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Aug 17 - American Gulag - Treatment of J-6 Protesters is a National Disgrace

August 17, 2023

January 6 political prisoner Ryan Samsel has been held in prison without trial now since January 2021.

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A NATIONAL DISGRACE: Photos Leaked of Horrific January 6 Prisoner Abuse - Tortured 5 Months in Isolation in a Closet Room with Light on and a Bucket for a Toilet -- Where are the ACLU, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch?

During his two-and-a-half years without trial, Ryan has been moved around to 17 different facilities. Ryan has been beaten, abused, tortured, and neglected since his arrest in January 2021.

Earlier this week The Gateway Pundit received exclusive photos from Ryan Samsel's prison cell at the FDC in Philadelphia. The cell was a size of a closet with a light on all of the time. The cell had a thin blue mattress, no sheets or blankets, and no clothing, and he was kept there for five months straight.

The photos are just shocking. This is taking place in America today. This is who we are.
Lahaina Dustified - What is Really GONG ON?

Our whole state is in mourning as we search for answers to help us process the reality that the deadliest fire in modern history just took place in our beloved home. But, sadly, there are far more questions than answers.
Who owns the house with the red roof? 

Owned by a woman who is the "Strategic Campaign Director for the SEIU (government employees union nationwide) in California.

Maui is Government Mass Murder, like 9-11, COVID

MURDER BY THE STATE: Maui Police Officers Blockaded the Escape and Evacuation Routes - Eyewitness Testimony
The police officer said: "I'm under order to keep them here"

Mike Adams - Can you feel it? Ten signs that things in America have reached a BREAKING POINT

#3) The corporations are going insane with virtue signaling, like Skittles candy promoting "Black Trans Lives Matter" propaganda or Target promoting genital-mutilation swimsuits for children

Federal Scientist Blows the Whistle: Covid Vaccine Purposely Contaminated with SV40 Cancer Virus, MUST WATCH!

Dr. Judy Mikovits Exposes Alpha-Gal and Other Toxic Ingredients in Jabs Used to Poison You

Russia has just publicly accused Big Pharma, Deep State Actors of manufacturing the covid pandemic to take over the world. Even listing Clinton, Obama, Biden, and Soros.
"Russia wants justice for the creation and release of SARS-CoV-2, while the West covered up the origins and censored scientists and journalists."

They have submitted all their evidence to the UN. Over 2,000 pages worth over the last 18 months.
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Joseph Gardiner, 15, from Pyle, died suddenly on Monday: how could a strong healthy 15-year-old Rugby player die suddenly? It is virtually impossible to bring down a healthy teen; is it a silent vaccine-induced myocarditis? why would teens die suddenly? Is this a continuation of the 'dying at dawn, dying in your sleep' phenomenon, due to adrenaline surges on the scared heart muscle?

What killed Joseph? I argue until myocarditis is ruled out on autopsy and his vaccine status is known to be no vaccine, then we keep mRNA vaccine at the center of the debate. IMO, 100% due to the mRNA vaccine and I will be surprised to learn otherwise.

David Rubin - Tamara Lich tells the whole story of Trucker Convoy and the treason of government, medicine and media 


Another biopic about a Jew -- Maestro about Leonard Bernstein

Only Communists consider people who believe in freedom "far-right"
Reclaim The Name: REDSKINS Petition Goes MEGA-VIRAL, Passes 100k Signatures
The Washington Commanders are under new ownership, and fans are demanding that the team's beloved former name of Redskins be restored.


LONG COVID or LONG VAX, this is real & we argue that all persons will experience some form of it especially from the mRNA technology gene based Pfizer & Moderna vaccine yet also from the virus! Detoxifi--cation, the dissolving of residual spike protein is critical for adults & children! Symptoms can range from mental confusion, and tiredness to clots, to bleeds, stroke, POTS, diabetes, paralysis or death

Find out ways to detoxifiy, remove or mitigate the spike protein that is the toxic portion of the vaccine, virus. There are products and options out there.

The Goyim Die Young

DYING IN SLEEP - Young people are still dying in their sleep - I analyze 30 deaths while sleeping, in the past 3 months - first-ever analysis of such sudden deaths

Aug.10, 2023 - Darlington, UK - 41 yo Mike Clinton (driving instructor), died in his sleep, 3 months after his 50 yo wife died suddenly, leaving two boys ages 12 and 14, orphans. 

Argentina's Leading Presidential Candidate Vows To Shut Down "Thieving" Central Bank
Minneapolis museum holds "family-friendly" demon summoning


"I have been to the Walker a few times, and I have to say that each time I have I walked away disliking the museum more than the last. It is a Modern Art museum, featuring every sort of lousy art you can imagine is found in so-called "Modern Art." It is a tremendous contrast to the Minneapolis Institute of Art, which is always a pleasure to visit."


Trans chess players banned from women's events
The International Chess Federation has issued new transgender regulations


4 Doctors Explain What We Did And Why

Dr Mary O'Connor, Dr Mark Trozzi, Dr Chris Shoemaker and Dr Byram Bridle exclusive interview with Life Site News

In this 16-minute video, each of us shares concise elements of our covid story and answers these two questions: "Briefly explain what you tried to do in response to covid, and above all why did you do this?"

Liberalism and Feminism Were Born From the Occult

Viewer--"This was one of the most fascinating videos on this channel that I've watched in a long time, lots of novel information delivered very articulately and concisely.


US is plotting another pandemic -- Russian Defense Ministry
TASS - Aug 16, 2023
The Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy, established in the United States in July 2023, is plotting a new pandemic by implementing virus mutations, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, the chief of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Force, has said.

Riley Gaines blasts Trudeau's 'radical disdain for women' after Canadian man takes top prize in women's powerlifting championship

mRNA vaccines have caused irreversible heart defects to billions of people around the world, according to a bombshell new study out of Switzerland.

A single dose of Moderna's experimental Covid jab caused high levels of troponin, a protein the heart releases when it is injured, in a large number of recipients who participated in the Swiss study.

"Subclinical mRNA vaccine-associated myocardial injury is much more common than estimated based on passive surveillance," the researchers concluded.

The paper was published last week in the peer-reviewed European Journal of Heart Failure.

Alex Newman- Digital Currencies Being Rolled Out NOW

The deep state is working on implementing a global digital currency that is fully traceable and controlled, but cash is still king.

Virtually every government and central bank on the planet is rolling out Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) even as globalists and Deep State totalitarians brag about what they intend to use them for -- shredding privacy and controlling your life. In this episode of Behind The Deep State, The New American magazine Senior Editor Alex Newman gives the latest updates, why this is so dangerous, and how Americans can fight back against this diabolical agenda.

Over 40% Of Japanese Women May Never Have Kids

The share of people without children is rising in such other developed economies as the U.S. and Europe. This has been attributed to a shift in values as more people focus on self-fulfillment rather than having kids.

In these countries, around 10% to 20% of women born in 1970 never had children. The share in Japan is significantly higher at 27% and could end up at more than double Western levels if American and European rates stay around their current levels. -Nikkei


Glenn Ostrovsky7 on Gab

Reflections on the Covid Pandemic. Let's see now many Human Beings are now starting to see and realize that the Covid > Sars-Cov2 > corona virus was all planned in advance. The Covid Vaccines have now killed and injured millions. Bill Gates has disappeared as have Dr. Fauci, Dr Tam (Canada) and every other doctor who currently have no explanation whatsoever for all of the sudden deaths. Trudeau is now despised by most Canadians. WHO has been called out as being nothing more that a Drug Cartel for Pfizer. Pfizer stocks have tanked. The people who refused to get the Covid Jabs are now all being seen as heroes for their stance against our tyrannical leaders for refusing the Jabs. Leaders including: Trump, Trudeau, Macron, Biden, Zelensky, Merkel The WHO, the G7, the WEF (World Economic Forum), the United Nations are now being revealed and seen as the criminals they really are, oh and by the way, they almost all happen to be Jews as well. Well their day has come and is quickly going away. They have lost their power. They have no leader. They should really all be executed for what they have done to Humanity but none of them will ever even spend a day in jail for their crimes against Humanity.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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