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Jacques Attali: The Blueprint of NWO Tyranny

August 2, 2023


In 2009, Illuminati mastermind Jacques Attali predicted working from home via "telecommuting will account for half of all jobs."

 Everything that is happening has been scripted
by the man who wrote:

"History teaches us that humanity only evolves significantly when it is truly afraid."

The Mastermind Behind the Great Reset

by Ruby Eden
(Excerpts by 

In his book The "21st Century Dictionary," published in 1998, Jacques Attali describes a future pandemic to establish a world police force that eventually becomes a planetary power. He highlights specific terms, including the word "Epidemic." In addition, Attali states, "we will take planetary measures of containment, which will briefly question nomadism and democracy."

Other terms described by Attali include "Genetic Therapy," "Gene Therapy with Nanotechnologies" and, "Panic,"

The engine of markets and democracy The panic, the sheep-like process by which each imitates the other for fear of being marginalized and left behind, is not a malfunction of Western civilization but its very essence.

The "Prevention" section is fascinating: The first risk against which we will continue to want to protect ourselves is disease. Prevention will invade our entire existence.

In the Republic section, he addresses a future of borderless nations, stating, "Above all, what remains especially important is to invent a republic without territory, without walls. Diasporic." Attali then pivots to "Income," which he predicts "Universal Income" and working from home via "telecommuting": "Every person will perhaps one day have the right to a decent income paid by the state independent of any activity: The Universal Income....More than half of all workers will no longer be employed...Working from home via telecommuting (home office) will account for half of all jobs."

Predicts World War III Beginning With Ukraine

Attali, a regular on a political talk show in France, predicted in 2014 that World War III would start with Ukraine. The video ends with former French President Nicolas Sarkozy warning, "We will proceed together toward a new world order, and nobody, and I do mean nobody, will be able to oppose it." 

The New World Order

Like his globalist counterpart, World Economic Forum leader Klaus Schwab, Jacques Attali is the lesser-known architect shaping the future. However, on December 6, 2020, Archbishop Vigano points to Attali as the origin of Schwab's "Great Reset." Archbishop Vigano wrote the following: "On November 19, 2020, the founder of the WEF, Klaus Schwab, declared that 'Covid is an opportunity for a global reset.' In reality, Schwab was slavishly repeating what Jacques Attali said in the French weekly L'Express on May 3, 2009.  

In May of 2009, a year before the Rockefeller Foundation's "LOCKSTEP" scenario, Attali published an essay, "Change, as a Precaution," in which he expressed the hope that the pandemic (Bird Flu) would trigger "Restructuring Fears." By this, Attali means the kind of fear that would trigger a "restructuring of society." Attali wrote: "History teaches us that humanity only evolves significantly when it is truly afraid."

(Attali, left, claims to have "invented" Macron.) 

Weapons of the Future

Attali's best-selling book from 2011, "A Brief History of The Future: a brave and controversial look at the twenty-first century" was called "brilliant and provocative...difficult to dismiss" by dangerous globalist Henry Kissinger. In a chapter titled "The Weapons of Hyperconflict," Attali's predictions summarize the World Economic Forum's goals to reshape humanity and gain complete control over every aspect of our lives.

In the next fifty years, new technologies will be developed by armies before being used on the civilian market. For defense or police needs, governments will finance the research needed for the perfection of the technologies of hyper surveillance and self-surveillance. Inversely, these technologies will then have civil applications.

In fact, these future weapons will essentially be founded on the concept of surveillance. Armies will at once develop digital infrastructures of nomadic ubiquity, surveillance systems for suspect movements, the means of protecting strategic installations, and a network of economic intelligence. Robots (concealed in enemy territory) and drones (flying robots) will relay data, detect chemical or biological agents, and serve as scouts ahead of infantry detachments faced with mined areas or blind spots. Software simulating battle will be permanently updated as close as possible to the battlefields....

Finally (and perhaps especially), since no war can be won unless the people waging it believe it just and necessary, and unless the loyalty of citizens and their belief in its values are maintained, the chief weapons of the future will be the instruments of propaganda, communication, and intimidation."

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