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August 4 - The West is Racist, Genocidal and Heterophobic

August 4, 2023

(left, 'anti-racism' trainer Kike Ojo-Thompson teaches whites to cede place to migrants) 

Wake up, Whites! The Satanist Jewish Central Banking Cartel (WEF) is replacing you while destroying your health, family, country, and cultural heritage. Klaws Swab said, "you'll own nothing but will be happy." They are using migrants to guilt you into transferring wealth and power to their migrant shills.   It's long past time for serious resistance. 

Blacks have already replaced whites in commercials and advertising. 

Toronto schools launch probe into the suicide of school principal who killed himself after being 'bullied and harassed by 'anti-racism trainer'

The suicide of a white school principal who was bullied after being accused of supporting white supremacy because he challenged an 'anti-racism trainer' has prompted an investigation into diversity and inclusion practices in Toronto.

Richard Bilkszto, 60, killed himself in July after suing the Toronto District School Board for emotional distress which he says began in spring 2021, when he disagreed with KOJO Institute 'anti-racism' trainer Kike Ojo-Thompson over whether Canada was as racist as the USA.

The KOJO Institute is a for-hire diversity and inclusion consultancy firm that had been brought in by the school board.

Now, the board and Canada's education minister are investigating Bilkszto's death and whether the obsession with woke policies may have contributed to it.

Public School Educators Declare "Right Wing" Canadians The Enemy

"Any attempt to remove or restrict anti-racism education in this province will have severe and detrimental consequences."

Toronto District School Educators believe they have a right to school our entire society on issues of race, ethnicity, sexuality, and gender.

Simply put- they're all like this. In 2023, woke "educators" in Canada have established who the enemy is: Community leader  Idris Orughu says that "We have a common enemy, and the common enemy is the right-wing end of our society that has decided to hijack the narrative."

Bill Gates Caught Telling World Leaders It's Time For 'Death Panels' To Reduce Global Population

According to Harari, so-called "common people" are right to be fearful of a future in which they will be made "redundant".

Harari's comments are deeply disturbing because when they are placed in context with comments by other WEF advisors like Bill Gates and his desire for "death panels", it becomes clear that they have mass murder on their minds.

How much evidence is required before a conspiracy theory becomes a conspiracy fact?


Germany: New 128-apartment social housing complex exclusively reserved for asylum seekers in Berlin

New arrivals in the German capital will trump the needs of ordinary Berliners on the social housing waiting list, and will do so indefinitely

Germans have 'moral obligation' to give up living standards and wealth, claims Green Party MP

Despite Germans facing growing poverty, a high-earning Green Party MP says Germans should give away more of their wealth

Jews commemorated child sacrifice to Baal in 1930's Chicago festival
Coming to the West - White farmer murdered after South African Blacks call for White Genocide

Col. Douglas MacGregor can't use the terms Communist or Jews or central bankers

So he can't figure out why our governments seek ti destroy us


America's globalist leaders are psychologically programming the public for World War III, nuclear Armageddon and climate LOCKDOWNS
If enough people start to catch on and organize to fight back against the tyranny, the globalists are ready and waiting with a "Plan B," of sorts, that involves going scorched earth and burning the entire thing to the ground.

It is almost expected that scorched earth will win out in the end now that everyone is talking about the Biden Crime Family and the collusion and corruption involved between the federal government and Big Tech.


TRUMP: Either 'the Deep State destroys America, or we destroy the Deep State

"They knew the truth, yet they put our country through hell."

Trump indictments are a charade. He is Deep State false opposition. Have you forgotten? He is responsible for the DeathVax.


CVS to slash 5,000 jobs, close 900 stores as vaccines kill off repeat customers


Migrants are a Cabalist invasion force

Sweden--Chaos during Eritrean festival - stones thrown against police
[VIDEO: Kaos under eritreansk festival - stenkastning mot polis]
Kavanaugh Rape Accuser Confesses She Lied, Was Never Raped, Never Even Met The Man


Toxic masculinity rears its ugly head again

Father Drowns After Saving His 3 Children

Pay attention to the lawsuit in Federal Court in Edmonton T-1296-23: Soldiers sue Canada Gov OIver Vax Mandate 

Francesco Qualizza versus His Majesty the King ; Chief of Staff Wayne Eyre and others.    309 Plaintiffs  (former personnel of the Cdn armed forces )  claiming damages for harms suffered after they refused to submit to the poisoned needle / quack-sin-ation.

This case is the real thing : a Claim very well written by a lawyer who knows what she's doing.  Within it, one of the FACTS in issue, is : whether a person could catch Covid19 after he / she was so-called "vaccinated".  The reports in the Claim are heartbreaking.  I and a few others who have read the Claim  think this one is the Blockbuster/ game-changer regarding the perfidy in high places to do with the SARS2Covid19 HOAX

$1 million demanded by each of the 329 filiers

Pfizer to Rake in Billions on New Cardiovascular Drugs Treating 'Sudden' Spike in Heart Problems Around the Globe

Central to Pfizer's mission is combatting spike protein syndrome, a chronic inflammation triggered by Pfizer's Covid vaccinations. This unwavering commitment to health aligns seamlessly with Pfizer's ethos, cementing its position as a visionary healthcare leader.


Richard Kalergi, founding father of the EU: a secret political project

In his book "Praktischer Idealismus", he declares:

"The inhabitants of the future United States of Europe will no longer be the original peoples of the old continent, but rather a kind of BESTIAL SUB-HUMANITY resulting from racial mixtures. It is necessary to crossbreed European peoples with Asians and Blacks to create a MULTI-ETHNIC HERD without specific qualities and easy to dominate for the elites in power. The man of the future will be of mixed blood. The future Eurasian-Negroid race will replace the multiplicity of peoples. We must abolish the right to self-determination of peoples and successively eliminate nations by using separatist ethnic movements or allogeneic, foreign mass immigration".


Biden's Open-Border Policies Create Depression-Era "Hooverville" In New York's Central Park
Have you noticed how the term "economic migrant" has been repolaced by "asylum seeker?"

Patrick O'Carroll-The Tavistock Beatles

Here are some stats that show how Tavistock managed to radically change Western society over the decades:

In 1980, 63 percent of all US 25-year-olds were married; but by 2021, only 22 percent of all US 25-year-olds were married;
In 1990, 28 percent of US births occurred outside of marriage; but by 2017, over 40 percent of US births occurred outside of marriage.
It was all a highly sophisticated plan, and the TAVISTOCK BEATLES played a key and major role.


Thai Princess Bha- Killed by Vaccination- Flushed down memory hole

Thai Reader--"I believe that she has been dead for months and either at the morgue or artificially kept alive despite having no brainwaves. The heart and lungs function only because machines do those functions where organs failed.

Finally, Thai health authorities are still peddling COVID dear and want people to get more shots since they had just purchased another lot from abroad. Got to sell the stuff. How else to get kickbacks? That's how things are done here with most procurement at all levels in the Thai government down to pathetic road repairs. Got to build them substandard so they constantly need to be repaired at highly inflated prices..."


Druthers August

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "August 4 - The West is Racist, Genocidal and Heterophobic "

Tony B said (August 5, 2023):

MacGregor is limited hangout. He often mentions places or high positions, not names, that translates "Jew" so he knows the score. But he's limited to military and some politics, U.S. and EU. Only names mentioned are such as DC or EU front men, very common ones. One of the leaders in blaming "America" for every thing but never mentioning that "America" is a wholly owned Rothschild play toy. He is on some talking head's show every day so he's allowed to blather for purposes, one of which he has introduced lately - the ancient tool to enslave masses, gold pretended to be money (but never really the actual currency yet few ever catch on to the scam). Like all the gold bugs he would never understand that true money should be a coupon with no actual value at all, just a government mandated trading value for convenience (scrip). Nor can the gold bugs understand that money creation belongs to government only while banking and loans belongs to private bankers alone under reasonable government regulation.

MacGregor also gives good talk to "western" problems, over and over, but the little he opines for solutions hangs heavy as too military control concept for workable government.

Al Thompson said (August 4, 2023):

This is why the pubic (misspelling intentional)school system should be shut down.

Race has nothing to do with anything because no one can help the race they were born with. These so-called “teachers” are Satanists who deliver lies to young people in order to be mind-controlled. Pubic schools are worthless and they teach evil to the young people.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at