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Sept 24 - Florida Surgeon General Says COVID Vaccines are Poison

September 24, 2023

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Confirmation that the Communist-controlled Western governments are deliberately killing and maiming their citizens
and the MSM is covering it up.  Please send accounts of people you know who had adverse reactions to the vaccines.

Joseph Ladapo, Florida Surgeon General: "NOBODY Should Take a COVID Shot...These Are Terrible Products That Absolutely Shouldn't Be in Human Beings"

Lapado advises against COVID shots for ALL age groups: "We don't recommend it for people under 65 but we don't encourage it for people over 65 either"

"It's not a product, based on its safety, that ANYONE should take"
After 2 vaccines you start to produce the igG4 antibody which can disrupt your immune system

3 vaccines+ (booster) increase your igG4 levels 500 fold, igG4 increases from 0.04% to 20% of the antibodies you producing which shifts your immune system dramatically. You no longer produce igG1 and 3 anymore which handle cancer surveillance


INTERVIEW - The Highwire with Del Bigtree - Turbo Cancers with Dr.William Makis


"The first UN Declaration deals with pandemics and the next one with having governments seize control of healthcare under the guise of providing "universal" healthcare. Also adopted by over two dozen Western governments was a call for more online censorship. Finally, a declaration vowed to redouble efforts to impose the Agenda 2030 "Sustainable Development Goals" (SDGs).


Doctors and nurses injured by COVID-19 mRNA vaccines - 10% are injured, 7% severely, 2% unable to work - Long COVID is being blamed. UK, US, AUS govts are buying their silence - 6 recent articles

Survey of 603 doctors with "Long COVID" shows 20% no longer able to work, 50% have lost income


Ed Dowd Makes Chilling Prediction on How the COVID Conspirators Will Cover Up Their Crimes

"These crimes are so horrific [that] I think ... once this comes to light, there'll be no place to hide on the planet, in my humble opinion."

"And when we get to a critical amount of people, the anger will be such that the politicians will understand that something's changed, the regulators will start to worry, and we'll start to see something -- or an event that will cover it all up."

John Kaminski- Maui and 9/11 Email Published: Thursday, 14 September 2023 18:31 Premeditated mass murder, sandbagged investigations and deceptive explanations

What kind of government kills its own citizens to further its own corrupt political objectives? Possibly the correct answer is ALL governments, but for certain, one undeniable answer to this all-time important question is the U.S. government.

How many false flag atrocities do you need to see? How many lame explanations do you need to hear? How many innocent people do you need to see put in jail for telling the truth or lose their lives for being in the wrong place at the wrong time? American politicians have no qualms about killing their own people.

The data is out on the CV19 bioweapon vax, and it is crystal clear it did not help a single person.  In fact, the CV19 vax is causing massive death and disability, and it will continue for years to come. 

Catherine Austin Fitts (CAF), left, Publisher of The Solari Report, financial expert and former Assistant Secretary of Housing (Bush 41 Admin.), says, "I said literally on the first day way before they had a vaccine, I said don't worry about Covid, worry about the injection.  I said that immediately because I could see it coming.  The goal of this thing was to get people injected.  The other goal was to steal a huge amount of assets, which they did quite successfully.  

"The reality is you can't navigate this unless you can face what it is.  It's not a mistake, and it's not a betrayal.  Somebody is trying to kill you, and your job is to figure out how to make sure they don't.  You have to reorganize how you manage your time and how you manage your money where you have disaster capitalists coming at you and can make money from killing you."

You don't want to eat lab-grown meat.  "Pharma Food" is one of the most frightening reports we have ever written.  We don't like to scare people, but you need to see how much money is going into creating the capacity to feed you things in a million years you would not want to eat.  This is serious.  They are trying to build complete control of the food system.  This includes delivering you food out of a manufacturing plant and not out of a farm."

CAF goes on to say "If we can sustain ourselves with barter,the financial transaction control won't work.  That is why food is so critical.  You have to control food because if you control food, you can get financial transaction control. . . .  If you look at the venture capital investments, it is absolutely illogical for them to spend this kind of money for a consumer product nobody wants."  CAF says what could happen is the demonic powers might mandate you eat their factory made "Pharma Food."  This is why CAF is pushing everybody to get serious about growing and procuring real food without corporations and Big Pharma getting between you and your table.

CAF also talks about the Fed, Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), the Fed meeting in Jackson Hole, the razor-accurate destruction in Maui and how to fight back and stay alive in a world where people are dreaming up ways to kill you for cash.


Beware of nations, states, corporations, or groups offering benefits that require digital ID: You are entering a 'covenant with death'

Max Igan The Reset of Our Civilization - Inspired

"Any time you comply with something you know is wrong, you are giving away part of your soul."

Prof. Ian F. Akyildiz,--"These Covid Vaccines Are Nothing More Than Bio-Nano Machines, They Are Programmed And Then Injected Into The Body"

Thomas Globig was a meteorologist at Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR) for 20 years. During the premiere broadcast of the new show "Lagebesprechung AUF1," the meteorologist expressed his critical views on climate hysteria for the first time on television. In the round, Globig explains how the weather is misused for scaremongering.

"In 1911, there were temperatures of 38 degrees and more in Germany. Nobody called for a heat lockdown then. The high temperatures have always been there," Globig says.

Over half of deportees ordered to leave Canada are still here

After Canada's chief public health officer Theresa Tam told Canadians that they should get their masks ready for the fall and to also take the new Moderna booster jab, Harrison Faulkner hit the streets of Toronto to ask Torontonians if they would follow Theresa Tam's newest guidelines.

Viewer--"I took the Moderna vaccine 2021 and got shingles which lasted over a year  my health has been totally affected

"Hold these demons to account.


UK and Russia held SECRET Negotiations in Vienna, New York during the War. Open Channels.
Attorney Gen. Ken Paxton: 'Secretive' Texas Court Has Blocked Me from Prosecuting Voter Fraud
In an interview with Blaze Media's Glenn Beck, Paxton said that the state's elections are being threatened by district attorneys who will refuse to bring charges against those who commit voter fraud in 2024.


Russia today got 'casus belli' for declaration of war against NATO.
Sputnik News seems to have been one of the first media to publish the news.
Russian Reconnaissance Team Destroys Leopard Tank in Special Op Zone With Fully-German Crew

Russian Reconnaissance Group Destroyed Leopard-2 Tank With Fully-German Crew - Report
Ask yourself...Of All the People in the World, Why Would they appoint Marina Abramovic to be an ambassador for Ukraine?
TPTB are blatantly rubbing evil in our faces, they are now confident that we will not stand up against the evil that they are using to take over.

If you had told me 15 years ago that literal evil is taking over our governments and unelected bureaucrats of the world I would have called you crazy. Now I am confident that is the case.

Making a satanic installation. Look who they put in charge of schools.

Gavin Newsom Delivers Blow to Transgender Agenda with Late-Night Veto

Moreover, a court, under existing law, is required to consider a child's health, safety, and welfare when determining the best interests of a child in these proceedings, including the parent's affirmation of the child's gender identity," he wrote. "For these reasons, I cannot sign this bill."

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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