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Mike Stone - The Jabbers are Back

September 19, 2023

"You could shout the same warning, "Here they come again!" in present-day America because the same liars, traitors, and killers who pushed the virus hoax of 2020-2022 are rolling it out again."

By Mike Stone 

Have you seen the movie Zulu

It's about the battle of Rorke's Drift, where 150 British and colonial troops held off an attack by 4,000 ferocious Zulu warriors. In the movie, the first attack by the Zulus isn't really an attack at all, but rather a tactical maneuver to test the firepower of the British defenders. Once the Zulu chief has a pretty good idea of what he's up against, the old boy launches the real attack, and we see hundreds of fierce, blood-thirsty Zulu warriors charging at full speed across the plain. A British defender yells, "Here they come again!"

You could shout the same warning, "Here they come again!" in present-day America because the same liars, traitors, and killers who pushed the virus hoax of 2020-2022 are rolling it out again.

Only notice how they're doing it slowly this time - a news story here, a news story there - compared to the full-on blitz we saw only a couple of years ago. Notice also how this is occurring at the same time that the West is finally admitting defeat over their failed war in Ukraine.

You may recall that the original virus hoax stopped on a dime almost to the day that Russia began its military operation against Ukraine. It's as if certain people want to keep us in a constant state of fear and paranoia.

In a way, you can't blame them, because if it works, it works. My neighborhood, which was 99.9999999% masked from 2020-2022 (I was the lone holdout), dipped to being only 10% masked by the summer of 2023. Now it's back up to 20%, thanks to the latest fear porn being pushed and pumped out by the Fake News media.

That so many people were duped into taking a deadly "vaccine" the first time around and are now preparing to take it again, despite no evidence that any "virus" actually exists, really makes you wonder if society is worth saving. After all, if the only thing people want to do is get drunk, get high, watch sports, read romance novels, and jerk off to Only Fans, then maybe their society deserves to collapse.

If you took the jab the first time around and are still alive with no ill effects, give thanks to God. You probably got the placebo. I've actually been told that the early jabs before Trump left the White House were all placebos. Whatever you do, don't press your luck by taking this new jab, which isn't a booster, it's an all-new, untested injection. Who knows what's in it?

Anyone who submits to this new jab is so far removed from reality, that they're never coming back.


Every time you think we've reached peak stupidity, things level down and then we reach a new peak. American society is at the point now where virtually everything is fake and gay, and yet, come this time next year, we'll have reached a new high point in fake and gay. You watch.

We might reach that point this week as a number of hamburger joints are offering 1-cent burgers. Right away my suspicions are up. We know there's a push by the cattleman and pork associations to inject pigs and cows intended for human consumption with the mRNA vaccine. These are the same associations that apparently blocked Missouri bill HB1169 that would have prevented such injections.

It's also the same cattleman association that sued Oprah Winfrey back in the day for saying she'd never eat another hamburger. Not that Winfrey doesn't deserve to be sued over other matters, but she should have never been sued over that one.

We also have The Simpsons, a cartoon television show that has been amazingly accurate in predicting future events, implying that 1 cent hamburger meat will turn people into zombies. This, of course, sounds absurd until you realize that on October 4, the same day as a planned "test" by the Emergency Broadcast System, something called the Marburg Virus is apparently going to be activated with the possible intention of turning people who were duped into taking the fake vaccine into walking zombies.

Like I said, everything is fake and gay and we continue to hit new peaks of stupidity.

However, I will say this: I'm not eating any of those 1-cent burgers. Nor will I ever eat a fast food hamburger ever again. And on October 4, I'm turning my phone off for that test. And I'm probably staying home that day just in case zombies are somehow released.
Mike Stone is the author of Teen Boy's Success Book: the Ultimate Self-Help Book for Boys; Everything You Need to Know to Become a Man: And A New America, a dark comedy set on Election Day in 2016:

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Comments for "Mike Stone - The Jabbers are Back"

Brian said (September 20, 2023):

I really like Mike Stone's writing, in fact, I read and enjoyed his "Boy's Success Book' at the age of 53. I wish I had that book back then. From a few sources, I've read that this October could be a real tell-all for our "Modern" society. The front door is always locked.

Today everything IS fake and gay, especially Oprah.

Al Thompson said (September 19, 2023):

The government is nothing more than a satanic cult that attempts to regulate the medical industry. Either way, it goes, it will fail. All people of the occult will fail. The mask is a part of the evil and the occult.

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