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Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger - WHO's Program of Genocide is Unfolding

October 1, 2023

(left, Astrid Stuckelberger) 

 WHO is A Psychological Terrorism Organization

All governments - more than 190 national governments, have all been coopted, corrupted coerced, and outright threatened - if they do not go along and lie to the people who elected them, they will be cut off financially.

For courageously speaking out ... the University of Geneva terminated her. 

WHO is ... the entry to their - the Beast's - biotech neuro-weapon which is the so-called injection vaccine - and they want to roll out untold thousands of new types of vaccines, billions to be administered over the coming years - a perpetual program, feeding into the UN Agenda 2030 - to help accomplish the "17 Sustainable Development Goals" (SDG).

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Here are some of the key points Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger made during a BOMBSHELL interview with Mike Adams

The first paragraph of the preparedness on pandemic prevention response, refers to the constant and repeated danger of covid and covid-related pandemics... triggering an eternal fear, as covid has been enshrined in the brains of the people as THE potentially death-bringing pandemic and danger.

They are generating constant fear with something that didn't even exist, that has never been analyzed scientifically, never been isolated in laboratories, nor with the instruments of WHO -- it's always about infections, because you cannot see them (the viruses), and people do not know.

WHO along with the (bought) media is a psychological terrorist organization.

Under the new declaration WHO is becoming a permanent fear campaign mechanism, with the overarching worldwide tyrannical authority to demand "preventive" quarantine even against the policies of individual sovereign countries, and they are implementing them enforced by police and military - which country governments must obey, under threat.

But, says Astrid, "the Beast is losing power, because we are becoming more conscious, waking up and resisting.


The revised IHR and the Pandemic Convention - yes, it is not a treaty, as it will be adopted, not even voted on.

That is the imposition by the UN-sponsored, or imposed by the US. The IHR / Pandemic Convention will be adopted by the WHA in May 2024, without a vote. And during this UNGA 2023, WHO and its public (mainly the White House) and private (mainly the pharma-industry) sponsors are asking for the blessing of the UN; and "they" received the blessing of the UN.

Australia is already training their police and military to enforce mandated vaccinations - ramming in doors of family homes and making sure that schools comply with the vax orders.

They want to get rid of children for depopulating the world - and of course of elderly people, who are not contributing to the economy, but using state money [that they contributed to] for living in retirement (pensions) - whom Klaus Schwab's Israeli adviser, Yuval Noah Hariri, calls, "useless eaters".

That is why former President Trump has already said, that if he is reelected President, he would propagate homeschooling.

WHO is run by McKinsey Consulting - Dr. Stuckelberger has seen the contract - and by the bought media.

They, "the Beast", will invent a public emergency, either "natural" or a plandemic of a monster epidemic, to spread fear and lock people down.

They are rolling out a plan, to lock people down, they want the vaxx back - it is already visible from the media.

Three major corporate media outlets control the world:

AP = American Press;
AFP = French Press; and Reuters.

They are paid to lie. They cannot be believed, but they distribute their news to all local mainstream media, which must report almost verbatim the going narrative.

We must create our own counter-media - like what you are doing, referring to Mike Adams and others, to spread the truth and let people know what is going on.

They - "the Beast" -- are doing whatever they can with the help of the governments, which are no longer YOUR governments. Today's governments across the globe are coerced to do what "the Beast" wants them to do, either by buying them or by threat.

They will create anything to maintain the level of fear, even the plague is a possibility.

All they need to do is create a fake disease in one city, and then declare it a pandemic - and all that comes with the pandemic -- lockdowns, ramming in doors for forced vaccinations also in schools, a fear-based tyranny - where people will obey.... But will they? 

Then they are going to use their real weapon, either by vaccine or in the hospitals, like in NY, where they incubated people... until they died.

Or using 5G. 5G can be directed into the brain of people, paralyzing individuals, or programming them, à la Klaus Schwab's transhumanism, digitized, robotized obeying transhumans.

With 5G they can do whatever they want; 5G is not only emitted from the endless antennas around the world, but also from street lamps, or other items you least expect, and don't know; possibly also through your TV set.


"Vaccination" - people will be injected by a binary weapon, that can be activated by remote signaling... through 5G, maybe soon to come 6G.

This is made possible through graphene oxide in people's bodies [those, who have been vaccinated] - who were injected with the false covid vaxxes, some of which contained graphene oxide, a highly electro-magnetic sensible substance that will react to the 5G micro-waves.

Pfizer's Bio-n-Tech vaxx = bio nano tech, or bio neuro tech...and mRNA - a computer program -- "mode" RNA - will make humans highly vulnerable to 5G. As humans, we are bio-electromagnetic, electro-encephalogram - making our brains vulnerable to 5G manipulation.

Astrid Stuckelberger: "Hacking the mind is at the center of what is going on."

Dr. James Giordano: The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future 


The "Havana Syndrome" is one of the brain manipulations - that first appeared in 2016 in the US and Canadian Embassies in Havana, Cuba. Since then, the syndrome has occurred in many other places - in Beijing, Moscow, Serbia...

We humans emit waves - "love waves" as well as "anger waves" - our moods are expressed in electromagnetic waves.

Controlled opposition talking about viruses, COVID, mRNA, PCR-test, the vaccination that all may come back... that is their plan - the Beast's plan, the perpetuation of an absolute fraud.

Mike Adams: "We are seeing the complete perversion of science which will destroy the credibility of science and medicine. - There is no isolate of SARS-Covid-2, has never been - it is a total fraud."

"While the next plandemic is being rolled out - and more and more people are being victimized by this fraud - genocide is unfolding in front of us."

We, the People, cannot let that happen; we must win this war. These are the paraphrased final words of Astrid Stuckelberger - "We are gonna have a tough wave of time now, this may last for 6 months a year... who knows. So, take good care of yourself. If you are knowledgeable, you are better prepared for what may come - and take care of the elderly and the kids. I am worried about the children. They are gonna go after the children..."

"There is already a warning: in Norway, they must vaccinate all the young people... Take No Vaccine whatsoever, they are trying to sell you all sorts of common vaccines - don't take them, they are all fake mRNA vaccines...."

Ending on a positive note:"I think we are protected for what we are ...."

Watch the full interview below.


Dennis Francis, president of the UN General Assembly (UNGA) has arbitrarily approved the UN declaration on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response without submitting it to a full assembly vote.

The WHO has confirmed the transition towards a digitalized totalitarian state at the world level. 

"This declaration aims to form a global pandemic authority that has a range of disturbing powers, such as the ability to enforce lockdowns, push for universal vaccination and censor what it deems "misinformation."


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Comments for "Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger - WHO's Program of Genocide is Unfolding"

Doug P said (October 2, 2023):

The very root of all of this, or the thing that makes it all possible is that there are people such as Freemasons, attorneys, judges, health experts, accountants, and likely almost all the professions, who believe that they both are and should be above the law.

This is due to their imagined wisdom - in the case of freemasonry, they lack the wisdom of a ten-year-old child who has watched old Walt Disney cartoons that warn the children against signing open-ended contracts or contacts with the devil.

Their greed for power and money exceeds their common sense. These people are the clever devils that CS Lewis warned us about. They are not to be admired or respected, their foolishness should induce only laughter or sadness in an enlightened public.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at