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Sept 26 - Menendez's Cash Hoard Symbolizes Congress Corruption

September 26, 2023

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Most US Congresscritters are multimillionaires when they only make a $174,000 salary. If Americans were serious about democracy, campaigns would be publicly funded, and donations banned. You could do this for less than the cost of a stealth jet fighter but responsible government is not an American priority.

"Menendez, who indicated he would not resign ... offered an explanation for the $480,000 in cash prosecutors said was found in his New Jersey home, "much of it stuffed into envelopes and hidden in clothing, closets, and a safe." Menendez maintained that the money was his and that it had been earned legitimately.

"For 30 years, I have withdrawn thousands of dollars in cash from my personal savings account, which I have kept for emergencies and because of the history of my family facing confiscation in Cuba," he said. "These were money drawn from my personal savings account based on the income I have lawfully derived over those 30 years."

It was a difficult defense to accept at face value. Menendez kept $480,000 in cash, just in case of an emergency.  He also didn't explain the gold bars the FBI found in his house. As was the case on Friday, the more Democrats had an opportunity to hear Menendez's side of the story, the more support he lost.


Schiff Secured Funds for Defense Giants While They Funded His Campaigns.

Adam Schiff, a U.S. Senate hopeful and powerful Democrat member of the House of Representatives, directed millions in taxpayer dollars to major defense firms who backed his Congressional campaigns. 

Congresscritters are multimillionaires

South Carolina Professor finds 200 billion pieces of DNA contaminating a single dose of Pfizer's COVID injection

This DNA, in my view, it could be causing some of the rare, but serious, side effects like death from cardiac arrest.

"This DNA can and likely will integrate into the genomic DNA of cells that got transfected with the vaccine mix ... we do this in the lab all the time; we take pieces of DNA, we mix them up with a lipid complex like the Pfizer vaccine is in, we pour it onto cells and a lot of it gets into the cells.  And a lot of it gets into the DNA of those cells and it becomes a permanent fixture of the cell.  It's not just a temporary thing.  It is in that cell from now on and all of its progeny from now on and forever more ...  So, that's why I'm kind of alarmed about this DNA being in the vaccine. It's different from RNA because it can be permanent."

Swedish reader--"Yesterday evening, the same day you posted my view on the Swedish situation, there was a bombing just about 2 km from my apartment. I live at Hässelby, a suburb of Stockholm infested with a lot of immigrants. The controlled media (80% owned by the jewish Bonnier family) have invented a new word, in accordance with George Orwell's 'new-speach', calling the areas the immigrants take over for "vulnerable areas". I.e., with the meaning that we Swedes should be indoctrinated to think of the immigrants as vulnerable. The norm in Sweden is that you have to feel sorry for the perpetrator, never for the victim."

Antisemitism charges swirl after Putin denigrates Zelensky's Jewish roots

This war isn't about Nazis. It's about Zionist world supremacy. 

MOSCOW -- Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier this month let loose a fresh tirade against Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who is Jewish and many of whose relatives were killed by the Nazis.

"The Western masters," Putin told Russian television, growing visibly angry, "put a person at the head of modern Ukraine an ethnic Jew, with Jewish roots, with Jewish origins" to cover up "the anti-human essence that is the foundation ... of the modern Ukrainian state" and "the glorification of Nazism."

Didn't we tell you?

Mayor Adams named 'Master Mason' in secret Freemason ceremony at Gracie Mansion

Mayor Eric Adams and city Police Commissioner Edward Caban were inducted Master Masons in a secret ceremony at Gracie Mansion Saturday that was left off hizzoner's public schedule.

The Prince Hall Masonic Temple -- also known as African American Freemasonry -- posted the photos of the event on its Facebook page over the weekend and celebrated Adams' ascension.

"Brothers and Sisters, today we held an occasional Grand Lodge with the Grand Line officers and Brothers for the first time in history at Gracie Mansion," the post read. NYPD Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey was also "raised" as a Master Mason during the ceremony.
The Prince Hall Masonic Lodge has multiple connections to the NYPD."

Makow - What can you expect when you put a Satanic cult in charge of everything? 


Alex Newman - Living Under China-Style Globalism: A Warning

WEF Founder Klaus Schwab said that China is a "role model for many countries." But the Chinese model is one of tyranny, collectivism, and totalitarianism that must be rejected and exposed.


Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister of Canada vilified and castigated and excoriated Canadians, called Canadians who questioned lockdowns & the fraud mRNA COVID vaccine 'nazis'; he terrorized Canadians. Now he honors Nazis. Which is it? 

Dan Andrews, responsible for one of the world's longest and harshest lockdowns, has resigned:

Memories of the Melbourne Gulag -


Ford Abruptly Halts Construction on Much-Touted $3.5 Billion EV Battery Plant

Ford Motor Co. is halting work on a $3.5 billion plant in Marshall, Michigan, that would make batteries for electric vehicles.

The announcement came after the automaker in July projected its EV unit would lose $4.5 billion this year, about 50 percent more than initially expected, and that it was slowing its plans to increase EV production, according to Reuters.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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