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Mike Stone - Learning to Love War

October 22, 2023

"Are you proud and willing to "stand with Israel," while the United States goes right down the toilet?

"I can have you not only calling for war against your fellow human beings but hating and foaming at the mouth at anyone who opposes such senseless slaughter.

by Mike Stone

Step right up, folks! I've got a war for you to support!

Are you single-minded, double-masked, and triple-jabbed?

Do you watch CNN or MSNBC and think you're getting real news?

Are you forty-years-old and still living in your parents' basement?

Are you twenty-five years old and thousands of dollars in debt for fraudulent student loans?

Is your hair dyed blue, green, orange, or purple?

Are you queer?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then I've got just the war for you. Send me fifty dollars and I'll send you a flag of the Ukraine to hang from your window, along with a personally autographed picture of Volodymyr Zelensky, playing the piano with his penis.

You can virtue signal to all of your friends how much you hate Russia and how you stand firmly in support of child trannies, homosexuality, and New World Order dominion over Europe. Send your fifty dollars today!

But wait, you say you're not any of those things? You say you're not a purple-haired, CNN-watching degenerate, living in Mom and Dad's basement? Very well, how about this:

Do you sit like a drooling retard in front of the television and watch Fox News?

Do you listen to "conservative" talk radio?

Are you a fan of Dennis Prager or little Benny Shapiro?

Are you a "Christian Zionist," the oxymoron of all oxymorons?

Are you proud and willing to "stand with Israel," while the United States goes right down the toilet?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I've got an even bigger war for you. Send me a hundred dollars and I'll send you a life-size cutout of a stone-throwing ten-year-old Palestinian boy for you to use as target practice. It works great for both your dart board and shooting range. Better yet, I'll include a life-size cutout of a young Palestinian woman, holding a child in her arms for you to take shots at. She doesn't deserve to live, so give it to her between the eyes! Her baby too!

Don't you see? It doesn't matter what your race, political affiliation, or religion is. You can be "liberal" or "conservative," straight or gay, Republican or Demonrat. None of that matters, because I have a war for you to support and become emotionally unhinged about regardless of any of those things. 

I can have you not only calling for war against your fellow human beings but hating and foaming at the mouth at anyone who opposes such senseless slaughter.

Learn to Love War

Pay no attention to Henry Makow or Mike Stone. They are no different than our long-ago nemesis Smedley Butler, because they love humanity and long for a world of peace and happiness. We want the opposite. We want you hungry for rape, killing, and murder. We want you rooting for war.

Do you hate Republicans with a passion? Support the Ukraine in their losing war with Russia!

Do you loathe leftists and Democrats? Support Israel in their slaughter of the Palestinians!

Are you suffering from a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome? Support both wars! Fly your flag of the Ukraine next to your flag of Israel!

We Own You

Do you understand now how "reality" works?

We control what you think and everything you believe. You are like putty in our hands.

You say you are against war, but all we have to do is show you how the Democrats you hate are calling for peace in the Middle East and we can have you salivating for the murderous deaths of every Palestinian man, woman, and child.

You claim to belong to the party of peace, but with only a mild comparison of Vladimir Putin to President Trump we can have you screaming for the deaths of all Russians, perhaps even volunteering to fight in the war yourself as so many foolish Americans have done. All of them now dead, buried, and forgotten.

You see, it was never about war. It was never about truth. It's was never about anything other than your own weakness and your refusal to control your own mind.

We own you. We control you. And if we want war we'll not only have war, we'll have you loving and supporting it.

Now, tell me who you are and who you hate, and I'll give you a war to support!

Mike Stone is the author of Teen Boy's Success Book: the Ultimate Self-Help Book for Boys; Everything You Need to Know to Become a Man And A New America, a dark comedy set on Election Day in 2016:

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Comments for "Mike Stone - Learning to Love War"

IN said (October 23, 2023):

Here is what I think about the Israel war. We know for a fact that an extremely important meeting is coming up next year. Think it is in September. This type of session only comes in one generation or so.

The globalists were planning to launch World War 3 before this year using Iran. We know that Iran has contemplated using all their proxies on Israel one day in a single devastating attack before the world had time to react at the UN. Iran would have used Yemen, Hezbollah (north of Israel), Syria, and Hamas. This devastating attack (at least I think) would have led to nations siding with the Iran axis and defenders of Israel. Hence World War 3.

Hamas not knowing the full plan jumped the gun and attacked on October 7. Not that we should support them any more than we should support the Brownshirts and ISIS. Note how the globalist controlled media turned against Hamas, but then others in the globalist networks realized that maybe we still need them. So now the coverage against Hamas is neutral and even friendly.

Clearly the globalists do not still want Hamas terminated. The plan could still be on for World War 3 this year or early next year. After that next year, the special UN meeting that conspiracy theorists have been looking forward to will meet and globalist agendas will be implemented.

A list of Iranian spies in the White House revealed from a hack from Iran's computers. Less than a minute:

James said (October 22, 2023):

Mike Stone is right on the truth of the matter and so was Col. Smedley Butler USMC so many years ago.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of males in the United States have their heads up in the wrong place

So the crap they breathe pollutes their brain so they cannot comprehend truth from fiction.

So, it is what it is.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at