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Immigrant says Immigration is Destroying Canada

September 28, 2023

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"Canada has irrevocably changed in just the two decades since I immigrated. It is said that a frog in a pot that is slowly getting boiled fails to realize that it is getting cooked. But political correctness has meant that Canadians fail to understand what is happening to Canada even when the proverbial pot is heating rapidly.

"Before the early 1970s, most immigrants came from Europe. Today, only 10% of the total immigrants come from Europe.

Jayant Bhandari says immigrants are here for economic gain and care nothing about Canada or civilized values.

"Civilization is a uniquely Western concept. The Third World, where most Canadian immigrants come from, has no interest in Western values. For them, concepts like honor, honesty, and fairness are alien. They are driven by expediency and the acquisition of resources. Desperate in their Third World hellhole, it is not the absence of liberty or the rule of law that worries them. They are blind to them. They are only interested in money."

Disclaimer - Undoubtedly there are many hard-working immigrants from the third world who respect Canadian values. Jayant Bhandari is one of them. 

Canada: The Great Replacement

By Jayant Bhandari   
(excerpt by

Canadians have put Canada on a path to inevitable destruction.

There is no history in human affairs when a society willingly gave itself away to foreigners. There is no history of a society maintaining any values once foreigners overtook it. Indeed, there is no history in human affairs where muti-culturalism and ethnic diversity have not led to massive civil conflicts, but Canadians love romanticizing these anti-values.

Most reading this article haven't experienced such an increase in immigrants. But your anecdotal experience is not the statistical reality. The composition of people you socialize with does not represent the ethnic proportion of the Canadian population.

Put differently, the new immigrants often get ghettoized in areas you never visit. When you encounter them, your interaction will likely be short and superficial. But they have the same vote as you do. And they have no interest in European values. They are economic migrants without an interest in what provides nutrition to Canadian society. They have, at best, no interest or concept of Western philosophy.

Canada now has massive ghettoes. Visit and soak in the Indian ghettos of Surrey, Brampton, or Richmond to get a sense of proportion and perspective. I mention the Indian ghettos, for I know them better, but you should also visit the Afghani, Syrian, Somalian, etc. ghettoes. If you do, you will realize that Canada is like a train constantly changing its passengers. For most Canadians, the passengers aren't what they started with.

Recently, Eritrean immigrants fought a pitched battle in Calgary. Khalistan's posters can now be seen in many places. These don't leave a lasting impression on native Canadians, but they must.

I provided the statistics, but you must feel, smell, and sense it. You will emotionally realize that Canada is irredeemably on its way to an ethnically non-European majority in a few short years. Should this matter? Of course, it does. None of the 200 countries on the planet is a civilization and has a non-European or non-East Asian majority.

Did I leave India because of its utterly venal and oppressive government? Not really. They are utterly stupid, and bribes take care of everything. But the character of the government is a symptom of the underlying society. It was the Indian society that I ran away from, which has no concept of honor, integrity, moral values, rationality, or interest in anything except the material, which is money and sex.

More precisely, I ran away from Indians.

With time, the institutions the British left behind have been hallowed out in India, and the civilizational constraints that they had imposed have fallen apart. With time, India is bound to become increasingly barbaric and savage. Not because of so much because of the Indian government but because of Indians.

India provides 27% of Canada's new immigrants. Most other immigrants come from other Third World hellholes and have similar cultural backgrounds, one rooted in materialism and the absence of civilizational constraints and moral values.

Every Indian city today has at least one high-rise building devoted to housing agencies that help people immigrate to Canada, most offering help creating fake documents or getting admission to colleges structured not for education but for assisting people to stay in Canada long enough to become citizens.

Crazy, isn't it, that Canada has given itself away to those who faked documents? So much for the much-touted skilled-class immigrants!

Canadians have no choice but to learn about India, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Syria, and other Third World countries. They should all be visiting India and sending their daughters and sons to know about it, for it is what they are bringing in. However, when they send their daughters, they should have male company. They should visit to learn what Europeans of the past understood, the wisdom that political correctness has erased from the Canadian psyche.

A few years back, I went to an Indian event in South Vancouver. As happens in India, nothing worked. There was no coordination. What happened on the stage had nothing to do with the schedule. They played the wrong music. Then, they stopped it and ran around to correct it. Organizers openly argued with each other. They openly talked about how "we" should vote for members of "our Sikh" community in the government. Their swing vote already has a massive influence on the foreign policies of the Liberal and Conservative parties and NDP.

Sometimes, Canadian airports and train stations look indistinguishable from Indian ones, except that you can still get a train ticket without paying a bribe, the ticket-seller treats you respectfully albeit a bit less by each passing day, the trains still operate reasonably well albeit continue to worsen, and you still don't see cockroaches inside the compartments. But you will get there.

Eventually, trains will collide, killing hundreds; massive forest fires will happen not because of climate change but because of a lack of work ethics, incompetence, and apathy; bridges will fall apart, infrastructure will deteriorate, quality of hygiene will worsen, and nepotism and bribery will become commonplace. But unless you understand this article, you will fail to pinpoint the reason.

You will have to start worrying about female infanticide and female genital mutilation. Caste problems will require you to create legal remedies. Some of these issues are already here, although no official inquiry will blame the cause of accidents on rampant immigration, diversity, inclusivity, and equity.

Hindu-Sikh problems will continue to worsen in Canada, but no one will have the courage to tell them to take their fight to where it belongs: back to India. These idiots will celebrate Indian Independence Day in Canada, utterly forgetful that they got rid of European rule from India and then took all the pains to move to a country ruled by Europeans. But among them, the concept of reason is conspicuous by its absence. They vote on a tribal basis and elect people of their kind, tribe, and religion, setting Canadian institutions' conversion to what they left behind in motion.

It is a gross mistake to think that people leave their home countries to escape their tyrants. As in North Korea, the real tyrants do not let their people escape. Virtually everyone else is running away from the hellhole they created for themselves. They are part and parcel of the hellhole they left behind. They remake their host country in the image of what they left behind. When you bring them in, you bring the subtle, subliminal ways they will participate in making Canada a hellhole.

Let us delve a bit deeper. Changing culture is not a generation or two-generation process. It is not even a centuries-long process. It is, at best, a millennia-long process. And that is assuming culture is not hardwired.

Civilization is a uniquely Western concept. The Third World, where most Canadian immigrants come from, has no interest in Western values. For them, concepts like honor, honesty, and fairness are alien. They are driven by expediency and the acquisition of resources. Desperate in their Third World hellhole, it is not the absence of liberty or the rule of law that worries them. They are blind to them. They are only interested in money.

When they arrive, they do not see the existence of Western values. It is only the money-making opportunities that they seek. That is the only thing of value that they see. Given their state of mind, they think that Canada would be a much better place if their religions, rituals, and culture, and indeed tyranny, were to be imposed on Canada.

A senior officer from the Indian government, on an extended visit to the West, told me why he hated the West. He found that the lack of noise and smell made him lonely. His work got done without needing connections, and no one came to prostrate before him. There was no one lining up to meet and greet him. He felt deeply hurt and unrecognized. He didn't know how to pass his time. He desperately wanted his bank to take longer to do his job and his electricity to stop working so he could use up his time chasing them.

Because they get uprooted from their culture and ecology--which is conducive to their psyche--they learn to despise Canada.

They have no interest in Western values or liberty. They are not running away from tyranny. They like it. They have a visceral hatred for peace and order. I might even add that they find Western values abhorrent.


Jayant Bhandari is a Vancouver-based writer. Looking for civil life, he visited Vancouver 10 years back and then decided to immigrate. He runs a yearly seminar, Capitalism & Morality, in Vancouver.

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Comments for "Immigrant says Immigration is Destroying Canada "

SN said (September 30, 2023):

The video below shatters the claim by one of your most recent contributors Jayant Bhandari as he boldly claimed Civilization is a uniquely Western concept.

video If you think this video deserves to be shared with the rest of your viewers please do so for their chance to weigh in with their thoughts.



anon said (September 30, 2023):

Indian culture is easily the greatest and most advanced in the world. It is just that India and Indians are hamstrung with the $50 trillion loss they suffered. Yes, nothing works and corruption and bribes are rampant but underneath all that there is still the greatest culture anywhere in the world. You just have to dig past the superficial stuff.

When allowed to live in a proper infrastructure, Indians do well and do not indulge in corruption and bribes.

Canada can simply end immigration but they don't because Canada needs Indians to come in and do the heavy math, science and engineering lifting that native Canadians can't do. If you really want to end immigration, make your own population self-sufficient and competent.

I implore all readers to not be taken in by the poisonous words of this pathetic sell-out. Ask yourselves what kind of man spits on his own motherland?

Because of the upcoming 2024 Indian elections look out for more poisonous articles like this about India from sell-outs like Bhandari. This is just the beginning of the hate spewing.

OH said (September 29, 2023):

Excellent article by Jayant Bandhari, spot on. It has become fashionable and recognized for white people to be an idiot and detested to have a brain (like Jayant). Once the „Western “ influence is marginalized, savagery and slavery will take over. People like AL raid the place, don´t have the least clue at all what it´s all about, spit on the host, and send us off in a rubber boat ... as expected. I visited the inner city this evening. The article articulates the thoughts I had on the way back.

Doug P said (September 29, 2023):

re AL " Caucasians seem to have a gene that gives them a delusional sense of entitlement no matter how far they stray from their ecosystem."

I've never heard Asian people in my life complain when they see a few too many white faces, but I've often heard repeatedly whites complain when they see a few Chinese faces." They say lots of bad things in their own language about Whites. They are the second most racist people on this planet (Jews are #1), especially the Chinese. The Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans all dislike each other intensely too. I've known many of each. On my 58 years of living in Canada, I have only encountered two instances of racism among whites (and I've known many more people than most), once when I was a ten-year-old, once a few years ago. This white racism only comes from the idiot box, it's not reality.

LF said (September 29, 2023):

An excellent and precise analysis of what is now (K)anada. This is one of the reasons I left the country back in 2005. I knew what was coming and tried to warn others 15 years prior to my departure. My warnings fell on deaf ears. Now it is at the peoples' doorsteps. It was a wonderful country. I am sad for you, Canada.

AL said (September 28, 2023):

If Caucasians don't like it in Canada or North America anymore they can always go back where they came from. Europe. Or better yet, go back to the Caucus mountains. Whites are also Asians. CAUC-ASIANS.

Caucasians seem to have a gene that gives them a delusional sense of entitlement no matter how far they stray from their ecosystem. I've never heard Asian people in my life complain when they see a few too many white faces, but I've often heard repeatedly whites complain when they see a few Chinese faces. I have a white friend who loves to say "Hong-Couver" whenever talking about Vancouver, BC even though whites are still the majority there.

One time on the Skytrain in BC I laughed hysterically by myself when a German lady sneered to her husband in German. "AUSLANDER"(FOREIGNERS). The foreigners she was talking about were Asian Canadian students all speaking in perfect English; Case and point - DELUSIONAL SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT NO MATTER WHERE THEY GO. Some people never noticed that there's an Atlantic Ocean that separates Europe from the Americas,

Caucasians also seem to have a gene that inhibits their ability to mind their own business. I know someone who often helps people doing small repairs on vehicles in a Chinese area. Once some strange white dude came out of nowhere to hassle him about what he's doing asking him this and that. The Chinese neighbors mind their own business but the Caucasian rat DNA inhibits the ability to mind your own business.

I live on an Indian reserve where the natives don't hassle me. Twice this year, white people I personally know have startled me in the backyard snooping around when they thought I wasn't there.

If Jayant Bhandari doesn't like the color of his skin he can always go to the store and buy bleach. He sounds like an Indian version of "Uncle Ruckus" from the Boondocks cartoon:

Turtle Island(America) is the ancestral home of the red man and red woman, not caucus mountain dwellers. Now the caucus mountain people can get a taste of their own medicine and feel a tiny bit of pain aboriginal people feel. every day.

I agree Immigration is destroying Canada's delusional sense of European entitlement.

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