve. On the power end, authority outstrips responsibility (as we have seen with Kovid), these are positions that attract malignant narcissists and they don't give up power, or their thousand-dollar bottles of champagne. Even with the best intentions on the part of rulers, the stress of the workers will still be present.

If the system was dismantled and the economy was set free, relationships from which reliable supplies and manufacturers could re-emerge would take many years to develop.

Karl Marx was an unmathematical dolt or just a con artist. A chicken in every pot is impossible. Communism created nightmares without a supportive free state that could help prop it up.

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