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"Oppenheimer" - Movie Teaches Goyim to Love Commie Traitor

July 16, 2023

(Robert Oppenheimer, 1904-1967)

It's clear from the trailer that this movie is a dud, although they're calling it a "masterpiece."  It's a tired Hollywood cliche: assembling a team for a critical mission. The hydrogen bomb would guarantee world peace for all time.   

Oppenheimer was a Communist Jew who gave atomic secrets to the Soviets (see below) but this movie won't address that. 

The Movie Biz distracts and deceives us while the WEF prepares for our enslavement. 

We seem to prefer fantasy to reality. Have you seen any movies about the COVID hoax? Do we even want to? 

The only exception is "Sound of Freedom" which has become a protest movement against all that is wrong with the country.

According to Eustace Mullins, the Communist Jewish bankers created the atomic bomb to trauma-brainwash humanity just as they brainwashed the Jews with the holocaust. 

After Hiroshima humanity lived in constant fear of annihilation. Life became meaningless. We lost faith in God's loving purpose and life's promise. Instead, we had a deadly new enemy and a "Cold War." Naturally, the bankers (((Oppenheimer))) gave the (((Russians))) the bomb to make the threat appear real.

(Disclaimer- Many knowledgeable people don't believe nuclear bombs were dropped on Japan. I reserve judgment.)

From Atomic Bomb - Manhattan Project "An Entirely Jewish Affair" By Larry Romanoff, April 09, 2023

"J. Robert Oppenheimer was selected by Baruch as the scientific director of the Manhattan Project... At the first successful detonation of an atomic bomb on July 16, 1945, "Oppenheimer ... shrieked, "I am become Death, the Destroyer of worlds." Indeed, this seemed to be the ultimate goal of the Manhattan Project, to destroy the world. Oppenheimer's exultation came from his realization that now his people (the Jews) had attained the ultimate power, through which they could implement their five-thousand-year desire to rule the entire world."

 "One part of history that has been deeply buried is that the Jews were all expelled from Japan prior to the war, first from the city of Nagasaki and later from the entire is quite plausible, if not very probable, that Baruch chose Japan and Nagasaki for the atomic bombs in retribution for Japan's expulsion of the Jews."

See "The Jewish Plot to Destroy Christian Civilization."


Pavel Sudoplatov, so high-ranking that the Soviets placed him in charge of murdering Leon Trotsky, maintained in his autobiography that "Oppenheimer supplied ... the Soviet Union with crucial information for it to successfully test its own atomic bomb in 1949." He details Oppenheimer's role, "which included allowing moles access to secret data to copy it, and describes him as 'knowingly part of the scheme.'"

Material from the files of both Soviet and U.S. intelligence supports Sudoplatov's claim: "An Oct. 2, 1944, memo from the Soviet archives, signed in receipt by the chief of secret police Lavrentiy Beria, identifies Oppenheimer as "a member of the apparatus of Comrade [Earl] Browder' who 'provided cooperation in access to research for several of our tested sources including a relative of [the Communist Party USA leader].'"

Venona project decrypts refer to Oppenheimer under a codename, monikers in most but not all circumstances reserved for Soviet assets. A decoded March 1945 intercept "instructs Soviet agents to 're-establish contact with "Veskel" ... as soon as possible.' Veskel, the National Security Administration determined conclusively, referred to Oppenheimer."

In The Venona Secrets, late authors Herb Romerstein and Eric Breindel wrote: "In May [of 1945] the Rezidentura sent Moscow another report from [Theodore] Hall on atom bomb research. It revealed the locations of work being done and the names of the heads of each research group. All of the names were clearly written out except one, that of J. Robert Oppenheimer, who was listed as 'Veskel,' the head of Los Alamos."

Oppenheimer's critics lacked this information in 1954, so one better understands their restrained classification of him as merely a security risk rather than charging that he lacked, in the words of President Dwight Eisenhower's Executive Order 10450, a "complete and unswerving loyalty to the United States." What's the excuse of the NBC News Studios documentary airing on MSNBC for omitting so much information from credible sources in the U.S. and U.S.S.R. intelligence apparatus painting a grim picture of Oppenheimer's trustworthiness?

The NBC News Studios production at least does include much of the information available to the main players in 1954. Oppenheimer donated large sums to Communist causes, subscribed to Communist publications, and married a Communist. Other associates in the party included his brother, sister-in-law, landlady, the girlfriend who later became his mistress, and numerous students. He attended secret meetings of Communist professors while teaching at Berkeley.

Most damning of all, Haakon Chevalier, a friend, and professor at Berkeley, approached Oppenheimer with the idea of passing on Manhattan Project secrets to the Soviet Union. Oppenheimer did not report this event to his superiors for many months and, when he did, described the events dishonestly, i.e., by omitting both himself and Chevalier from the story. Rather than steer clear of someone petitioning him to commit espionage, Oppenheimer continued to see Chevalier socially for years.

Kai Bird said of the AEC stripping Oppenheimer's clearance, "It sent a really nefarious message to all working scientists." Do not associate with members of a political cult worshiping a homicidal maniac hostile to the United States if you wish to perform work in sensitive areas of that country's government seems a nefarious message only to the nefarious. If someone associated in such close ways to devotees of, say, Vladimir Putin instead of Joseph Stalin, would MSNBC air a fawning documentary in defense of the accused?

In 2023, honest people can and do debate whether Oppenheimer acted on behalf of the Soviet Union. No debate among serious people exists as to the justification for the government taking away his security clearance. But almost 70 years later, after time naturally clouds the public's knowledge of events, propagandists can and do omit some facts and invent others to propel a narrative. 


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Comments for ""Oppenheimer" - Movie Teaches Goyim to Love Commie Traitor"

Michael (at Truthseeker) said (July 19, 2023):

Next Hollywood/Tel Aviv produced movie: “The Heroic Attack on the USSLiberty”, featuring the brave Israeli pilots who dropped napalm on the sailors and the ship, machine-gunned the sailors in their lifeboats, and the traitorous American officers who delayed sending aloft American aircraft to “defend” the sailors of the USSLiberty. The end of the movie will show the threat of court marshal for the sailors who wanted to make public the Israeli attack on their ship, the American Congress’ repeated standing applause to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, his securing another few billion dollars in aid and arms.

RH said (July 16, 2023):

Re: "In 2023, honest people can and do debate whether Oppenheimer acted on behalf of the Soviet Union."

Would it be better to say he did not act on behalf of the people of the Soviet Union but rather on behalf of International Jewry?

How many others received the "same secrets"? My guess, plenty of the right people.

Growing up I never heard the press or my teachers say the USSR was a Jewish state. Now, it sounds as if it was Jewish-run. He gave it to them for that specific reason. If the USSR was a Gentile-ruled country, would he have done it? Doubtful.

Thank you for your great articles.

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