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Sept 21 - Canadians Protest Child Sexual Abuse in Public Schools

September 21, 2023

(The disproportionate representation of Muslims shows they are the kind of immigrants Canada needs.) 

Ottawa: Massive Protests Against Trudeau's Trans Agenda With Islamic Canadians At Forefront: "Leave Our Kids Alone!"

Trans Agenda No Longer Sacrosanct; Trudeau Protected By Police In Building Swarmed By Protesters. Will This Be What Breaks Trudeau's Reign?

Canadians by the tens of thousands took to the streets Wednesday morning in the 1 Million March 4 Children demanding more parental rights in classrooms.

In Ottawa, St. John, Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton and Calgary, along with numerous other Canadian cities, people took to the streets in marches organized by Canadian Muslims.

NDP leader Jugmeat Singh headed a counter-protest in Ottawa, standing behind a rainbow flag.
Gender Wars In Canada: Government, Media Against The People
Government, Media, Academia: FOR; General Public, Parents: AGAINST.

A protest group called 1 Million March 4 Children says participants across Canada are "standing together against gender ideology in schools." In British Columbia, gender indoctrination refers to the teaching of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI). programs in public schools.

Can't these Leftist assholes see that the "hate" is corrupting children?  Typical Cabalist tactic- they wage war on you. Resistance is "hate. "

B.C. Premier David Eby posted a letter on social media that raised concerns about the planned protests while denouncing "hate" toward LGBTQ communities.

"It's upsetting and distressing to see misinformation and disinformation used to attack some of our most vulnerable children and youth," he wrote.


Four-year-olds at an Alert Bay, British Columbia school were reportedly given this homework assignment on touching their private body parts. The worksheet asks students to draw pictures of places in their homes where they can masturbate privately


Alex Newman -UN Summit Pushing "Masterplan for Humanity" Happening NOW in NYC

The United Nations is scheming right now to overthrow national sovereignty at their Sustainable Development Goals 2023 conference in New York City. It is time to pull the U.S. out of the UN!


Alexis Bugnolo - W.H.O. not waiting for Nations, move to establish Global Digital Health Passport

Dr David Martin's Brilliant & Definitive 24 Minute Demolition of the WH.O. at the EU Parliament on Sep. 13, 2023

Dr David Martin's Brilliant & Definitive 24 Minute Demolition of the WH.O. at the EU Parliament on Sep. 13, 2023 

Will Set a New Standard of Intolerance & Disdain of an Abhorrent, Evil Criminal Enterprise, Motivated - from Its Beginning - by Profiteering & Genocide ~ Martin: "We MUST Destroy the WHO"

The WHO - with its pursuit of ever more power and increased funding - is the central driver of "pandemic emergencies" as well as the undemocratic shift of political decisions to unelected, supranational organizations that can no longer be held accountable by us citizens.


DeAnna Lorraine Talks with Proud Boys After Given 20+ Years Sentence in DC "Show Trials"

Lorraine DeAnna interviews Enrique Tarrio and Ethan Nordean ~

Ken Adachi--"This is the most shocking case of corrupt, Kangaroo Court Railroading of innocent people in America that I've ever heard of in modern US  history. These sort of "trials" were common in the Soviet Union which routinely sentenced and convicted non criminal people for fabricated "crimes" of thought or intention or non-compliance into a lifetime of prison or gulag servitude because they did something that irritated the communist Jewish commissars who were running the show and had total power over life and death of anyone they wanted to focus on. The judge, in this case, is chosen to play the role the Deep State expects of him; as does the prosecution. The fact that the jurors could convict these guys with 20-year prison sentences for having done NOTHING, tells you the WHOLE story. Corruption on EVERY level of jurisprudence is now Full On in America. We are witnessing the Rebirth of the Soviet Union  "Show Trials" within the United States. This is more than troubling. This is the very dissolution of the Rule of Law and Fair Play in the Deep State federal courts now being manipulated by bribed traitors and communist fifth columnists.

There was a time when you thought it WAS NOT POSSIBLE to be railroaded into prison with a 20-year prison term for simple things like Jaywalking, for instance. But the Rule of Law no longer exists in Demon Town, DC. We MUST stop this slide into a Communist Gulag Conviction Machine in the DC federal court system. 

Tamara Lich - Freedom Convoy organizer lists the egregious betrayals of the people by their Communist-controlled governments during the lockdowns. We have suppressed these painful memories but they need to be remembered and the perps brought to justice. 

Was singer "Prince" murdered for opposing the Cabalist Jew World Order? 


"Poland will no longer arm Ukraine to focus on its own defense," Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced just hours after Warsaw summoned Ukraine's ambassador related to a fresh war of words and spat over blocked grain, according to the AFP. Warsaw has throughout more than a year-and-a-half of the Ukraine-Russia war been Kiev's staunchest and most outspoken supporter.

Will this massive and hugely significant about-face mark the beginning of the end? Are peace negotiations and ceding of territory in the Donbas inevitable at this point? 

Within the last 48 hours relations between Poland and Ukraine quickly spiraled to their lowest point since the Russian invasion, and it is directly related to Warsaw leading a handful of EU countries to extend a grain export ban on Ukraine, amid continuing anger and outrage from Polish farmers who are suffering due to their country being flooded with cheap Ukrainian wheat.

Crucially, Poland will hold parliamentary elections on Oct.15. The prior atmosphere of enthusiastic pro-Kiev rhetoric has drastically changed, now with comparisons likening Ukraine to a "drowning man". As The Associated Press explains:


WORLD AT WAR---Ukraine Suspends Trans Spox Sarah Ashton-Cirillo Over Threat to Assassinate 'Russian Propagandists'
The decision followed a public spat between Ashton-Cirillo and Ohio Senator JD Vanc


BRICS is part of the plan to reshape the world economy; it was launched decades ago by Goldman Sachs

"So, I think potentially, what we're looking at [with BRICS] is actually the passage of moving. And it's looking like an organic shift and it's looking like a break of all structures - but actually, my thesis is, the deglobalization and this shift to other countries are part of the agenda."

Frontex: Only 8% of EU's illegal migrants were women last year

For years, critics of mass immigration have noted that most of the illegal migrants coming to Europe are fighting-age males, in sharp contrast to the majority of women who came from Ukraine when the war broke out. In addition, the vast majority of these males are economic migrants who are not fleeing war or persecution.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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