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August 21 - Destroy Lahaina, then 6uild 6ack 6etter

August 21, 2023

smart-island.png Having failed to destroy us with their "vaccines,"  the satanist Jewish central bankers (WEF) are moving on to Plan B - "Climate change" i.e.,
Geoengineering, DEW attacks, wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and ultimately WW3.  

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Organized Jewry believes that Christian civilization must be destroyed so that a Satanist Jewish Dystopia (Communism) can rise from its ashes. This is the concept of "creative destruction" found in the occult. This is their MO and the root cause of the problems plaguing mankind.

Mankind is doomed unless central banks are abolished and nations regain control over their own credit. Unless a politician calls for this, he is false opposition. In other words, every politician today is false opposition.  Don't get sucked into the matrix they have created.


The Jewish Governor of Hawaii Just Passed a LAW Suspending the Historic District 


850 People Still Missing in Maui
Deliberate mass murder

Maui Police blocked access to the main highway in Lahaina, the only road out of town, creating the gridlock situation where no one could get out in time.

A special video report with Steve Quayle, focused on the horrifying truth that the government has now turned its weapons of war inward, against the American people. Now, "We the People" are being slaughtered, burned out, jailed, starved, and cut off from the resources necessary to live.

kk3.pngKaren Kingston is OK!

Jewish Governor of Hawaii says the state will return the townland to victims?


Gonzalo Lira Court Documents

Col Douglas MacGregor Can't Use the J-Word to Describe Western Moral and Political Bankruptcy

BREAKING: Serbia's President tells Tucker that the NATO-led war against Russia has 'crushed the European economy'

The destruction of Nordstream by the Biden administration ... is killing the German economy ... the largest economy in Europe by far ... and so the downstream effects of that, one NATO country effectively attacking another NATO country are felt throughout Europe."

"And that's crazy. That's completely crazy," he continued. "This war is hurting everybody. Possibly with the exception of long term, Russia and empowering everybody outside of the Gulf States, China, Turkey."

It's really about a massive shift in power away from the United States and the West to the East," Carlson proclaimed in conclusion. "And it's all happening right now, but very few people in our country seem aware of it." 


Progressive Insurance Sued Over 'Patently Unlawful' Racism For $25K Black-Only Business Grants

Progressive Insurance is being sued for "patently unlawful" racism over a program which awards exclusively black-owned businesses $25,000, while allegedly discriminating against businesses owned by white, Asian, Hispanics, and anyone else who isn't black.

Michael Synder- Brace Yourselves, Because What They Have Planned Is Going To Absolutely Devastate The US Economy

Even if rates stay at current levels, we are headed for extreme pain. Raising rates even higher would just be suicidal.

But it looks like they are going to do it anyway, and that could push mortgage rates up to the 8 percent level...


Embracing The Boniface Option: Charting a Course for Christian Counteroffensive


I Rented A Tesla For A Week And Am Totally Sold On Gas-Powered Cars

But pigs will fly before I buy an EV based on my Tesla experience/experiment. This conclusion is not based on a one-hour test drive but on an entire week of driving in an EV-friendly part of the country.

Not in the MSM

BREAKING: 'Unmarked graves' discovery at Manitoba residential school turns out to be hoax -- no bodies found, only rocks


These 14 American Cities Have A 'Target' Of Banning Meat, Dairy, And Private Vehicles By 2030

Nearly 100 cities across the world make up the organization, and its American members include Austin, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Seattle.

NIGER Prepares For WAR With African Invaders - The Dive with Jackson Hinkle Youtube Channel 

Russia Releases 2,000 Page Report Proving Deep State & Big Pharma Manufactured Covid Pandemic
I'm sure the UN will  be very concerned about this--NOT

Russia has publicly accused Big Pharma and US Deep State actors of manufacturing the Covid-19 pandemic to take over the world, listing Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and George Soros as co-conspirators in the plot against humanity.

 "Russia wants justice for the creation and release of SARS-CoV-2, while the West covered up the origins and censored scientists and journalists," the Russian Embassy in the United States said on Thursday.

Russia has submitted all its evidence to the UN, which amounts to over 2,000 pages worth of reports proving its claims over the last 18 months.


Dr. William Makis 93 Dead Doctors After Vaccine Rollout

--Jay Dyer explains Wicca and Goddess worship

Viewer- People are hungry for religion and will do anything except submit to God.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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