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The Story of Jacob and His Brother Esau

July 25, 2023

Tutankhamun trampling Semites [but read: God's people]; the right column reads [upwards]: "all the ones of the foreign land [=Eden] to destroy by the manifested hidden son of beauty" 

I didn't want to post this but the sender was adamant that it is important.

Is it?

by Anon

In order to understand who hates us so deeply and why, the story of Jacob and his brother Esau represents a situation rooted in 'the Other Reality': the story may seem fantastic to you at first but if you will ponder it you will see that many pieces of the puzzle suddenly come together. 

God sent His prophets to 500 BC Ishral to explain where we come from, how we came to this hostile Earth, and, most importantly, how we must return to our original land: the Eden paradise. But the people refused to listen to Him upon which He says "Very well: but know that you brought a curse upon yourself and the many generations to come - because Esau who hates you will corrupt what I said to you". 

This is 'the sealed scroll' theme and is the very reason why Christ removes the seals in Revelation: namely of the corrupted Scroll because only after the real message in the prophets is understood, God will act again.

In all prophets, He explains how after Eden paradise fell "our father Adam made a pact with the evil realm and worked for them, against God and us", see for example the book of Daniel where "the notable horn of the goat [representing the Evil realm trampling the ram -- Eden] transforms into the horn with the big mouth: Adam", who helped to build the evil region east of this earth also called 'the Beast' or 'Mystery-Babylon' in both prophets and Revelation. 

At this point, another type of soul emerges -- Esau -- coming forth from the fallen state of Eden, and is therefore a kind of 'family' of us but as souls not belonging to God; making them experts in masquerading as if they were [and this is the core theme of all of Henry's articles]. In reality, these types of souls work together with Adam and against us, working on two fronts: upon this earth and in their own paradise [see picture above] where they are called "the sons of Ammon dwelling in their land of marshes", alluding to "the Field of Reeds" mentioned in their Egyptian Spells. 

It is that Evil region that has placed our souls upon this prison planet far away so that we would never remember our real origins and never be a threat to them because Eden would never be restored. All the above may seem fantastic to you - but it is exactly what God tried to explain through His prophets, and you immediately understand why Esau was hellbent on corrupting the scroll concerning these themes: or it would be his end!

Apart from his main corruption Esau warred against Jacob since the dawn of time: through his constant wars, his banking system, and lately through his graphene jab that will make sure that the soul of Jacob is 'the hacked animal without a free will' so that he can use Jacob as his eternal hostage against God [if you read closely you will see that "the lamb-dragon" mentioned in Revelation represents "modern science" and note 'for whom' he is working !]. 

There is much more to tell but this is the core: please know that you are in the midst of a metaphysical all-out War on many fronts -- of which most are set up as Distractions to never ever have you question where you really came from: the paradise which God more than anything wishes to see restored!


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Esau is the jew. And the rest is history.

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Comments for "The Story of Jacob and His Brother Esau"

JM said (July 27, 2023):

Jacob did not sell his birthright for a mess of pottage:

Jacob kept the race-line pure, but Esau married two Canaanite wives and one Ishmaelite wife, and bred only

Half-breed, mongrel children. Gen. 26:34-35; 27:46; 36:2.

His mongrel descendants could not marry into the true Semite (Israelite) line; he moved to Mount Seir and this land

Was called Edom (Idumea) where they had a long and troublesome history.

For a full explication: Bertrand Comparet Archives @

You can’t just “read” the Holy Bible. Comparet retired early from the California BAR and spent the rest of his life

Studying the Bible from 13 translations and probably more than one good concordance.

He identified 27,000+ mistranslations from the KJV. One of the most egregious was sodomite King James’s

Jewish translators rendering “Jews” for “Judeans”.

Rabbi S Wise: “The return from Babylon and the adoption of the Babylonian Talmud mark the end of Hebrewism

And the beginning of Judaism.”

Mario said (July 26, 2023):

In the bible always speak about two brothers. The two brothers are in Us. We can be one or the other .

The first is the man of the flesh ( not spiritual) the second is the man of spirit or related to God. We has both in us in potential and we choose in our life to be one or the other. To live by the flesh for sex power riches or to live for pure truth and love that is by spirit by God

Adam and Eve has two sons. The first is Cain the murderer is the son of the flesh and the second is Abel is the son of spirit. After the murder of Abel , Cain roam in the world. Is the people that are interested in material gains in wealth in power and not in God. ( Cainetes, luceferist ) He has the mark of Cain.

Abraham has two sons The first son of Abraham is Ismael. Is the son of the slave Agar. Is the son of the flesh. He is expulsed as we has to expulse this tendency in our life. The carnality make us slaves of the flesh.

The second son is Isaac that is son of Zara that is the real wife of Abraham. Zara means princess. Is the son of the spirit blessed by God.

Isaac has two sons Esau the first and Jacob ( Israel) the second. Are twins that are in fight even in the belly of the mother. Is the internal fight between our material self and our spiritual one.

Esau is a hunter. He is interested in this world in carnality.

Jacob is blessed by Isaac. Jacob fights with the Angel of God and he wins so becomes Israel (our spiritual fight to become sons of God). He changes the name from Jacob to Israel because he success in a spiritual fight.

John the Baptist is a cousin of Jesus born 6 months before Jesus. So is the first. He was born 6 months before in the opposite of the year's Summer solstice and Jesus on the winter solstice. Are opposites .” He ( Jesus) must increase but I ( John) have to decrease”

John is the preparation of the spiritual life. Is the ascetism of the flesh but still not real spiritual life. But Jesus Christ is the spiritual, Son of God. Is God in us.

In the Gospel, Jesus say “John the Baptist is the most important prophet born by women, but the smaller in the kingdom of God is bigger than him””

So always the first is related to the carnality the second to spirit. Both live in us. Is our choice and our work to be, to incarnate, one or the other.

Drew said (July 26, 2023):

Rebekah was the mother of Jacob and Esau. It was her idea for Jacob to steal Esau's birthright blessing. I would put the blame on her. Was she connected to Cain's lineage, where did she come from?

AJ said (July 26, 2023):

Adam, the first man and a son of God did not make a pact with Lucifer. While looking for Eve he noticed her in the forbidden area acting erotic. Like the go-go dance on a pole. He began to discover sexual pleasure as did Eve. This was a mortal violation because it violated God's Holy law of marriage

Lucifer was at command here. Adam sustained an erection, masturbated, and spilled his seed upon the then-stainless earth.

God did not punish mankind for what the woman had done. No! he punished the world for what Adam did because she gave the "fruit" her erotic body, to Adam and he had sex with her. Sex is not marriage. Sex is unholy and marriage is of God and Holy. The unholy union instigated by Lucifer and Cain was conceived.

Thus Lucifer's race had begun with Cain.

As far as the Babylonian empire built by Adam I can't be sure. It seems plausible that Cain was the mastermind of this because after all Cain is considered the son of Satan and not Adam.

JC said (July 26, 2023):

The chronology is off by a century; by the time of Tutankhamon (c. 1341 BC – c. 1323 BC), the Exodus had occurred a century earlier (c. 1445 B.C.). The chronology of the early date theory of the Exodus is the only chronology that agrees completely with the biblical record. Tutankhamon couldn't have been "trampling Semites" because they had left Egypt a century earlier.

AL7 said (July 26, 2023):

I don't know what this guy is carrying on about. Esau was a righteous, strong and brave individual that lost everything due to one act of stupidity, trading his birthright for a single meal after he killed a wicked man, Nimrod. Jacob on the other had was a cunning weasel that robbed his brother's of his rightful place, also stealing his blessing. Now Jacob's descendants are following suit, robbing the whole world of it's birthright and blessing with the WEF. Had Esau inherited what he was supposed to originally, the world would be a much better place.

Book Of Asher goes in more detail about Abraham, Isaack, Ishmael, Jacob and Esau. For example Abraham's father was an idolator and tried to kill his son for making fun of him, for telling him the truth that idols are stupid.

Ishmael and Isaack were in a pissing contest. Ishmael told Isaack that by his own free will he was circumcised at 13, (Isaack was 8 days old for his) so Isaack bragged that he would give his own life if God so asked; That was the only reason why he was tested by God and his father Abraham that almost killed him. Don't brag. Or better yet, put up or shut up.

Book of Jasher

RH said (July 25, 2023):

Interesting. The story of Esau and Jacob has toubled me because I see Jacob as a bit of a trickster and being favored putting Esau in a one-down position.

When Man has no fear for his behavior, he acts terribly and harms himself and others. Right now, we have a small wealthy group who have no reverential fear, for the laws of man or God. This will not end well for them.

DD said (July 25, 2023):

this bloodline is also the one that has run all the way from the time of Cain. sometimes called the serpent race. it has gone on through time from Nebuchadnezzar to the pharaohs through all wicked kings, the formation of the secret societies, Vlad the impaler, and the British royalty, Rothschilds, etc. it will usher in the anti-christ with the final beast system set in place now. the final kingdom of Jesus will follow called the millennium. then eternal bliss will be had.

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