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August 8 - New Pandemics Planned as COVID Hoax is Exposed

August 8, 2023

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"Canada--Secret memo exposes the plan to mislead public about the vaccine"
 Thanks to an unredacted memo from the Privy Council uncovered by Blacklock's Reporter, we now know that the federal government, as early as May of 2021, instructed public health officials to downplay and skew data relating to adverse reactions and injuries from the Covid-19 vaccine in order to maintain confidence in the public health regime in Canada. 

This is a bombshell story that confirms what most people knew all along - the government intentionally misled the public about adverse reactions to the shot in order to increase uptake. Further, Pfizer and other Big Pharma companies worked with the government to block access to the vaccine contracts from being made public.
 Is the Israeli government antisemitic? Of course! Just as the US government is anti-American, the UK government is anti-British, and the Japanese government is anti-Japanese (and so on, worldwide)
 Friar Bugnolo's doomsday prophecy hasn't materialized but he's still going strong.

 Every Plandemic requires but two things, control via terror and acceptance of a new DeathVaxx, each subsequent version of which will kill off millions more human beings  and make more and more of the survivors perpetual serfs of BigPharma.
 Freedom of Info requests reveal how the plandemic scam was put over in Nova Scotia
" When did we start to see a spike in COVID-19 deaths? January 2022. What happened in December 2021 and January 2022? They ramped up the booster. In October 2021, there were 3,150 booster shots given. In November 2021, there were 26,141 booster shots given. In December 2021 there were 108,259 booster shots given. In January 2022 there were 302,242 booster shots given."
The Origin of the Climate Change Hoax 

 The Club of Rome stated in this Document from 1991: "In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming...would fit the bill.

 Oberlin College Furious It Had to Pay $36 Million to Bakery Owners It Slandered as Racists, Now Suing Its Own Insurance Companies
Reflections of a harassed American 

I'm lying in bed thinking, WTF happened to us? We were lied to about COVID, it was an engineered flu strain that was released. The seasonal flu disappeared overnight. They kept us under house arrest, threatened and took away our livelihoods. Limited our freedom, and movement.

Then they threatened, guilt-tripped, and blackmailed everyone into getting an experimental, never used before, DNA altering medical procedure.
Then hid the fact that it caused excess mortality rates to skyrocket, and blamed it on long COVID. Printed money like it was going out of fashion, causing massive inflation and coming recession.

This caused massive amounts of pollution in the seas with the billion of masks that were not needed and discarded.
They carried on with their lives and made massive profits out of it all. And laughed at us, mere peasants.

How did we allow this to happen, and let them get away with it? I now know they can definitely do a lot worse than this, and get away with it, as we did fuck all about it in real terms. A few protests didn't do shit in the grand scheme of things.

Are we all doomed?

The name was changed to the insipid "Commanders"

BREAKING: 'Native American Guardians Association' petition to restore the Washington Redskins name goes viral -- 'You can't cancel American history!'

This suggests that not all Orthodox Jews are aware of the Agenda.

Rabbi calls on followers to 'wage war' on Israel's LGBT community
Slams 'new culture of eliminating the family' and a 'crime against humanity'


75 More Catholic Schools Nationwide Say They Are Shutting Down

Catholics flee woke agenda
 Deepfakes Could Change the World. Here's How
 7 Trends Which Indicate That Economic Disaster Is Approaching Very Rapidly

 Tax revenues are way down, demand for trucking services is way down, demand for cardboard boxes is way down, the money supply is shrinking at the fastest pace in modern history, and the Conference Board's index of leading economic indicators has already declined for 15 months in a row.  At this point, anyone that cannot see what is coming has got to be willingly blind.
 We don't care what Satanist Jews do to themselves but why do they have to impose their sickness on the rest of us? 

Emily Drabinski, president of the American Library Association doubles down on tweet admitting she's a 'Marxist lesbian,' leading states such as Montana to cut ties with the group.
The Marxist lesbian president of the American Library Association is taking flack for her politics one month onto the job 
Emily Drabinsky, 48, said she will not hide her personal politics during her tenure and hopes to make marginalized communities feel represented in local libraries 
Montana became the first state to officially cut ties with the oldest library trade organization in the US, as lawmakers in other states look to do the same

I believe most of the conspiracies, deep state, adrenochrome, 9/11 inside job. I believe that our world is full of powerful elietes that create war and conflict for their own personal gain. This thinking and belief have caused me much worry. I have a family eith 3 little ones under 5 years old. And a wife. I feel as though we are in the end times of the bible. Do you ever seem to lose hope in the world you live in? I want my children to live, love and enjoy their life and grow old. But in this world of "pride", satanic worship, I don't know how I can keep them safe. What does everyone else think? Also I believe here soon the government will say aliens exist and make contact forcing us into the new world order, and then the mark of the beast.


'When Will This Nightmare End?' Israeli Tourist Beaten in Apparent Antisemitic Attack in Berlin

It wasn't Germans who attacked him. It was Muslims.

French Interior Minister Orders Dissolution Of Catholic Association Over 'Antisemitic' Speech

France's Interior Minister on Monday announced the dissolution of a traditionalist Catholic association after one of its leaders called for Jews to be stripped of their political and civil rights.


High-tech sales executive Jay Bonnar (above), age 57, had 15 of his direct friends (not "friends of friends") die unexpectedly since the COVID vaccine rolled out. All his friends who died were vaccinated. In his entire life, he's never had any friends die unexpectedly. Zero. If the vaccines are safe, the chances of this happening are near zero.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "August 8 - New Pandemics Planned as COVID Hoax is Exposed "

Al Thompson said (August 8, 2023):

The Covid hoax is a perfect example as to why we should stop reading so much and believing it. When we read something, it doesn’t mean it is true.

Under the natural law, the truth will always be there and that’s where we should look. Vaccines inject particles into the body to stimulate the immune system. The facts show that they harm the immune system and vaccines should never be considered. How would any reasonable person allow himself to be injected with poison? Our beliefs should always be based on facts that we can see and experience. False words will infect the soul so it is better not to read them if they can be avoided.

The governments of the world do not run on truth, but instead set themselves up as our slave masters. When it comes to the government or their candidates; I don’t believe any of it unless I can confirm the facts. We are not all destined for doom and failure. That is what the government wants us to think. They are the ones who will fail miserably. All we have to do is to watch it happen; they will destroy themselves.

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