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August 16 - Does Soros Shutdown Mark a Sea Change?

August 16, 2023

(left, George and Hier apparent) 

The shutdown of Soros's Communist subversion has wider significance. But what is it? Coming just two months after George put his son in charge, it might mean Junior has had a relapse to sanity. It might mean the Illuminati realize that their madcap plans are not going to work AND A CONSERVATIVE BACKLASH IS IN THE WORKS. Or it might mean something big is coming, whether financially or militarily. 

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Soros To End 'Most EU Operations' In 'Radical Shift'

"Ultimately, the new approved strategic direction provides for withdrawal and termination of large parts of our current work within the European Union, shifting our focus and allocation of resources to other parts of the world," reads the message, which cites another note sent to staff at OSF's Berlin headquarters.

"OSF will largely terminate funding within the European Union, and further funding will be extremely limited," it reads, without elaborating, except to say that the organization is pivoting because "EU institutions and governments were already allocating significant resources to human rights, freedom and pluralism" inside the bloc.

Ken O'Keefe on the biggest scam - Freedom and Democracy

We the masses allow ourselves to be divided. Head to snake is the financial system- the biggest scam in the history of the world

Calls politicians prostitutes. 


Stew Peters Responds To 4th Trump Indictment: Time To Cease All Cooperation With Federal Government

A fourth criminal indictment dropped against Donald Trump and it signals the time for normal politics is over.
The Deep State is in the final stages of its communist takeover of America.
If these indictments stand, the Constitution is truly meaningless.

Mark Trozzi MD 

Dr James Thorp is one of the world's most qualified and experienced high-risk pregnancy experts in the world. He is a kind, calm, and highly intelligent man; but now he is righteously angry, as we should all be. Speaking with Canada's Dr. Sam Dube MD PhD, Dr Thorp details the 13 billion dollar bribery that brought medical colleges into lockstep; they orchestrated these violent crimes against humanity. Dr Thorp's appropriate anger is palpable as he relates horrors caused by the injections, including a female child born to a woman injected during pregnancy; the infant herself had serious vaginal bleeding at birth. Many more died. Please don't miss this interview that should prepare us all to go en-masse and arrest ring leaders of the covid-crimes-against-humanity.



Something Is Terribly Wrong in Maui-Part 1

The fire seems to have uncharacteristic patterns; the video below shows everything burned except this church. How does that happen? Interestingly, the same phenomenon was reported in the Paradise Valley fire.

The Maui fire was so extreme that it melted metal. Cars were incinerated, as were metal roofs. Asphalt under melted cars and wheels, however, remained intact, as did cardboard boxes!

Trees close to the fire did not burn and some are still green. They're not even scorched. Can this happen? If so, how does this happen?

Truth is out! COVID mRNA technology gene-based Vaccination is the Primary Cause of Serious Myocarditis, it is not the virus! The Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex is working hard to shift the blame from COVID mRNA vaccines onto COVID/SARS-CoV-2 infection. 'Sadly, most people worldwide have had both exposures'.

Finnish Politician Could Face Jail Time After Sharing Bible Verse
He has a point.
DeSantis says Trump brought legal problems on himself by not firing Wray etc. Did not drain the swamp.


Published August 10, 2023, two days after the fire.   Climate change propaganda.  There is no possibility a book could be written, published, and sold on the market this fast after the event.  Who and what really wrote this???

Commenter- "If one cannot see the glaring bias, not to mention the callous and offensive disregard for the human suffering, of a book published within 48 hours of the end of the Maui fire, then I can't help you. I've never read more baseless assumptions made in such a short little book than I came across in this unfortunate piece of drivel.

One has to ask one's self, how does a book like this emerge so quickly? How does it make the claim that the fire engulfed the entire island when, conventionally, the "high-rent" district of the Uber-wealthy went unscathed. Bizarre beyond imagination and truly stranger than fiction.
BREAKING: Canadian policewoman faces disciplinary tribunal after querying SIDS cases post-covid injection

Constable Helen Grus began probing into an emerging pattern of unusual sudden infant deaths ("SIDS") after the rollout of covid mRNA injections in Ottawa.

Grus is now facing a disciplinary tribunal.  She is being charged with discreditable conduct for querying the Ottawa Police Service ("OPS") database in an attempt to discern whether a pattern of SIDS cases was emerging and if adequate information was being collected about the probable cause.

German Populist Politician Brutally Beaten in Alleged Migrant Attack

Migrants are a subversive political force, beating up patriots
GL - Why I No Longer Trust Scott Ritter"

Accused Ritter of trimming his message to fit the narrative and co opt the alt media. Cites Ritter's statement that Ukraine will be Russia's Vietnam.

Accuses him of selling out. Want to be another liar. Pretty heavy.

David Menzies and Drea Humphrey discuss legacy media outlets in Canada all publishing a Canadian Press wire story which smeared Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre for "embracing conspiracies" by criticizing the World Economic Forum.



  Unreported--Attack on Gender benders
University of Waterloo says on its website that after an assessment of its response to the June 28 attack inside a gender studies class - that left a professor and two students injured - it has decided to remove class locations and instructor names from public websites.



Wayback machine---Robert Malone is definitely a vaccine insider

Specialized in getting grants for big pharma

"Changing gender is as easy as changing mobile plans."


Rich Men North of Richmond

Good song. A good way to resist tyranny.

DEW arrays in Antarctica


Deeper Aspects of the DEW Attack on Maui~Predictive Programming, Hyjacking of Subconscious

From Makia Freeman---Discover the deeper aspects of the DEW attack on Lahaina, Maui - including predictive programming, hijacking of our subconscious, the DEW laser beams caught on video, foreknowledge, 15-minute city, smart cities, Agenda 2023 and more.

RFK Jr. --"Close the border"


WATCH THIS--Best Buy's "The fewer whites the better" commercial


Michael Cowan - Chinese Economy on Brink of Collapse

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "August 16 - Does Soros Shutdown Mark a Sea Change? "

TM said (August 16, 2023):

It's a lie, they are fooling everyone who runs with this !!!

This is going out to very few people.
And most of you already know this.

Starting around September 19th ( give or take 3 days ) the U.S. Financial System will start its collapse in to the abyss...
Those holding GOLD, SILVER, COPPER, and NICKEL will be way less affected than those who think Cash is King...

If anyone thinks this will NOT happen will be in DEEP Trouble far worse than anyone will imagine...

Think of California, Nevada, New York, Minnesota ETC. ETC. !!!!!
For this will be the picture all over America !!!!!

Never give up anything that will help keep your family safe !!!
Whether it be Food, Water, Ammo, Firearms, Blankets ETC. ETC. ...

Barter as needed !!!!!

This is and will be the beginning of The New World Order !!!!!
LIFE IN HELL, if the People don't stop it dead in its tracks !!!!!

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