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August 2 - "Barbie" Movie is Depopulation Bioweapon

August 2, 2023

(left, a woman in the driver's seat) 

Women are naturally hypergamous which means they seek a husband with higher status and power than themselves. Heterosexuality is based on the surrender of female power in exchange for male power expressed as love. When you teach women to seek power instead, you neuter (sterilize) both sexes. 
Instead of empowering men who are hard-wired to protect and provide, women compete for power and emasculate men. (Look at the cuck Ken in the back seat!) This movie which has already grossed $800M, transforms young women into social mutants, unfit to be wives and mothers.  More than the "vaccine" this movie contributes to the Communist Jewish goal of marriage/family destruction. 

This is from Wikipedia--"Stereotypical Barbie ("Barbie") and a wide range of fellow Barbies all reside in Barbieland, a matriarchal society where women are self-confident, self-sufficient, and successful. While their Ken counterparts spend their days engaging in recreational activities at the beach, the Barbies hold all-important job positions such as doctors, lawyers, and politicians. Beach Ken ("Ken") is only happy when he is with Barbie and seeks a closer relationship, but Barbie rebuffs him in favor of independence and female friendships."

Greta Gerwig (Director) and her co-writer husband Noah Baumbach used to make intelligent classy movies. Now they have sold out! 
He is a Jew. She was raised as an Unitarian which is another occult group. 

'Barbie' director Greta Gerwig wants the movie's viewers to 'feel like I did at Shabbat dinner'

Barbie the doll has a deep Jewish history. Now, the creator of "Barbie" the movie hopes watching the film will also evoke a deep Jewish experience.

(Greta Gerwig affirming her status as Satanist traitor) 

Greta Gerwig, who conceived and directed the buzzy live-action film released this month, told The New York Times that she hopes watching the movie will be a quasi-spiritual activity for its viewers. The feeling she wants to achieve, she said, is the same one she felt as a child when she was a guest at the Shabbat dinners of close family friends who were observant Jews.

At those dinners, she recalled, the father would include Gerwig as he blessed the children, a traditional element of Shabbat ritual. (Gerwig's own family was Unitarian Universalist and she attended a Catholic high school, a period of her life that inspired her 2017 film "Lady Bird.")


A report from No College Mandates lists 104 colleges and universities still requiring COVID vaccinations, including Harvard University, Johns Hopkins, Rutgers University, DePauw University, Sarah Lawrence College, University of Pittsburgh, and San Diego State University.

 Recommendations from Dr Phillip Altman - BPharm (Hons), MSc, PhD, Pharmacologist, Clinical trial and drug regulatory affairs consultant, Melbourne, Australia

Immediate Actions Today: 1. Unconditionally withdraw ALL Covid-19 'vaccines'. 2. Halt construction of mRNA 'vaccine' facilities. 3. Eliminate all 'vaccine' mandates. 4. Establish specialist medical units to treat the 'vaccine' injured. 5. Block attempts by the WHO to usurp our national sovereignty on health issues through the International Health Regulations. Longer Term Over the Next Few Months: 6. Set up a series of Royal Commissions into the perpetration of the biggest fraud and orchestrated medical disaster in the history of mankind with powers to prosecute individuals. This must include an investigation into the i) Mainstream media for their role in covering up. ii) Health authorities for collaborating and hiding deaths. iii) Health regulators for preventing useful treatments to be used, resulting in the additional loss of life. iv) Big Pharma corruption and infiltration of the healthcare bureaucracy with conflicts of interest. 7. Review of all laws and regulations which enabled our basic freedoms to be swept away and lockdowns implemented, in the name of keeping us safe with little justification or evidence. 8. Those responsible for the prevention of early treatment of Covid-19 and the obscuring of medical information regarding the dangers of the 'vaccines', to be prosecuted both in civil and criminal courts. 9. Completely overhaul the adverse drug reaction reporting systems, to be capable of detecting causal links and eliminate bias. Get rid of conflicted individuals and ensure transparency. If this cannot be done, get rid of the Provisional Approval system in Australia and similar emergency use approvals in other countries.

That would be a good start... there is no time to waste. This is the greatest man-made disaster in history and those responsible must be held to account.

Cannabis: The "Gateway Drug" Leading AWAY from Prescription Drug Addiction

Over 100 people die every day in the U.S. from prescription drugs (pre-COVID, that number would be much higher today), and over 50% of all drug deaths in the U.S. are from prescription drugs. (Source.)

By way of contrast, about 52 million Americans use cannabis (marijuana), which is still illegal at the federal level and not FDA-approved, and to date there has not been a single death attributed to cannabis use, according to the NIH.
Gutsy, Constitution-Literate Man Holds His Ground Firmly Against Reasonable, Albeit Pushy Cops   

Ken Adachi- "It's videos like this that make it clear to both police and citizens that policemen are not Blue Uniform Dictators with badges who can tell citizens to do anything they say and expect them to yield without question. People who have the strength and commitment to stand up for their rights help ALL of us to retain and exercise those rights against those who would walk over them.

How many people would have gotten the vaxx if they knew that in the actual Pfizer trial 24% more people died in the vaxx group, including 250% more cardiac arrests? Or that the vaxx floods the body with free-floating spike proteins (free spike) which attack the heart in ways the wild virus can't?

U.S. NEWSVideo: Rand Paul Says He Has Fauci "Dead To Rights"
"There's probably never been a government official caught more red-handed, lying to us

Dr. Meryl Nass: WHO's pandemic Treaty to remove human rights, sovereignty under the pretext of pandemic preparedness and biosecurity agendas
State Dept Ducks Question on GL

GL Info Collection 


House Speaker McCarthy Spotted at Bohemian Grove


Doctor Says He Was Banned by the American College of Surgeons for Questioning Its Embrace of Critical Race Theory

In the chaotic, hyper-racialized, and politicized aftermath of that event, nearly every major organization in the United States rushed to signal its acceptance of the belief that the country, its institutions, and even its legal system were systemically racist and in need of radical transformation. This took the form of embracing critical race theory (CRT) under the guise of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives.

The ACS joined this pell-mell rush and within weeks of the Floyd killing had assembled a Task Force on Racism to combat structural racism in the organization. The reality of structural racism was never questioned, nor did the task force provide any evidence for its existence.""

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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IN said (August 3, 2023):

That movie only did well because their marketing department made it sound family-friendly. It could have done better at the box office without the woke agenda. I doubt any sequel will win.

The globalists are wanting a populace with leftist ideals to introduce their digital currencies. Leftists would open up more to it

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