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Sept 28 - Social Breakdown in America?

September 28, 2023

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The Communists are unleashing criminals to advance social breakdown. They did the same thing in Russia in 1917. And when the money runs out, many migrants will also turn to crime. "You will own nothing and you will be happy." 

This story about yachts being plundered seems to epitomize the future.

Yacht And Houseboat Raids ROCK San Francisco Bay Thanks To Biden's Border Policies

Burglaries targeting yachts and houseboats in the Oakland-Alameda Estuary have surged, prompting comparisons to the pirate movie "Captain Phillips."

The thieves not only steal valuable items but also sink the ships or discard the remnants of the plundered boats in the Oakland Harbor or along its shorelines. Dan Hill, a resident of the 800-foot waterway, estimates that each attack costs owners thousands to tens of thousands of dollars.

Mike Rivero: "The globalists promised the world to immigrants who would simply walk across the border, and for a while, it was a great deal. But cities, states, and the nation have run out of money for illegal immigrants, so they are turning to crime."


America's Democrat-run cities about to go full Mad Max

Mike Adams-"Police will declare "no-go" zones, and criminal gangs will send raiding parties to rural areas to hit grocery stores, farmhouses and rural retailers, looking for food and supplies. Today I also interview Celeste Solum about synthetic biology, 5G activation and scary new human hybridization technologies that will make your skin crawl.

An engineered BANK BAIL-IN RESET will wipe out America's middle class and spark WIDESPREAD CIVIL CHAOS

What Life Is Really Like In America's Hellish Inner Cities

"All over the United States, major cities are descending into a state of chaos.  Every day, more migrants come pouring through our wide open borders and arrive in our inner cities, and many of them end up joining gangs or selling drugs." 

Homeless camp pops up on a Beverly Hills sidewalk as homelessness spills into the wealthier areas of California
PJW - Structural racism in America will not be eradicated until all the expensive athletic gear is looted

US Gov Shutdown Looms Sunday


Leo Hohmann--Globalists Have Another Shock Event Planned in Pursuit of the 'Four Ds': Digitization, Dehumanization, Destruction and Depopulation

2024 will make 2023 look like a walk in the park but we can make it through the storm if we hold onto our humanity and faith in God

"The convergence of multiple red-alert warnings is staring us in the face, all pointing to a major "event" of some type in the upcoming weeks or months. Whatever it is, this new catastrophe will hasten the collapse of the old world system, a collapse of economies and political structures that is already underway, paving the way for the Great Reset or, as some call it, the New World Order. I call it the beast system."

Fidelito admits he didn't see the bigger picture, yet Canada continues to bankroll Nazi-Zionist Ukraine

Martin Armstrong--"Obviously, Zelensky did not apologize or discuss the connection between the Nazi Party and current branches of Ukraine's military. Justin Trudeau humiliated himself here. Canadians see that he threw Rota under the bus as a scapegoat for the whole incident, and no one respects a person incapable of accepting blame. The video will live on in the archives of the internet and everyone will remember the day Trudeau and Zelensky saluted and cheered a Nazi."

Rota Resigns - Scapegoat for Trudeau

"Speaker for the House of Commons Anthony Rota has resigned after embarrassing Justin Trudeau and Canada as a whole. Rota invited Yaroslav Hunka, former 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS, to speak to the Canadian Parliament to impress Zelensky. The video of Zelensky and Trudeau giving this former Ukrainian Nazi a standing ovation is circulating the internet.

"Trudeau had the opportunity to vet this individual before he arrived in Parliament. He is equally as responsible as Rota, if not more so, since he is the man in charge. Justin Trudeau has refused to recognize the role he played in this debacle. However, he did note that this was an embarrassment for all of Canada, especially amid the Jewish holidays.
Mark Trozzi MD

Here is an ultimate and organized library to empower research, back up lawsuits, support criminal charges, or effect political change. It's also abundant proof for anyone who is still buying the "safe and effective" claim but is willing to look at the evidence.

Musk Says COVID Shot 'Almost Sent Me to Hospital,' Says He'd Go to Prison Before Firing Workers for Refusing Jab

Elon Musk said he'd rather go to prison than fire employees for refusing the COVID-19 shot while revealing he was nearly hospitalized after getting the vaccine.

"How many other people out there have symptoms that are actually from the vaccine or Covid treatment, rather than Covid itself?" he asked.

"There's a growing body of data suggesting that COVID-19 vaccine side effects are more serious than previously claimed.
There have been reports linking spike-protein-based COVID-19 vaccines to skin problems, a dull ringing in the ears known as tinnitus, visual impairments, blood clotting, and even death.


Actual Scientists who have gone deep into these toxic jabs, exposing what they are doing to our body and more importantly, our God given identity. They take the pieces of what we've already seen, assembling them into a bigger picture, making a clearer image of their overall agenda. Pieces like the magnetic properties of the poison.


Texas deploys MORE BUSES to transport ILLEGAL ALIENS to already-strained sanctuary cities

"President [Joe] Biden's continued refusal to secure our border allows thousands of people to illegally cross into Texas and our country every day, the governor said. "Until [the chief executive] upholds his constitutional duty to secure America's southern border, Texas will continue to deploy as many buses as needed to relieve the strain caused by the surge of illegal crossings."

Must see if you haven't already-



The goyim die young

Calgary Flames assistant GM Chris Snow, 42, suffers catastrophic brain injury

They are always suffering from something else to distract from vaccine damage.

Boyzone's Shane Lynch: 'The music industry is Satanic'


Alex Newman --Central Bank Digital Currencies: The End of Privacy As We Know It

Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are coming at us like a freight train. How can you fight back and defeat the globalists? Here is the answer...The movement to kill cash, digitize all transactions, and harness them in an international, globalist, government-controlled central bank is a direct threat to national and individual sovereignty, privacy, and, ultimately, our liberty and way of life.

"There are 79 colleges in the US still mandating COVID vaccines when there should be zero just like the rest of the world. Do Not Comply!" No College Mandates posted on X.

 "Because the coercive nature of college vaccine mandates completely disregards students' individual freedom and right to bodily autonomy, we strongly believe that these mandates are unconstitutional, unethical, unscientific, and undoubtedly contributing to the psychological distress and the staggering rise in mental health issues among young adults. Institutions of higher learning which impose vaccine mandates do not uphold the very civil rights and liberties they teach and purport to vehemently defend."

Women want to be possessed by their man, says a woman
It's not a club. It's a family!

Maui Coincidences Typed Out

Coincidence is the story, right? Isn't it strange that the same police chief in Maui is the same one who was the incident commander during the Las Vegas massacre? You know, the one that killed 58 people?

Isn't it strange that the properties owned by millionaires and billionaires weren't even touched by the flames but the ones of the locals were just all simply, destroyed? 


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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