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Oct 11 - Israel Gives Itself Permission to Exterminate 2 Million Palestinians (West Applauds)

October 11, 2023

Palestinian rescuers work at the Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip on October 9, 2023, after Israeli strikes

"Israel has a right to defend itself" - People who say this are complicit in genocide. Israel has already exacted revenge. Time for a ceasefire. The Hamas attack was contrived by Netanyahu to justify ethnic cleansing. 

Israelis should Lay the blame where it belongs -on Netanyahu. Obviously, he deliberately sacrificed 1,000 innocent Israelis. His hate-filled policies drove Palestinians to desperate and deplorable acts. 

Satanist Jews like Netanyahu have been sacrificing Ordinary Jews for a Long Time

"Burnt Offering" - Satanist Jews Sacrificed Ordinary Jews



Gaza 'will soon be a tent city' says Israeli official as IDF launches 250 airstrikes in one hour into 'Nest of Terror' and 'infantry, artillery and 300,000 reservists' mass on the border 'ready to execute' ground offensive

An Israeli defense official told Channel 13 News that Gaza will become a 'tent city', as the country's defense minister said he has 'released all restraints.'  It comes as IDF spokesperson said troops and artillery are close to Gaza in preparation for a ground invasion 'to execute the mission we have been given.' 

British are arming migrants with AK-47 Machine Guns?

Comments are dismissive but there is one puzzling discrepancy. He says he runs a B&B but it is obviously a hotel capable of housing 250 people

A male migrant of military age told his Uber driver that he is employed as a soldier by the United Nations.

Israeli Peace Activist Shai Danon Tells Icke He's Interviewed Israelis In Military "The Border Was Crossed at 16 points by Trucks, Tractors, 10 Settlements Ambushed--Israelis Feel "Stench Of Betrayal"
Calls Those Running The Operation a "Sabbatean Cult" That Takes Orders from the Club of Rome, with population control as the goal, and says Israelis are FINALLY beginning to get it.

Explosive information-listener- "At 46 min into this conversation: Could this be why the military-aged (immigrants) men have been flooding the western countries, as sleeper cells? I always thought it strange that the plandemic was so severe and yet so many from these countries, where the (immigrants) came from, weren't given the jab. So they'd be fit and healthy to be the UN Army when the time came? So much deception, so much chaos!"
Israeli soldier recalls indiscriminate killing of Palestinian prisoners

Israel takes its last breath"

With this title, the Jewish newspaper "Haaretz" published an article by the famous Zionist writer (Ari Shavit), in which he states:
"It seems that we are facing the most difficult people in history, and there is no solution with them other than recognizing their rights and ending the occupation"


Gaza: Over 1,000 buildings destroyed, 123,000 displaced
Israel's bombardment of Gaza in response to a surprise attack by Palestinian militants has dealt a significant blow to civilian infrastructure in the enclave, with more than 1,000 buildings completely or partially destroyed.


Blinken deletes social media post calling for Israel-Hamas 'cease-fire'

'Israel doesn't care about collateral damage': Bunker busters used in Gaza
Israel has used bunker busters to target Hamas in Gaza's tunnels, which are also a lifeline for the besieged strip. was contrived by Netanyahu et co.


Orthodox Jews demonstrate against Israel

Dr. Francis Boyle gives an excellent interview on Palestine and IsraHELL:



NBA player has sued his insurance for $40 million after refusal to payout for his myocarditis injury


Scott Ritter- Israel is reaping the whirlwind

Ritter says Israel is broken. There will never be peace until Israel is humbled militarily.
Windsor (CT) High School football player, 15, dies after practice.

Satanist Jews are responsible. Ordinary Jews are sacrificed.
An Israeli child has died three years after appearing with his father, who is a pediatrician, in a government film informing children that they have no choice about whether to take the COVID vaccine when it becomes available.

Tragedy: 8-year-old featured in COVID propaganda video dies after cardiac arrest
Child and puppet convinced children there's 'no choice' about jabs, quarantines, masks, distancing, tests 
BOMBSHELL: Major Cities Are Now Uninhabitable Due to 5G Radiation Taken overlooking the Toronto downtown core, producing a reading that was 19,000 times over the safe limit!

Using the Trifield Meter -- a device designed to measure RF radiation-- RF levels across various neighborhoods of Toronto were investigated.


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Oct 11 - Israel Gives Itself Permission to Exterminate 2 Million Palestinians (West Applauds) "

Joe said (October 11, 2023):

To get this war started, Netanyahu pulled back Israel's security forces, let the Hamas break down the fences, charge into Israel, and kill Israeli civilians for several hours before taking any action. This effectively stopped the Israeli protest against Netanyahu's fascist government. I doubt that Netanyahu and the Jewish elites he works for will ever be brought to justice. But this is not the first time that Jews have killed Jews. Elite Zionists let their fellow Jews be murdered in WWII. I read the book, Perfidy by Ben Hecht, and I was physically sick for a month

rh said (October 11, 2023):

These people are nuts. They drag all of us down with them.

Now I feel I know why the "JewBelong" signs popped up along roadsides here in the area. I felt something was afoot at the time (about three weeks ago). Was it to prepare us Goyim for the Israeli slaughter of Palestinian Semites and agree it must be done????

You know this already:
"If we return to the original meaning of Semitic, it is difficult to call Palestinians and other Arabs anti-Semitic, since they are themselves Semites. Palestinian Arabs oppose the state policies of Israel that deny them legitimate human and civil rights and the right to a state."

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