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Globalists Wear Symbol of Our Enslavement

September 29, 2023


Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Emblem is Symbol of The Great Reset

Signs and symbols rule the world

The SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) emblem has been making the rounds with all of the usual suspects sporting this iconic badge. This logo is being promoted by the United Nations to represent their policy to bring in World Government (LINK). It's breaking into the mainstream and soon everyone will see it.

(Abridged for

The iconic SDG sigil (badge). 17 colors in a circle with a hole in the middle. Each color represents a Goal of the UN for Sustainable Development (aka One World Government). Available from Amazon for $10.

Badges and emblems have always been signifiers and sigils, signs with supernormal powers. They identify the initiated and the lack of a badge indicates someone "outside" their order. Badges and pins convey authority to the wearer.

Sigils can be rings, bracelets and other jewelry, tattoos, stickers, memes, etc. that contain supernormal powers. It doesn't matter if you believe it or not -- they believe these things.

Here are the 17 goals of SDG. Notice the iconography for each goal, this graphic is being widely promoted:

From the UN website, these are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Here we see some of the typical iconography of male/female inversion (as one, #5), the sun (#7), cube (#9), infinite snake (#12), and the all-seeing eye (#13). 

The 18th symbol is "The Crown" on "The King". Corona = Crown. Get it?

King Charles III lectured the World Economic Forum (WEF) on Sustainable Development. The 18th symbol is "The Crown". (LINK)

Believers in this SDG symbol are taking society to the last and final level; either initiation into the Cult, aka "Illumination"...or complete destruction. The pyramid represents their path.  Advance each level until you have achieved "illumination" (or enlightenment) at the top.  It's up or out.

The pyramid from the reverse of the U.S. one dollar note. Novus Ordo Seclorum - "New Order for the Ages" is the USA. The USA *is* the NWO (source: Wikipedia).

There are 17 colored areas. What is the significance of the number 17? Well, if you are a Saturn cult worshiper:

"17 was associated with the god of death, Saturn, in ancient Rome. In ancient Rome, each god and goddess was associated with a particular number. The number 17 represented Saturn, the god of death. As a result, people see the number 17 as a bad omen and avoided it in many situations."

To a Roman, 17 was the number of deathIn Rome, the number 17 was considered an unlucky number. An anagram of this number written in Roman signs - XVII, forms the word VIXI, which in Latin means "I lived". (note: implying you are no longer alive)

What about the colors? People naturally like rainbows, which is why it was chosen for the gay pride flag and there are many colors in the SDG icon. 

The 18th "color" is in fact the crown. 18 is of course 6+6+6, which is why their graphic is arranged in 3 layers of 6 squares. That magick number again cast its spell over everything. 

What does a circle symbolize?   Ouroboros, the snake eating itself, an ancient symbol that denotes death and reincarnation:

From Wikipedia, originally from a book on alchemy from a 1478 drawing (Fol. 279 of Codex Parisinus graecus 2327) entry for Ouroboros.

This is the final stage of the plan of the ages. It involves death and destruction, a global ritual sacrifice on a scale never seen before...the final scene of the drama of life.  In the end, the demon snake destroys itself.

In the pyramid, each layer destroys the layer below it to "purify" the world. Each layer believes it is the highest (since they are limited to knowing only their own level or below). The destruction of the level below is a ritual sacrifice the level above makes to save itself.

Instead of trying to save all sentient beings (which is the wish of The Creator, in my understanding), they offer up the lives of the inferior.

This scheme will not work, they are destroying themselves while destroying everything else below them. The layers above in turn do the same thing to them they are doing to everyone else. One layer after another, until everything ends in ruin. They are interfering with the arrangements of the Most High, The Creator, whose wish is to save all sentient beings. Everything would have been forgiven, but that's not a capability of selfish beings.

The snake is a demon. In the end, the snake eats itself.   The End. 

There is one way out, in my understanding. Follow Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance and avoid The Snake. Even Snake followers could still be saved, at least until it becomes too late. Time is of the essence!

The Creator is here. HIS wish is the salvation of all sentient beings.

One thought can change the outcome, as your thoughts manifest to become your reality.  Change your mind, change your future.

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Comments for "Globalists Wear Symbol of Our Enslavement "

RHM said (September 29, 2023):

Very interesting article. There are two colors for water, 6 & 14, and one for land, or at least life on land, 15. Why is there no color for air ~ because they would then have to acknowledge chemtrails?

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