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Oct 16 - Netanyahu Ordered Israeli Military to Stand Down During Hamas Assault

October 16, 2023

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Netanyahu used the Hamas massacre of Israelis as a pretext to do what he has wanted to do for a long time, exterminate the Palestinian people in Gaza. Zionist-controlled West is on board for the bloodletting.  Zionists employed the same strategy during the holocaust: Sacrificing Jews for the New World Order dystopia.

Netanyahu Ordered Israeli Military to Stand Down During Hamas Assault


Encore- Printed plans for Hamas Attack floating around for a year

Israel-Hamas war: Documents details scale of attack planned by Hamas

Biden Admin Gave Hamas $75 Million Days Before Attack

President Joe Biden's administration gave Hamas $75 million just a few days before the attack on Israel and after learning that a terrorist attack was imminent.

The money was quietly funneled to Hamas in a quiet move that was completely overlooked by Republican lawmakers.


Mixed messages-

Biden tells CBS he believes Hamas must be eliminated entirely - World - TASS

Biden: 'Big Mistake' for Israel to Occupy Gaza at This Point

Biden also called for a "Palestinian state" when asked about the elimination of Hamas.


Israeli President Suggests That Civilians In Gaza Are Legitimate Targets

"It is an entire nation out there that is responsible," Isaac Herzog said as Israel ordered 1.1 million Palestinians to evacuate their homes.

Iran says Hamas prepared to release its 199 hostages if Israel stops Gaza air strikes
Iran's Foreign Ministry claimed Monday that Hamas was ready to release its hostages if Israel ceases its airstrikes along the Gaza Strip -- as the number known to have been taken by the terrorist group rose to at least 199.

Iran Says It Won't Enter War With Israel Unless Israel Attacks First


Israel 'gone beyond self-defense' in Gaza, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi says, calls to 'stop collective punishment' | South China Morning Post

Message to the Israeli people from a Muslim

The US is their worst enemy for keeping Netanyahu in power. Israelis despise him.


Dozens of protesters demanding Israel-Hamas ceasefire arrested outside Schumer's NYC home

Martin Armstrong: Western leaders - who are actually fascists - funded the terror attacks in Israel to draw Russia into WWIII

"They needed this war. They knew this was coming and they allowed it to happen. The same thing with 911... They believe that Russia is involved with Syria, Iran, and even Hamas. They're saying some of the most intelligent, sophisticated equipment actually came from Russia." 

Per his sources, the number of weapons that President Joe Biden left behind in Afghanistan could fund the entire war. He also linked these (Afghanistan and Israel conflicts) with the ongoing chaos in Ukraine. "It was the U.S. that instigated Kyiv to attack Donbas back in 2014. The very people, who were caught in Syria gassing Syrians and blame it on their President Bashar al-Assad, have been involved in Ukraine. This has been about creating war," he explained.

Downward Mobility & Life On The Margins

As a result, a great many people will experience downward mobility as the foundations of their financial security evaporate or crumble. Those who need less and control more of their life (the essence of self-reliance) will manage life on the margins much better than those who need high incomes to survive and who control very little of their lives.

Those with robust personal networks, few wants/needs and a wide spectrum of skills will find the margins are sufficient, or they may even thrive in the less structured churn of life on the margins.

'Rules-based order' a smokescreen - Putin
The concept is just a front for bypassing international law, the Russian president has insisted

The colonial mindset remains strong, he noted, with all the US talk of its "exceptionalism," for instance, stemming precisely from it. "That is, when they say that they are exceptional in the United States, it means that there are other people, people of some other second class. How else can we perceive this? These are the rudiments of the colonial mindset, nothing else," he added.

"We proceed from the fact that all people are equal, everyone has the same rights, the rights and freedoms of one country and one people end where the rights and freedoms of another person or of an entire state start. This is how a multipolar world should gradually be born," the president explained.

Resource grab?

The Gaza Marine field holds an estimated 1.6 trillion cubic feet in recoverable natural gas resources.

Israel, Palestine, Hamas, and the Hidden History of the Nation-State

We already hear the angry mantra on repeat. "If you don't stand with Israel, then you stand with Terrorists!" If you are sick and tired of this logical fallacy strawman argument, or if you just simply want to know more about how a small group of Hamas terrorists could successfully infiltrate the most well-defended national borders in the world, then this short documentary is for you. The film exposes something so mind-blowing that many will find it hard to believe. Most especially American Christians. It's up to you to consider the evidence and make your own informed decision.

If true, this film could deliver a fatal exposure to the global elites, who want to establish a one-world government to control all of humanity. If true, this documentary will shine a blazing light on those who have always been hiding behind the state of Israel.


Asha Logos-The Interconnectedness of the Aryan Peoples

This is only part one, of what will be at least a three-part series, charting some of this interconnectivity, and the ties-that-bind the Aryan and Indo-European peoples. 


Christian teacher fired over refusal to teach 'extreme' LGBT lessons to students

BROMLEY, ENGLAND - A Christian teacher was reportedly fired from a Church of England school after the educator refused to teach her pupils lesson plans surrounding "extreme" LGBT propaganda.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Oct 16 - Netanyahu Ordered Israeli Military to Stand Down During Hamas Assault"

Tony B said (October 16, 2023):

Yes, another typical Talmudic mass murder for their social profit. But this one will tank them as the whole world sees the fake plot and why and who put it into action.

This is more Rothschild's last-ditch attempt to have the world fight Russia so that Rothschild's satanic world control can continue, which Russia has already essentially destroyed. Rothschild Satanists world-wide are still running many countries at their top thin line but every day more of those nations' normal people are throwing out the Satanist enslavers. How long will the U.S. continue to allow Rothschild faggots and other perverted Satanists to keep control here? Note that those running body dead Biden sent Hamas $75 million of Americans' money days before this false attack.

Israel is NOT our 51st state, it is the owner of our prostitute government as Rothschild's agent.

Note that ROTHSCHILD IS OVER! Thrashing and kicking in the agony of having been dethroned by once again Christian Russia. If their cabal agents are not thrown out this nation too will go down. It's already "third world" and non-Christian in most areas. God's chastisement is already in progress.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at