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August 10--Karen Kingston Poisoned by Dr. Robert Malone's CIA

August 10, 2023

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Excruciating truth - This is the most painful video I have ever watched. 

Karen Kingston has fled to Mexico but believes she is being hunted by the CIA.
She is desperate, frightened to death. 

"I was informed by security, Ernest Luque <>, the security I hired that my message regarding the C19 injections and certain others put me on a government hit List. Eric was an FBI agent and was at the Pentagon for years under Obama and Hillary. Eric informed me I have a 50/50 chance of surviving, at best. I was on gettr today and explained how I have been poisoned numerous times since the incident in FL via aerosoL, food beverages...

She is being hunted for the following reasons-

1. She has recognized that much of the anti-vax movement has been infiltrated by people like Dr. Robert Malone who is actually a pioneer of transhumanism. He admits his connections to the CIA and FBI and is undermining resistance.  He is an advisor to RFK Jr. who is also suspect. Rfk Jr. suppressed an interview in which she explained why Pfizer is liable. She advocates people organize on a grassroots level and eschew the "freedom movements."  She begs Malone and Rfk Jr. to call off the CIA.

2. She advocates the prosecution of  Pfizer which has lost its immunity because it has engaged in criminal medical experimentation. She says, Sheriffs have the legal right to seize the vaccines.

3. Once you edit the genome of a species you are exterminating the species. She says the "vaccine" contains an operating system designed to cull and track the population.  mNRA vaccine is being put in our food.

4.  She pleads with law enforcement and the military. "Do you want to live in this kind of world? They are coming for you next." "You took an oath to defend the Constitution." 

 5. The easiest way to win a war is when there is a "friendly field" - i.e. when the enemy allows himself to be conquered. This is the situation we have and people like Malone make it possible.

6. "I chose to sacrifice for the greater good instead of suffering."  

Most of you will discount her message but I believe it is credible -- a terrifying revelation of our true condition, similar to being informed mankind has terminal cancer.  We need to rally behind her, starting by subscribing to her substack.

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Aug 10, 2023 through Aug 10, 2024

Reader- "Karen needs lots of prayers, but also to get connected with the Targeted Individual community, she's obviously sleep deprived and being heavily harassed., and also there is a group near Naples. Might want to consider one of these EMF shielding hat inserts for clarity of thought,, Consider a tower of water bottles to sleep at night to protect the top of the head and getting a sleeping mask and cover with nickel/copper fabric, lastly, start grounding while you sleep or walk around barefoot properly."

South Africa Today--America Tomorrow? And Why?

South Africa's shithole is a model for where America and the West is heading.

Shameful. Disgraceful. Disgusting!!!
Scott Ritter continues to discredit himself by accusing Gonzalo Lira of being an SBU agent

SR is a liar. GL did not broadcast after being released from prison in July 


William Makis MD--The cull continues

Families that inject mRNA together, develop Turbo Cancer together? - 12 unbelievable stories of two or three family members developing aggressive cancer at the same time!

Turbo Cancers can develop following COVID-19 vaccination and often present at Stage 4. They are often described by oncologists as "rare" or "aggressive". The most common and most aggressive turbo cancers we are seeing now are leukemias, lymphomas, brain cancers (glioblastomas), and breast cancers.

When multiple family members come down with cancer and a COVID-19 vaccine-induced turbo cancer is suspected, always look for the presence of at least one of these: leukemia, lymphoma, brain cancer, or breast cancer.


Did you happen to listen to the part about Israel?       "The nanotech in the Covid injections is somehow communicating with their cell phone and sending that information to ISRAEL in real time".  (Israel info begins at about the 24:50 mark)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admits they are the testing lab for Pfizer and are creating a genetic database from people's medical records.

"So Israel became, if you will, the lab for Pfizer" - Benjamin Netanyahu


All-Africa war possible - ex-presidential aide

I don't think ECOWAS will make the mistake of intervening militarily in Niger, because if they intervene militarily, that means all of Africa will be at war," al-Hassan said.

"Wiped Off Map": Hawaii Wildfires Level Entire Town, Claiming 36 Lives

Mark Trozzi MD--The Cult Dynamics of 2020

How and why did doctors, nurses, and others go along with the madness?

Smart people are shocked by the deadly actions of the medical establishment in 2020. Speaking to my own townsfolk on July 12th, 2023, I discussed the cult dynamics that made this madness possible. Here are 7 minutes that I hope you find insightful and entertaining.


The UK government has revealed a new "state-of-the-art" vaccine centre where more than 200 scientists will work to prevent the risk of a new pandemic caused by unknown "disease X."

Professor Dame Jenny Harries, chief executive of UKHSA, said: "What we're trying to do now is capture that really excellent work from Covid and make sure we're using that as we go forward for any new pandemic threats."

It is thought the research facility will help the nation tackle "disease X" by improving the preparations for "yet-to-be-identified pathogens with pandemic potential."...

What is 'disease X?

Dame Jenny said the term "disease X" is applied as scientists "don't know what the next pathogen will be that will cause a pandemic" but said the UK needs "to be ready".

Reader--"I spoke with a good friend of mine a few hours ago and she told me that one of her nieces who is 33 years old is in the hospital with multiple blood clots. She said that her niece's whole family was jabbed and boosted.    My friend comes from a large Catholic family and she tried to warn all of them not to get the jab but only one or two of them listened.    Humanity is being genocided/democide by our own governments and the situation is getting worse by the day."

Kathrin Mentler, 37 at her Vancouver apartment building on July 27.

A Vancouver woman who went to the hospital seeking help for suicidal thoughts says she was further distressed by a clinician who unexpectedly suggested medical assistance in dying.

Kathrin Mentler, 37, lives with chronic depression and suicidality, both of which she says were exacerbated by a traumatic event early this year. Feeling particularly vulnerable in June, she went to Vancouver General Hospital looking for psychiatric help in dealing with feelings of hopelessness she feared she couldn't shake.

Instead, Ms. Mentler says a clinician told her there would be long waits to see a psychiatrist and that the health care system is "broken." That was followed by a jarring question: "Have you considered MAID?"


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "August 10--Karen Kingston Poisoned by Dr. Robert Malone's CIA "

Mike Stone said (August 10, 2023):

Karen Kingston sounds credible and makes some excellent points. If she is indeed being targeted, I suspect it's mainly due to her advice to sheriffs to start arresting people who are pushing the deadly injections and 5G technology on us all. That's because she's right - sheriffs do have the legal right to do that and they are essentially our best and last defense against tyranny. I'm glad she made the video. Going public like that is probably her best defense.

What's somewhat sad is how there are people like her, and I guess you and me too, who are doing what we can to help save people's lives, and yet the vast majority of Americans remain completely in the dark; completely clueless to what's going on around them. Most of them have no idea they're being played for fools and targeted for death and replacement. Nothing holds their interest other than sex, romance, pornography, and going to Disneyland or Las Vegas.

CW said (August 10, 2023):

Dear Henry - I have the same sense of evil in regard to the fires in Maui that I did with the Alberta fires. Apparently, Russia recently had a spate of wildfires very similar to the Alberta fires. Now Lahaina has been burned to the ground. Evil evil evil. A good way to further harm the Hawaiian people and do a massive land grab.

anon said (August 10, 2023):

From Mexico Cuba may be her best bet and reached by boat or small plane. She must not book online or in advance but take on the journey at the port or airport to leave no time window for response/go cash, burner phone, offline, and totally dark until she reaches Cuba.

SBS said (August 10, 2023):

I was going through email before looking at your latest. Horrifying about Malone and all too believable. I hadn’t linked him with transhumanism but had a very bad feeling about him, despite some others, I know falling for his looks. That’s the usual thing, the charm, as was the case with Justin Trudeau and Obama. There’s a reason that the word ‘charm’ is linked to occultic hypnotic activity.

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