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August 19 - Satanists Plot COVID Comeback This Autumn

August 19, 2023


Never let a lucrative scam go to waste

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Alex Jones: Biden Admin Preparing to Bring Back FULL Covid Restrictions, TSA masks to Begin Mid-September, All air passengers to wear masks by mid-Oct and full return to lockdown by mid-December.

Whistleblowers from the TSA and Border Patrol have raised the alarm to Infowars that the Biden administration is setting the stage for full Covid lockdowns that will begin with incremental restrictions like masking TSA employees in mid-September.
"How rife is Covid in YOUR area? Timelapse map shows how cases have DOUBLED in a fortnight as health chiefs confirm 'real deal' variant is now in UK - and may have been spreading silently for weeks."

EXCLUSIVE: Nearly 600 neighbourhoods reported Covid outbreaks by August 12
The uptick is already hitting the NHS, with virus admissions doubling in last month

New Covid wave has begun and masks should be worn again, scientists warn
Spread of new variant could cause extreme pressure on NHS and cause more damaging long-term health problems, Independent Sage expert says

Experts have warned it is "reasonably certain" the UK is in another wave of Covid-19 - and suggested people should wear face masks again.

Hospital admissions for coronavirus have risen in recent weeks, just as the effectiveness of vaccines is wearing off, a new variant has emerged and ministers have decided Covid boosters will not be offered to nearly 12 million Britons this winter.

Police Responsible for Maui Massacre

Blocked exits

Jon Rappoport - If 100,000 transvestites had been made homeless by a Hawaii fire...
...They would have received a billion federal dollars faster than you could slip on a pair of pink heels

Biden would be there, on the ground, handing out stacks of cash, down on his knees, kissing asses, promising to take the trannies shopping in Oahu.

FEMA agents in droves would be taking and processing applications for aid on the spot in Maui, and handing out more cash. But no.

No one wants to talk about the things after the fire in Lahaina that would not be seen in the aftermath of a "wildfire." No one wants to talk about the fact that the rims on cars were melted and there were no glass remaining, things that would not happen at temperatures less than 600 degrees. No one wants to talk about directed energy weapons. Why?


Reader in MN- "Pulled this warning off the news this morning.  90 degrees F is now dangerously hot.  Gee, that was just a nice day in the hay field as a teenager."

Reader--"I will not belabor the point but this gentleman gives a fairly complete review of the whole situation. He cites the 200 flag officers fired by Obama but he does not reference the 100's more canned prior to that. As I stated I believe the total number is more like 500 flag officers. This is a good framework and timeline. This is not hopium."
Nathan Rourke- Canadian Quarterback taking the NFL by Storm!


Burkina Faso Ready to Back Niger if ECOWAS Launches Intervention - Defense Minister
Ellis c Taylor on August 19, 2023 at 8:35 am
First, we overlooked evil
then we permitted evil
then we legalized evil
then we promoted evil
Then we celebrated evil
then we persecuted those who called it evil
Welcome to Communist Britain


Organized Jewry thinks there are far too many goyim. After wars and "vaccines," and DEW attacks, Feminism is their answer.

1946: Jewish woman ruined Japan with mandatory feminism
Japan's postwar Constitution, imposed by the USA in 1946, poisoned modern Japan with the feminist virus, via an 'equality of sexes' clause written by Russian-Jewish Beate Sirota Gordon (1923-2012)
The Jewish community is very proud of this:
 But in fact, this 'equality' clause, became an insidious wrecking ball, leading to the 'crisis' of Japan today

Stanford White's Dark Secrets Revealed: Exploring the Hidden Shadows of a Gilded Age Masterpiece
Interesting doc about how a famous architect's infatuation with a young lover gets him killed by her jealous husband
Depression, Psychosis & Suicide Ideation - The Dark side of Pfizer & Moderna COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine effects on the BRAIN. I review 9 studies on Suicidality, 12 on Psychosis, 5 on Depression!


Crows teach us how to be human

Fetterman, Dem Senator from Penn is Incoherent

Feed a fox, and make a friend for life!

Anti-Communist Vietnamese Hung Cao- Best political commercial ever

A. Lukashenko: "Putin has decided to finish Ukraine - Russia will take Nikolaev-Odessa and reach Transnistria"! - WarNews247

Alex Jones comes out fighting


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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