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Sept 7 - Frozen Veggies Recalled Due to Listeria

September 7, 2023

They recall vegetables while poisoning us and our children with deadly vaccines and suppressing news of their toxic effects. This is an example of the cabalist cognitive dissonance prevailing today. 

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Frozen peas recalled -Frozen vegetables sold at Food Lion and Kroger are being recalled

A brand of frozen mixed vegetables and sweet corn sold at Kroger and Food Lion is being recalled because of potential bacterial contamination.

The Food and Drug Administration announced this week that Twin City Foods, which packages the affected food, is "voluntarily recalling a limited quantity" of the frozen vegetables because there's a "potential for these products to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes."
Elon Musk Reveals 'Extremely Powerful' ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt Sought to Shake Him Down For Donations
In memory of those who "died suddenly" in the United States and worldwide, August 29-September 4, 2023
Musicians in the US (4), Mexico, Peru, Argentina, UK (2), Germany, Hungary, Italy, Tanzania, Russia (2), and Vietnam; cops in US, Canada, UK, Poland, Italy, and Indonesia; coaches in US, Italy; & more

Alex Newman --The Deep State's vision for a New World Order is rapidly advancing through the new mechanism known as BRICS, with each of those BRICS governments and regimes serving as an anchor in a broader regional government.  This regionalism is just an interim step on the way to globalism, according to a strategy outlined by people like Henry Kissinger and Klaus Schwab. 

Late last month, the governments of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa met in Johannesburg for the BRICS summit. They are working quickly to increase trade in their own currencies and roll out central bank digital currencies on the road to potentially setting up a BRICS currency. These are major developments on the road toward the New World Order, Alex warns.

Tucker on Obama-- ´╗┐Methinks Bathhouse Barry gots some s' plaining ta do!

 "There's obviously a major push to take down and completely discredit Obama (which should have occurred before he became president). Tucker has a massive following, much greater than the lamestream legacy MSM. His recent Trump interview reached 227 million viewers within the first 17 hours. Speaking of 227 million viewers, that number sure dwarfs the purported 83 million votes Biden received in the 2020 election.  Now, do you understand why the Democrats are doing everything in their power to disqualify Trump from running in 2024? The 227 million number also tells you another pretty obvious truth, that the Democrats have totally lost the consent of the governed."


z-peanuts guns 0002.jpg
Gun sales across the United States reached over 1 million for 49 consecutive months, according to new data even as the Biden administration tries to crack down on firearms.

EXCLUSIVE: Freedom Truckers' lawyers say the trial of Tamara Lich, Chris Barber is about Canadians being 'shamed and vilified' for protesting Trudeau's Covid lockdowns
"It is the government and the police authorities that should be answering questions about why they chose to stand against citizens rather than with citizens."

When asked if a guilty verdict for Lich and Barber would produce a chill on protests in Canada, Chipiuk responded, "It already has. I hear all the time that people are afraid to stand up because they don't want to be made an example of like Tamara and Chris. This is not good or healthy in a free and democratic society."

More cognitive dissonance-
At Trump's inauguration, we saw an "insurrection" from the left. Why weren't they charged with terrorism?

Essentially they are criminalizing the democratic process

stalin-hitler-branco.jpegBREAKING: DOJ Prosecutors Seek 120 Days in Prison for Owen Shroyer for Speaking Out Against Stolen 2020 Election - A Speech Crime

Steve Kirsch----US Nursing home data shows clearly that the COVID vaccines were a disaster for the elderly; they increased the risk of dying from COVID
I'm going to drill into more detail on this analysis of the CDC "gold standard" database which shows that the vaccines were a huge failure. There is no way to put a positive spin on this.

Trump closes the barn door after the horses have fled

Trump addresses vaccine adverse events, says Big Pharma needs to immediately disclose all safety data
Connecting the Dots: 1991 Lecture by Don Fletcher at USC (This lecture ruined his life and put him in prison where he died in 2004)

Connecting the Dots FULL How the Financial World Will Collapse 1991 Lecture at USC by Don Fletcher

If you go to around 32 minutes in, you will see how this pissed off a lot of people working for the government at the time. He makes it very clear how government and ESPECIALLY the finance system is a scam.

I suspect he knew this would happen but spoke out anyway. They found a way to throw the book at him for some really obscure stuff. He even mentioned this sort of thing when he talked about the life of Marconi (radio inventor for Italy). The gov threw Marconi in a mental institution for his radio experiments because they knew it would disrupt other industries.

MICHEL CHOSSUDOVSKY---The COVID-19 Vaccine Applied at the Level of the Entire Planet. It's a Criminal Undertaking
To save lives, it is important that the COVID-19 vaccine be canceled and discontinued worldwide, without delay

"What Is the Impact of the COVID-19 "Vaccine" at the Level of the Entire Planet?
How does it affect humanity's population of 8 billion people including newborn children as well as the unborn?

I have examined the data at a World level. It boggles the mind. Over a two-year period starting in mid-December 2020, more than 12.9 billion vaccine doses were administered across 184 countries (Bloomberg, September 21, 2022, see graph below). Emanuel Garcia rightfully says that the "evidence is there. It is overwhelming".

Tulsi Gabbard  - The truth is whatever Satanists say it is

This must end


On the ground in SanFrancisco--it's worse than we thought

How do you take land that is fully inhabited by wealthy litigious jerks? You allow blight to go unchecked for decades. You allow criminals to have reign in depressed areas and hamper the police with threats of litigation leaving them unsure about what actions are supported. You allow a heavy PR campaign to highlight how broken the city is. All of this to make people and businesses move out.
John O'Looney Full Interview August 2023

COVID vaccines are killing people
It is 100% true that we are not looking at the real Joe Biden on TV.

Biden's Family Admit He Died and Was Replaced by an Actor in 2019? (Video)


 Makow " The goyim have gladly volunteered to collaborate in their own extinction."

Reader comments- "Superb observation. It expresses the ultimate Christian lunacy.

Their presumed divinely chosen Jewmasters have a very terse response to that lunacy. " You can't fix stupid "; where "stupid" pertains to [ intelligence ] and it does not pertain directly to [ IQ ] . The Jewmasters have always viewed White Christians, who have an above average IQ [ not intelligence ] among people of the world as dumb cattle.  Why?

White Christians are predominantly descendants of at least ten thousand years of rural cultures that go way back into Europe.  The jew masters are predominantly descendents of cosmopolitan cultures that go back several thousand years.

Rural cultures are and have always been, until perhaps very recently since 1913 or later, normally apolitical since they had very little or no need for politics or political discourse.  The rural way of life is normally much simpler than cosmopolitan ways of life. 

The Jewish masters, unlike Whites, practically invented politics in order to establish and maintain dominance among large groups of disparate peoples in cosmopolitan regions. High-IQ indigenous Jewish cosmopolitans apparently are an evolutionary result of having to compete against others for social benefits ( such as good-paying jobs, good places to domicile, social goodwill, and more ).
In other words, a powerful non-political cultural tradition makes Christians appear as dumb as cattle in view of their Jewmaster's agendas to dominate and enslave them; and a commensurate noncritical childlike acceptance of their NT instructions establishes a religious foundation for serving up Christians on a silver platter for enslavement to their divinely chosen jewmasters whom will gladly dispose of their practically looney sheeple when they are no longer needed to help secure the jewmaster's dominion.

Christian ignorance of certain worldly realities makes them virtually suicidal in view of historic Judaic agendas."

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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