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Oct 10 - Jews and Muslims in Genocidal Death Duel

October 10, 2023

(Hamas supporters rip up Israeli flag in NYC)

9-11, COVID, and now Gaza are proof our governments are prepared to sacrifice their citizens in order to achieve globalist objectives.  Netanyahu calls the Gaza attack, "our  9-11 moment."  Like 9-11,  Gaza was perpetrated by the zionists. Netanyahu is planning a genocide that will be 'remembered for eternity.' This genocide will extend tensions between Jews and Muslims to the streets of the West. The constructive course would be to declare a cease-fire immediately, save the hostages, and negotiate a two-state solution. 

Radical pro-Palestinian mob wearing face coverings destroy Israeli flag in NYC, screaming 'we're going to kill them all!' and blaming the Jewish state for provoking Hamas' terror attacks which have left at least 900 Israelis dead

Pro-Palestine and pro-Israel crowds gathered in Manhattan on Monday for the second day in a row
A group of pro-Palestine activists, their faces covered by keffiyehs, ripped up the Israeli flag
'We're going to kill them all! You better leave our country!' yelled one Palestinian, and a pro-Israel man yelled back: 'They all need to die now!'


Mike Adams- Things are escalating very rapidly in the Middle East, as Israel has now announced a siege warfare tactic against 2 million Palestinian civilians by cutting off their food, water, electricity and fuel.

This means 2 million Palestinian civilians will now face imminent starvation, sickness and disease, with sewage running in the streets, hospitals blacked out, and children woman and the elderly suffering horrifying deaths while under kinetic bombardment.

Israel's actions are leading to rapid escalation and involvement from other groups and nations, including Hezbollah, Lebanon and Turkey. Iran may soon be involved as well, and Turkey is warning that if the USA gets involved, Turkey's military will side with Palestinians.

PJW---Violent demonstrations by Arabs make UK Jews Feel Unsafe

NYC Mayor Eric Adams warns of attacks on American Jews 

David Livingstone - Israel Created Hamas to Avoid Peace

"Undermining the peace process has always been the real target of Hamas and has played into the political ambitions of Likud.  Every time Israeli and Palestinian negotiators appeared ready to take a major step forward in achieving peace, an act of Hamas terrorism has scuttled the peace process and pushed the two sides apart."
Russ Winter --Bibi Netanyahu (BN) has stated that "this is just the beginning" and that all locations that can be connected to Hamas will be ruined. Echoing his belief in collective punishment Bibi called Gaza an "evil city" and promised an island of ruin. Additionally all supplies, electricity, food and water has been cut off.

The specter of a ground attack into Gaza is in play as hundreds of tanks and several hundred thousand troops are in position. It is problematic just how successful this will be in urban warfare with the Palestinians bunkered and in tunnels. Hamas has 40,000 fighters in Gaza. Hezbollah in the north has thousands of drones and 40,000 rockets.

BN further advised occupants to leave. Leave to where is the question. The most likely escape from Gaza is the Egyptian border which at the moment is closed. As the destruction of Gaza accelerates the refugees will pile up at the border.

Egypt itself is in very poor financial condition to deal with several million refugees. Curiously Egypt was downgraded to junk in the days before the crisis. No doubt many of these Palestinian refugees will make their way to Europe and the US. An additional wildcard is Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Norman Finklestein compares Gaza attack with Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

"They were born in that concentration camp and they were never able to leave," he told our Arno Rosenfeld in an interview, referring to Israel's two-decade-long blockade of Gaza. "What are you supposed to do?"


The COVID 'KILLING FIELDS' of Canada (Trudeau), of Ontario during COVID under Premier Doug Ford (Jason Kenney, Alberta), where Ontario nursing homes were turned into extermination centers 

Lavrov Says UN Charter Should Become Foundation for New World Order

Lavrov-- "Only if international law is observed, "will humanity have a chance to overcome the harmful legacy of the unipolar era," the Russian foreign minister stated, adding that preparations for the UN Summit of the Future planned for 2024 would show how everyone was realizing their own as well as collective responsibility for the destiny of this world.
The top Russian diplomat also said that responsibility for the current crisis in international relations lies with Western powers, which are pursuing an "aggressive and self-serving" policy."

The UN is world government Communism. Proof that Russia is part of it.  This is an internecine Masonic fight.

German Conservatives Triumph In Two State Elections In Blow To Scholz

In a harsh blow to the leftist coalition led by Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Sunday elections in the German states of Bavaria and Hesse brought victories for center-right opposition parties, along with gains for a right-wing populist party.  

Reader--"Attached is a photo of my mother at 90.  She was in good health and as you can see, looked a lot younger than her age.  Even doctors were amazed.  She could have easily made it to 100 or more. Tragically, she didn't listen to her children and had the Moderna jab behind our backs.  We just found out she had three.  We became worried when all of a sudden she began to lose weight.  She ended up losing 50 lbs. and complained of pains all over her body.  Her body could not retain liquid and she became a sack of bones.  We had no idea what was going on, since at the time we didn't know she had been vaxxed.  Doctors as usual, were baffled.  Eventually, she began having chest pains and difficulty breathing.  She was finally diagnosed with myocarditis.  Unfortunately, doctors couldn't do anything for her.  She was then put under hospice care and died shortly after in her own home."

Military support is on standby for counter-terrorism duties as more than 100 Metropolitan Police officers have handed in their permits to carry weapons in a protest for fear of prosecution for carrying out firearm duties.


Janice Fiamengo reviews Barbie

"Watching it is a leaden but useful reminder that feminists really are this self-destructively stupid, and really do want to destroy "patriarchy," by which they mean masculine freedom, self-respect, and leadership. They no longer even pretend to value equality.

"Keeping men in check means shielding them even from images of patriarchal (meaning competent, self-directed, masculine) men: Ken runs amok only after seeing a world (the "real world") in which men are allegedly respected merely for being men, one of the more risible feminist lies in the movie. Feminists have never understood that men earn respect. But in the feminist vision, any possibility that men may perceive themselves as essential to their society--and as owed acknowledgement for the goods they bring--must be suppressed. Only women are essential."


Man is crowned Miss Portugal: Two males now set to compete in Miss Universe pageant



James Perloff- "An Oligarchy Controls America"--Fact or Conspiracy Theory? PowerPoint History of the New World Order

James Perloff has just published a public PowerPoint presentation he recently gave, extensively covering the modern history of the New World Order (Deep State), from the Panic of 1907 and creation of the Fed and CFR, through the various wars, consolidation of media, 9/11, right up to the WEF, COVID and "Climate Change" agendas. The presentation is intended to "red-pill" the "blue-pilled.


Time Lies Presents- Greatest Swabs Vol 15

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Jews are victims of Zionism

Israelis have no more say in what their government does than we do.

She was a peace campaigner and probably supported a 2-state solution



Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Oct 10 - Jews and Muslims in Genocidal Death Duel "

VM said (October 10, 2023):

There is no war between Jews and Palestinians.

There is a war of a satanic elite against the Jews and the Palestinians... they enjoy dividing to reign...
War is vertical.
Until we understand this, we will all be driven by this ideology, this anti-human egregore when instead we must arm ourselves with a single ideal, that of the natural right of the human family to live in dignity and peace in our common home, planet Earth.

"The constructive course would be to declare a cease-fire immediately, save the hostages, and negotiate a two-state solution."

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