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August 11 - News from a (((Communist))) Shit hole

August 11, 2023


Ukraine is another Cabalist boondoggle. Gonzalo Lira is imprisoned for telling the truth. 

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Despite the rhetoric, the US federal government is smuggling thousands of illegals into the US and distributing them throughout the heartland using white school buses.

Arizona's Public Universities Ditch DEI Hiring Statements In 'Huge' Free Speech Win
"This is a huge victory for academic freedom."

World Bank halts new lending to Uganda over anti-LGBTQ law

FBI Gunned Down Man Accused of Threatening Joe Biden

Poor guy was 74 years old, 300 pounds, walked with a cane, and took care of his adult disabled son. They gunned him down when he opened the door. May his soul Rest In Peace.

That'll teach him.  Check out the comments.


New Karen Kingston video calling out Dr. Robert Malone; she calls out Robert Kennedy Jr too, "no disrespect"

She calls out Dr. Malone on his friendships with the CIA, NIH, FDA, FBI and DARPA. Do you want those fuckers in bed with you? She claims they want her dead and she's on the run.


UN Declares Christians Who Don't Accept MAPs (Pedophilia) Will Be Excluded From Society


CIA runs a worldwide cocaine trafficking empire. The US is a criminal enterprise.

Secret Pakistan Cable Documents U.S. Pressure to Remove Imran Khan
"All will be forgiven," said a U.S. diplomat, if the no-confidence vote against Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan succeeds
Anti-narco means anti-CIA as they control all the trafficking from drugs to people to children and run the pharmaceutical plants making every bootleg drug you can think of. The US has three military bases in Columbia alone and they are not there to stop the flow of drugs but to keep them flowing. 

 Afghanistan was not only part of the plan to surround Russia but to get farmers to start growing poppy plants again which were banned by the Taliban. It is nice to see how we opened up the country to our Western values, democracy, and our American way of life! 

Ukraine bans Christian monks from their monastery
A court has ruled in favor of evicting the clergy from the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, claimed by the state

Canada's Supreme Court rejects appeal from three churches challenging COVID restrictions

The legal challenge, originally filed in 2021, sought to have British Columbia's complete ban on in-person worship services refuted based on protected Charter rights. Canada's Supreme Court rejects appeal from three churches challenging COVID restrictions
The legal challenge, originally filed in 2021, sought to have British Columbia's complete ban on in-person worship services refuted based on protected Charter rights.


Malcolm Roberts | Special Non-Lethal Batches for Pfizer

Oz Senator Gerard Rennick--The evidence is overwhelming. No more indemnity for Big Pharma. - Senate 10.8.23

The moment you remove risk you can guarantee shortcuts will be taken. And that's exactly what happened with Pfizer. 

Pfizer took shortcuts in both testing for safety and efficacy. 

They also lied to cover up injuries and the efficacy of the jab in stopping transmission and infection. 

Governments are meant to protect people, not corporations. They need to be held to account.

July 26, 2023 - Hendersonville, TN - 17-year-old Chase Edwards varsity basketball captain, died suddenly.

Teenage Athletes are still dying suddenly at unprecedented levels in US & Canada - 15 teenage athletes (ages 16 to 19) died suddenly in the past month!

Steve Kirsch-

BREAKING: Early onset dementia is being caused by the COVID vaccine (~25X increase)

The medical community is never going to admit this and the mainstream media is never going to cover this, but I thought you should know. People who work in nursing homes are seeing a 25X increase.

Globalists using young Africans to invade and occupy Ireland

Clown World Confirmed: Meet the new CDC Director
Mandy Cohen made up Covid mandates on the fly and thought it was very funny

I challenge anybody to produce a 20-second video that more perfectly captures than this one the corrupt, callous, unfeeling, unscientific, lock-stop approach of the global elitists who ruled over us during lockdown. They did not care who suffered as a result of the decisions they simply made up on a whim


branco-conspiracy-theories .jpeg
Study that shows 74% of deaths were caused by COVID vaccines was scrubbed from the web within 24 hours
Parents framed for child neglect/abuse due to grossly negligent doctors 

"Do parents have the right to make medical decisions for their children?  If you live in Nevada, the answer appears to be a resounding "no" in spite of the fact that there isn't a Nevada law/statute that expressly states parents must submit/bow down to the dictates of Western doctors that know nothing about healing.  

If you'd like to help two innocent parents who have been framed for nonexistent felonies for child neglect/abuse due to grossly negligent Western doctors, please go to this link for a podcast: . The parents are asking for others to email the prosecutor to drop her false charges ( ).  Folks, this IS a landmark case, because parental rights are SACRED GOD GIVEN RIGHTS.  If you're a parent, this is a MUST WATCH because YOU can make a difference not only for these parents but also to set the proper precedent to protect your own children. 

Tony B- Get it started now. 

The same old tribe will likely outlaw both cash and scrip, which is also cash.  If they do that, shoot them immediately and use the scrip as we all have the right to live, not just a bunch of lying, murdering, self-appointed "chosen" and their mason myrmidons, all straight out of Satan's hell. 

Depressions are not a natural process.  They are caused by bankers taking MONEY OUT OF CIRCULATION.  THEY ARE DOING THAT AGAIN RIGHT NOW!   In spite of the figures in this article below, the truth is that in the 1930s depression these greedy bastards took one third of the nation's "money" out of circulation.  While they lived like kings a large portion of the population was trying to survive under bridges, etc. by eating grass soup or whatever else they could steal. 

They are doing this again - this time take over the banks and use them honestly.  Any whomever try to force moneylessness on the general population must be immediately killed because they are intent on killing you and they understand NOTHING ELSE.  Look at how they are manipulating their "covid" genocide.  So far only the innocent are dying.  This must not be allowed to continue, justice will not come through government courts, which they own along with all law enforcement, it will have to come through YOU!


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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