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Sept 16 - "We Have a Pandemic of the Vaccinated"

September 16, 2023

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Despite conclusive evidence that the COVID "vaccines" are toxic, our traitorous Communist governments continue to foist them on us and our families. It takes a special kind of stupidity to take vaccines from people who advocate depopulation. The mass media is the dog that didn't bark a warning because it is complicit in mass murder.

CV19 Vaxed are Sick Superspreaders - Dr. Betsy Eads

"There is no new pandemic. Covid 19 was never proven to exist. In fact, it's a bioweapon. It's always been a bioweapon. The variants are bioweapons. The variants are in the shots."

Now, the evil murderous Deep State globalist monsters have a fresh CV19 psyop.  They are pushing a new round of deadly and debilitating injections. The real story is the CV19 vaxed are the real problem, and we have a "pandemic of the vaccinated."  There is new evidence that the CV19 vaxed are the "superspreaders" of sickness and disease. 

Dr. Eads explains, "There is no new pandemic.  Covid 19 was never proven to exist.  In fact, it's a bioweapon.  It's always been a bioweapon.  The variants are bioweapons.  The variants are in the shots." 

The World Health Organization is "all in" on the next fake pandemic.

Former W.H.O employee Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger is here to detail her findings of contaminants like graphene oxide inside mRNA shots.

She also found heavy metals, parasites, nano circuitry, and radio frequency identification.


image (20).png
Baby dies right after 5 vaccines, only a few months old


Professor Fukushima Addresses 'A Tremendous Crisis' of Vaccine-Related Harm
"...I dare say murder. We could say that a massacre has occurred. This is more like a holocaust caused by a bioweapon."


The fascist Canadian Government stood out in its hatred & tyranny against those deciding to remain unvaccinated with a deadly COVID mRNA vaccine; 'Declares the Unvaccinated To Be a Danger to Society'

Canadian government under Trudeau waged a wage against the Canadian people during COVID & it is ongoing, a war against humanity! What's planned? Concentration camps and gas chambers?

You had a choice??

Helena Glass- Military Industrial Complex Unraveled & Exposed

"What we can extract from these NGO affiliates is that nongovernmental means stakeholder governmental.

"It means the power shift has already occurred.   It means that as we pull back the red curtain of OZ, they are being forced to come out of the shadows.   It means that the entire Biden Administration is a hoax.   And all of the 15 cabinets overseen by the US President are fronts administered by incompetent, corrupt puppets.   It means every one of these NGOs is an affiliate/partner within the World Economic Forum and Wars have all been preceded by the Western creation of incited chaos to support the Military Industrial Complex.

David Martin -  We must destroy the WHO and prosecute all the perpetrators. Justice is the cure. 

Thursday, Dr David Martin delivered this fast-paced accurate testimony. He included evidence from 1913, through to the recent years and the execution of covid-19. Covid-19 is a criminal act, done by a criminal institution, which was established to enable criminal behavior, since its foundation in 1947. These accusations are strong, but the evidence is overwhelming and unequivocal. If we are to have any hope of a free and healthy future, we must destroy the WHO and prosecute all the perpetrators. Justice is the cure. 


MOUSE MEDICINE: Newly approved COVID jabs only tested on mice - just EIGHT of them - and NEVER in humans

"These updated boosters will be the first released to the public without any humans involved in the clinical trials, raising questions from some about the efficacy," Newsweek's Nick Mordowanec writes.


L.A. Built a Licensed Tent City for Its Homeless - At Cost of $44K Per Tent
The tent village is only temporary and will eventually become the site of a new affordable housing development

Uncensored: Embalmers WORLDWIDE Confirm White Fibrous Structures - Major Tom Haviland

"My father, against my insistence not to, got several covid jabs. When he died, I point blank asked the funeral director if they found white fibrous clots in the corpse when they embalmed him. Yes, the funeral director said, confirming that they were inside my jabbed/boosted father.

From the comments :URGENT****This week in NYC is the UN summit meeting on sustainable development. Sept. 18-19. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss accelerating actions to meet the 2030 deadline. This is our opportunity. All the evil ones gathered in one place. We must get to NYC and disrupt this meeting with a major protest. The UN is the building we need to enter. They can't call it an insurrection because the UN is not a government entity and those attending are not elected officials. It's time folks. We could end this this week. Our time is now.

"I'm just your average person who watches these platforms like all of you to learn what's going on to our country and world. I have no platform, no followers. I need alt media influencers to get info on this UN meeting this week out to the people and organize a protest. We cannot let this opportunity slip by. If we do then we'll deserve everything they're planning for us because we stood down and did nothing to stop them.

Holy Fuck! The Government just admitted that the previous batch of Jabs no longer works. Despite them claiming if you get it will protect everyone.

Commie book burning

Canadian Schools Dump All Books Printed Before 2008 Because They Aren't Woke Enough

"This year, I came into my school library and there are rows and rows of empty shelves with absolutely no books," said student Reina Takata, who just started Grade 10.

Takata added that up to 50 percent of her school's library books are gone."

Kiev orders closure of Christian churches
Ukrainian Orthodox Church property is being seized over "ties to Moscow"


Warnings! Invasion of the U.S. is about to get worse coming from Panama

They are out to kill you

FDA Refuses to Change Anti-Ivermectin Statements After Court Ruling
Anti-ivermectin statements made by the FDA are not being changed, even after an appeals court ruled against the agency.

"Ukraine's counter-offensive has been a total failure" Col. Douglas MacGregor

MacGregor says Ukraine is out of men and is out of time. He also says Russian President Putin is facing pressure at home to launch a full 300,000-soldier attack instead of his hold-back approach which is currently bleeding Europe and NATO dry. 

"As an Irishman, I don't think I have ever been as disgusted with my own government as I am hearing that the Irish State has agreed to extradite the Ukrainian men who are here. And I've been mostly disgusted with my government my entire life.

DEW used in Maui- Proof


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Sept 16 - "We Have a Pandemic of the Vaccinated" "

Al Thompson said (September 16, 2023):

I wouldn’t give my dogs any more vaccines let alone a child. Listen, vaccines are a diabolical scam that we’ve all been subjected to since childhood. There is no benefit to vaccines on any level and they should all be stopped. People who promote vaccines are like murderers. Anyone who supports vaccines is just plain evil.

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