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Sept 25 - Migrant Gang Wars Terrorize Sweden

September 25, 2023

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Organized Jewry (Rothschild central banking cartel) and its rent boy Freemasonry are achieving their goals of destroying white countries and replacing their populations. 

Swedish police are now warning that they will never be able to stop the gangs.

Peter Sweden-"Something really bad is happening in Sweden right now, and most of the mainstream media is refusing to report on it because it's not politically correct. Police chief Jale Poljarevius is warning that the situation in Sweden now is the most dangerous since WW2.

So far this year, there has been over 110 bombings. That's one bombing almost every other day. We went from having the lowest number of shootings in Europe to having the highest number of shootings in Europe. Imagine that. Just 20 years ago, Sweden was one of the safest countries in Europe. Now we have the most number of deadly shootings, bombings, and rapes in Europe. Sweden has one of the highest number of reported rapes in the entire world. We have over 60 no-go zones, some of which police describe as "lawless areas".

From a Swedish reader- "Sweden had a large police reform some years ago. They kicked the professional police chiefs and exchanged them with women and woke police as chiefs. The gangs (almost all imported immigrants) are in a war about drug districts. You can't be convicted in prison under 18 years old in Sweden, so the gangs use teenagers for the shootings and bombings.
The Swedish people are in a very slow process of waking up and understanding reality, but most people as yet tend to use the controlled mainstream media for their news (indoctrination). So the process with a steady escalation of immigrant-related violence will continue, with more killings, with more bombings, with more car burnings, etc.
We got a new government a year ago, that a lot of people set their hope on, but to no avail. Almost nothing has been done by the new government to stop the import of Muslims, beard-childs from Afghanistan, Arabs, Afrikans, and people from other countries. Sweden now has over 10 % Muslims and the total number of people with some kind of foreign aspect, is about 1/3 of the population. There is a figure mentioned sometimes (I believe it's from EU statistics) that Sweden now has imported 800,000 analfabets (mostly from Somalia).
So, when will the situation change for the better? As people find it extremely hard to 'make up' the situation has to be much worse before we can anticipate any change for the better. A big problem here is that the people tend to have too large trust in the state and politicians. Sweden has not been in a war for 200 years, so we do have not the ancestral memories of bad times here, as for instance, our Scandinavian neighboring countries have.
Aug.1, 2023, Italy - 36-year-old anesthesiologist Federica Stroscio died suddenly on Aug.1, 2023, after being diagnosed with a terminal cancer less than 12 months ago. She was at least triple COVID-19 vaccinated.

TURBO CANCER in Doctors - Young COVID-19 Vaccinated Doctors are developing aggressive Turbo Cancers - 54 doctors and their tragic stories

Diana Ploss---Recently, I was shown a video created by a Northern Ireland gentleman and sung to the tune of the 'Sound of Silence'.  It begins like this..."Family and friends of yours and mine were stolen long before their time..."

Take a listen here:


"THIS IS IT! Most People Have No Idea What Is Coming" - Douglas Macgregor's Last WARNING

Viewer--"Thank you. I have been following the death count and was wondering when Ukraine would pass 400k. Amazing that it was just 300k not that long ago. And the USA has just crossed $125B to Ukraine. Amazing"

They knew. They know. They always do. We pretend not to.
A CDC FOIA on blood clots and heart damage from COVID-19 shots reveals its early awareness. The essence of 'intent' is foreknowledge. But at a certain point, personal responsibility must engage.
Widowmaker. Two fatherless children

Pilot Death - Alaska Airlines Pilot 37-year-old Captain Eric McRae, based in Seattle, died suddenly on Sep.23, 2023 in his hotel room during a layover

See the long list of pilot incapacitation and deaths 

The U.S. is in the throes of a total financial collapse, followed by the Mark of the Beast - WATCH as Jeffrey Prather explains

The banking system is a house of cards. 

White Woman Wins Zimbabwe Beauty Pageant, Will Represent Country In Miss Universe

Finally some diversity for non-whites
This makes sense if Nazis were a Zionist creation

Canadian Parliament Gives Standing Ovation to Man Who Served in Waffen SS

Organized Jewry is replacing the white populations of the West

The CEO of British Telecom giant BT is reportedly firing some 1,100 overwhelmingly white employees in rural East Anglia with the intention of replacing them with non-whites from major cities in order to "boost diversity" and potentially pocket a £220,000 bonus for hitting "diversity targets."


The newly established office will be led by Retired Air Force Major General Paul Friedrichs, left. 

Bill Gates' "Catastrophic Contagion Exercise", The SPARS Pandemic Scenario 2025-2028, Decade of Vaccines (DoV)

The US has created a permanent new pandemic agency called the Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy in anticipation of future pandemics and the Decade of Vaccines. President Joe Biden has appointed a retired Air Force general to take charge of spearheading the project.

Macron Says France Will Withdraw Troops, Ambassador from Niger

The comments show France is backing down from its hardline position on the military junta that ousted Nigerien President Mohamed Bazoum. Macron previously strongly backed threats from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to intervene militarily if Bazoum was not reinstated and rejected demands for the French ambassador to leave Niger.

Apparently, Michael Hoffman has written a history of Freemasonry

Who's Behind Covid? Brave Citizen Lays It Out At A County Health And Human Services Committee Meeting - Watch

Study: 34% of children put on transgender puberty blockers end up becoming mental cases
The pool of those evaluated was only 44, so the sample size is small. Still, a good number of the kids, who ranged in age between 12 and 15, suffered greatly after being prescribed these poisons to become trans.

Did you know that back in June, the Biden regime unveiled a new "Pride" seminar for children that teaches young ones to take puberty blockers and mutilate their bodies to become transgenders as a celebration of "Pride."


BFM TV: leaving Russia cost European companies €100 billion

After stopping work in Russia, 176 European companies suffered losses totaling more than €100 billion, reports BFM TV. Oil and gas companies were hit the hardest, followed by financial institutions, and the industrial sector rounded out the top three.

Eight schools in the French-speaking part of Belgium, Wallonia, were attacked by arsonists or otherwise vandalized in recent days. In six cases, the attacks were linked back by the authorities to protests against the parliamentary approval, on September 7, of a decree making two-hour sessions on "sexuality, relationships and emotions" compulsory during the sixth grade of primary school and the fourth grade of secondary school, due to tags including the word "Evras" found on the buildings, appearing to "sign" the attacks.
Adidas CEO Apologizes to ADL's Greenblatt for Saying He Doesn't Think Kanye West is a 'Bad Person'


WEF's Green Energy Scam Exposes 23 Million People to Toxic Waste - The People's Voice

The demand for mining for minerals needed for electric-powered car batteries has polluted 500,000km of rivers and destroyed over 16 million acres of farmland.

Lyndon B Johnson on Weather Control - YouTube

Gonzalo Lira

Exclusive: American Citizen Journalist Sitting in Ukraine Prison, State Dept. Confirms, as Biden Begs for Billions More to Protect Ukrainian 'Freedom'
 While lawmakers on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. debate sending billions more in military aid to Ukraine, an American citizen journalist, Gonzalo Lira, is languishing in a Ukrainian prison on allegations of spreading Russian propaganda, throwing into question the status of free speech in the supposed democracy the Biden administration argues is worthy of more taxpayer dollars.

Hollywood Writers Reach 'Tentative' Deal With Studios After Months-Long Strike
No deal has been reached yet for the actors.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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