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Sept 14 - Satanism Normalizes Sickness & Ugliness

September 14, 2023

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Zyahna Bryant is hired by Dove to promote 'FAT liberation'

Satanism overturns the natural and moral order. This is the real Communist meaning of "revolution." Satanism is the inversion of all spiritual ideals - justice, love, grace, truth, and beauty.

We are in the fight of our lives. This is literally Good Versus PURE Evil! They are erasing the difference between the two.

What Should We Do About the Powerful Israel Lobby?, by Philip Giraldi - The Unz Review

"I for one can only say "Thank you Mr. Musk and it is only regrettable that no one did anything against an organization dedicated to spewing hatred directed against many Americans while also seeking to deprive an entire nation of constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech. 

"Famously, President John F. Kennedy tried to compel AIPAC's predecessor organization the American Zionist Committee for Public Affairs to register under FARA, but he was assassinated before that could be accomplished. He also was seeking to block Israel's nuclear program, which has suggested the obvious conclusion about how and why he died.

RFK Jr. Telegraphs Threat To Abandon Democrat Party

People are using CASH in the UK than at any other time in the last decade.

"Whatever the conditioning tells you. Digital currencies are NOT feasible. Humans need something physical in their hands. Something to look at, touch and hold. It's innate.

"My point is, they can create all the CBDC's they want. They won't take off. Just like it failed in China it will fail here. The Chinese CBDC is a complete failure. Hardly any uptake.

"We must do EVERYTHING we can to assist with that failure when it comes to The West too.

"It's an inalienable right for human beings to CONVERSE in private and to conduct BUSINESS and make CONTRACTS in private. If I make a contract with YOU no one SHOULD ever find out about it ever. That's the whole point of private contracts LOL. These people are trying to mold your thinking of what is sovereign to us.

"The government has no place encroaching on our private business. They work for us we don't work under them."


Boycott stores that only accept cash or leave a huge order on the counter when they refuse your money

British champion bodybuilder dead at 34: 'Absolutely shocking'
Neil Currey competed in Mr Olympia last year

NY Gov. Kathy Hochuls Delivers Devastating News for Vaccinated: "It is Literally a New Vaccine, It is Not a Booster Shot..." Old Vaccine is "Not Protecting You 


'EV house of cards collapses' - The Inevitable EV Implosion - 'The most ill-conceived government policy objective in modern history

Did they truly believe everyone would tolerate spending hours to charge their vehicles rather than the minutes they were accustomed to?

Car dealers are resisting further deliveries of EVs because of swelling inventories. Avis and Hertz can't even get people to rent EVs!

Yet, manufacturers are ramping up production just as consumers are balking. Something will have to give, and soon. EV makers and their shareholders will tire of pouring money down a rathole

5G REMOTE KILL VECTOR: Science Paper Reveals Cell Phone Signals Can Activate the Release of Biological PAYLOADS From Graphene Oxide Injected Into the Body
"... it is plausible but not proven that vaccines + 5G cell towers could be exploited as a depopulation weapon system..."


Rothschild Admits ESG Failure As Globalists Shift To "Inclusive Capitalism" Agenda

It is typical for globalists to re-brand their projects whenever they get exposed as a way to throw the public off the scent. However, I don't think this tactic is going to work anymore. Researchers are locked onto the ESG dynamic and changing the name will not help the establishment avoid scrutiny.
Mark Trozzi MD-Yesterday Twitter suspended our account. More than 10,000 Twitter followers began the migration to join our larger audience who subscribe to our newsletter and follow us with no interference at 

Here are the details of Twitter's notice of suspension, and my concise video response (under 2 minutes) that I hope you will post on Twitter:

Exposing COVID crimes, pursuing justice, restoring human rights, re-establishing the rule of law, and providing vital health information for everyone, especially victims of the COVID-19 injections; all must continue, regardless of the censors.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Sept 14 - Satanism Normalizes Sickness & Ugliness"

Jim said (September 14, 2023):

Once again to tell the truth of the matter about normal beautiful women.

The picture of the hugely obese young woman portrayed as someone to emulate

Is totally insane. As she is, she cannot fly in a commercial jet airplane without occupying

a whole row of seats, she cannot drive a standard-made automobile, she won’t fit, nor can she

use a standard toilet in any public restaurant, school, or government building because she cannot fit into the stall.

So, it seems TPTB will pass new laws to redesign all of the above facilities and vehicles

to accommodate the “newly-designed” beautiful American woman.

Oh, and by the way statistically she will not live past 45 years. Human organs are not

designed to support gross obesity, especially the heart and liver, they just wear out too soon.

DD said (September 14, 2023):

this has long been the devil's agenda, especially since his defeat at Calvary. what else can he do after Jesus said: 'It is finished'.? satan will do anything to usurp God's natural order. his time is short, he has great wrath knowing it. all will be upset and that is why the prophet Isaiah said, 'Woe to you when right is wrong and wrong is right'. we all know by natural instincts from God what is wrong and what is right. it is built into us. that is why the queers say,' We're queer, we're here and coming for your kids'. they know what they are by their disobedience to the normal order. God will not apologize to sodom at the judgment.

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