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August 5, 2023

douglas-jews.jpegWhy I Stopped Resisting Jewish Domination   by Lord Alfred Douglas 

From The Autobiography of Lord Alfred Douglas (1929) pp.302-305

"No other paper, with the exception of The Morning Post did as much as Plain English to open the eyes of the public to what the Jews were doing...My present view about the Jews is that if the English like to be bossed by the Jews and get very angry with anyone who tells them about it, there is no sense in blaming the Jews for taking advantage of the situation. If a nation...chooses to lie down on its face and invites the Jews to come and trample on it, why blame the Jews for accepting the invitation? I used to get excited about these questions, and politics generally when I had Plain English. I was desperately sincere and was quite ready to die or go to prison for my convictions. But the way I was treated ...for my efforts to help my country, completely cured me of any desire to meddle further in English politics or "patriotic" movements." (The Jewdiciary jailed him for six months.)

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