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August 21 - Jewish Money is Woven into Fabric of Society

August 22, 2023

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How do the Masonic Jewish central bankers carry off scams such as COVID, gender dysphoria, climate change (DEW attacks) and migration?  Not to mention the world wars and Agenda 2030.

Why do corporations and governments all dance to their tune?

Our corrupt ancestors gave our national credit cards to Satanists who think they are God and we all should serve them. 

Everyone is controlled by money: politicians, media, medicine, professors, etc. They control unlimited funds to destroy civilization. 

The statement below by Werner Sombart shows how Jewish finance is the warp and woof of society. 

"Americanism is the Jewish spirit distilled." 

"Nineteen [families] were equipped with plow and scythe, ready to clear the forests and till the soil in order to earn their livelihood as husbandmen...The twentieth family opened a store...Accordingly, it may be said that American economic life was from its very start impregnated with capitalism. And who was responsible for this? The twentieth family in each village. Need we add that this twentieth family was always a Jewish one, which joined a party of settlers or soon sought them out in their homesteads?"

This article shows how the great Jewish financial empires grew from the "twentieth families."

Alex Newman - Globalist Elites are Tightening the Noose on Us in Every Direction!

 Alex Newman joins Tony K. Alex brings to light some important some important aspects of what the globalists are currently doing, and the agendas they are pushing with urgency.


Small Black Atlanta college reinstates covid BS

The fight for control of Chabad of Poway began in 2020, when it was revealed that its founder, Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, left, used the synagogue to engineer a multimillion-dollar tax and grant fraud scheme. Many congregants -- and eventually, local Chabad leadership -- questioned whether his son, Rabbi Mendel Goldstein, was the right person to lead the synagogue going forward.

"Americans, for whatever reason, appear deeply committed to making yearly tax tributes that keep their Satanic government healthy and well-fed."

"If done properly and swiftly, it would collapse any government, particularly the U.S. government. The U.S. relies on tax receipts to pay its bills without having to print even more money. Now, we could assume CSRQ would be fast-tracked and implemented quickly, and it would be, if such a thing were to happen.

But the abrupt disruption caused by a nationwide, steadfast tax revolt would put the cabal in much more difficult position than it is now. The timing is also unfavorable for Americans, as such a thing should have been done years ago, decades ago."

 Martin Armstrong -Digital IDs in China -Great Reset Under Way
 A Chinese woman can't buy food. This is coming here.
 What they fail to mention is that the government now owns its citizens. All of their data, from where to go to what to buy, is tracked and harvested. One misstep and a person can and will be financially excommunicated from society.

Mike Adams- Do not comply with the COVID tyranny now being unleashed

They are trying it all again - pushing masks, social distancing, vaccines and lockdowns. Covid 2.0 hysteria is ramping up across the corporate media, and the White House now urging everyone to get a whole series of death jabs for the flu, for covid and also for RSV.

Aug.12, 2023 - Olympic swimmer Helen Smart, age 43 (working as teacher and principal in Wigan, UK) died suddenly in her sleep on Aug.12, 2023. She had gone paddleboarding hours before her death.

She was found dead by her 4 yo daughter: "Daddy, I can't wake mummy up".

Working as a teacher and principal in the UK, she would have been mandated COVID-19 vaccines.

SWIMMING and PADDLEBOARDING are the deadliest activities for the COVID-19 Vaccinated - Two die during the swimming portion of Ireland Ironman, Obama's Chef dies paddleboarding - 20 sudden deaths explored.
Secret Letter to CDC: Top Epidemiologist Suggested Scientific Misrepresentation Used to Support Mask Narrative

"The story of official masking guidance should trouble the American public. Recall that Dr. Fauci at first said there was no need for masks..."

Hawaiians are livid at President Joe Biden, who finally showed up to Maui two weeks after wildfires ravaged Lahaina, killing 114 and leaving over 850 missing - only to crack inappropriate jokes and lie about his wife 'almost' dying in a fire.

"You're a disgusting, despicable bastard..."
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - The Israel Lobby's Useful Idiot

"There is a heavy political price to pay for defying Israel, whose overt interference in our political process makes the most tepid protests about Israeli policy a political death wish."
Dead at age 26

With broken hearts we share that our beloved daughter, wife, mother, sister and friend died suddenly on Saturday August 12, 2023, at the age of 26.
Video Of C19 Pfizer Bioweapon Shows Same Spheres And Quantum Dots We See In Live Blood. What Happens To Unvaccinated Blood When Mixed With The C19 Bioweapon? It Clots Immediately
The Dog That Didn't Bark  by Ed Hendrie

The silent sirens on Maui now speak loudly about who was behind the destruction of Lahaina.

"It was eventually determined that the alarms did not sound because nobody from either the state or county government activated the alarms. Now they had a problem on their hands. It was clear that the sirens were purposely not sounded. And so they had to devise a good reason for not doing so."
Opposition to the Masonic Jewish conspiracy is entering popular culture.

Oliver Anthony's viral populist anthem 'Rich Men North of Richmond' debuts at NUMBER ONE on Billboard Hot 100

Maui blue umbrella conspiracy erupts as laser video goes viral

(left) Megan Rappinoe - Satanist Darling


New York Loses $1 Trillion in Wall Street Business As Firms Flee the City...

Looking to dodge rampant crime, stiff taxes and an increasingly exorbitant cost of living, 158 fed-up financial firms representing a whopping $993 billion in assets have packed up and left the Big Apple, taking thousands of high-paid employees with them, the data shows.

Nicaragua approved the deployment of Russian military bases and cruise missiles on its territory


Black youths looting Gucci

Frankly, these rich corporations deserve to be robbed because they are enabling the defund-police policies that are enabling these thieves


Lahaina cops responsible for blocking escape

Woke Chicago - Mayor objects to calling looters a "mob"


Woman teaches her dog to read


Popular music backlash at woke idiocy

Preposterous that houses burned but trees didn't

DAY AFTER FIRE FOOTAGE: 4K Drone Lahaina Maui Fire - Longest & Most Detailed Aerial View

This breaks my heart so deeply.  I am from the mainland, but have been so
privileged to visit the beautiful islands of Hawaii 3 times and loving Maui the
most. I spent a lot of time in Lahaina and to see the devastation is almost too
much to bear! My heart goes out to these beautiful people who never deserved
such destruction and pain!  May God watch over all the sweet souls who
perished and all the missing!  May God bring peace to those whose loved
ones are left behind, and may the rebuild give Maui and it's people something
to look forward to in such a devastating time!  Our thoughts and prayers are
with all who live here and with the surrounding islands that there will be love
and kindness moving forward...and that all evil will be distinguished once and
for all!   ❤️ Aloha ah iā 'oe Maui ❤️

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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