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Satanist Insider - "Kiss Your Ass Good Bye"

September 13, 2023

"Miss Keeler and I were on friendly terms. There was no impropriety whatsoever in my acquaintanceship with Miss Keeler."   -John Profumo, The Secretary of State for War  
Friday 22nd of March 1963  

"Look at yourself in a mirror. Take your time. When you're settled and at peace, try telling yourself that you and yours deserve to live and why. Let me know how you get on. Seriously, even now, I really enjoy a good belly laugh at your worthless expense."

  A Conspiracy of Silence 

by Aloysius Fozdyke

Thursday the 3rd of August was sixty years since the death of Dr. Stephen Thomas Ward and global commemorations were held.  

Satan loves you, just as you are. And I'm again advising that you earnestly seek The Prince - the God of this World because Satan looks after His own! The first Rebel and the only true Saviour! Ours is the so-called "inverted pentagram" with the four elements dominating 'spirit'. Satan's vice-regent on Earth is the penis! 

Or have you made peace with your piss-weak saviour - Old Numb Nuts? How about his vicious, sicko and jealous daddy? And where are they when you need them? 

If the shot doesn't kill you, you'll still die, but avoid the rush and get another shot. America is suffering a lingering death. How will you cope when what I have (consistently) told you occurs? The same way you do now when what I told you is occurring. I recommend on your knees praying.  

The Satanic Alpha Lodge are living, breathing, self-sanctified and powerful initiates - growing stronger. This is the angst-ridden beginning of the Age of Satan, and we rejoice and are triumphant in it. The ignorant, stupid, compliant, weak, gutless and honourless filth are irredeemable. In an evolutionary sense, that's why you deserve to suffer and die because what's happening is evolutionary. Go penetrate yourself!   

 Since before the beginning of time, the war in heaven and down through the ages of Earth, Satan and His disciples have striven, often suffered and died (many unknowingly) ensuring the future for the Usher of Desecration, who prepares the world for Vindex. And those of you who are left alive will bend the knee - that's my special promise.   

 There's no way to pay off debt except by ceding parts of your country. Twenty-five years ago, and as a younger player, I was instrumental in organising a World Bank delegation to Australia. They were trying to value assets like the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru (formerly Ayers Rock), the Blue Mountains and other areas. I am advised the same happened globally, but my strict area at that time was working with my mentor in Australia and New Zealand.  

More recently, I did try to help by advising in-your-hand, weight and purity stamped silver. I also counselled the use of chlorine dioxide. How many of your readers followed my advice? See:  

So how did I know beforehand?   

Both Petor and I told of the continuing deaths and the technologically enforced Chinese prison planet. That's why I had Petor Narsagonan's 'explosive, deathbed confession' published. That's why I have been letting the world know further details. My job was to gauge any reaction to our plans. What happened? Nothing!   

My teacher advised of Alexia Cage. I preached, "Bum Sex Is Good" and the growing acceptance of paedophilia. Sex and Death are the two eternal and outrageous obsessions - nothing else matters!   

Look at yourself in a mirror. Take your time. When you're settled and at peace, try telling yourself that you and yours deserve to live and why. Let me know how you get on. Seriously, even now, I really enjoy a good belly laugh at your worthless expense.  

As for me, I have erection problems and I'm preparing for my death, after which, 'I will walk with Satan, in His world, with His bride (Baphomet). And I will become greater than the mortal I am leaving behind. The mortal which must die - that a God will be born!' 

 My future is assured. How about yours?  


AJF replied to these questions from a reader-

1. What do you believe happens to us uninitiated "white trash" when we die, in terms of possible reincarnation, spending eternity in an immaterial spiritual realm, or perhaps a total absence of all self awareness and consciousness? 

I should get a syndicated newspaper column: Everyone's Favourite Satanic Agony Aunt! 

The uninitiated get recycled, bits and pieces of memory repackaged. Those who achieve on our path can reincarnate, possibly with memory or memories - but the aim is individual, isolated divinity.

2. Why has the Alpha Lodge and/or any of its predecessors never attempted to promote Satanism to the mass public, and compete in the market place of spiritual & religious paths, if its 'benefits' are apparently so self-evident? 

Because it's elitist and not about the number of heads, but what's in heads, hearts and spirits. The Usher prepares the way for Vindex - The Avenger. That's when a lot more will be made available to survivors. The Alpha Lodge finds and accesses exemplary candidates. Quiet words, favours and tests - the process repeated to initiation.  

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Satanist Insider - "Kiss Your Ass Good Bye""

Art said (September 16, 2023):

Time is almost up for our "friend" Fozdyke. In the end, Christ will show mercy and love, and no apology for being a dickhead will be required. That will cause heads to explode down under ... followed by the sound of Aloysius screaming out in terror forever.

Killed by love ... couldn't happen to a better person.

Al Thompson said (September 13, 2023):

This guy is really demented. He thinks his side is winning but the reality is he has already lost by being evil. No one gets away with evil and that should be of comfort to a lot of people who might think that Satanists are all-powerful. Remember the old saying, you will reap what you sow. If you do good you get good things in return, but if you do evil, then will come the bad results.

TM said (September 13, 2023):

( Al Thompson said:
The “new world order” is collapsing right before our eyes and if we all keep our minds within the natural order we will do much better than following the evil ones. )

Let me help set the record straight about that, It's all part of the plan to make the people think that they are winning !!!
It's all a show to help keep the masses believing that they are winning with the little small battles !!!!!
But MOST NEVER look at the BIG Picture, of winning THE BIG WAR !!!

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